SpongeBob Community forum attack

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The Spongebob Community Forum Attack was a very strange and shocking event that happened on September 25, 2010. A user named DarkWaters78 had recently joined SBC in September 3, 2010, but he was not who he claimed to be. Late at night, when all of the moderators and administrators were offline, he attacked the forum. He began spamming topics with hate comments about The Spongebob Community and its staff. He also revealed that he was actually NightmareFan_17, a former TV.com member. This startled fellow users BeachBob95, Pakasa43, Deli,Sabrespongebob, and Steel Sponge (who was asleep before DarkWaters spammed, apparently).

With no moderator or administrator to report him to, DarkWaters was able to spam the site for hours. He was finally banned next morning on September 26, 2010 by an administrator named ExKizuna. All of his spam comments were deleted as well by the other mods/admins. NightmareFan came back later, and said he had changed. But he later deleted his account for an unknown reason. NightmareFan later returned in July 2011 with the name "AlienEmporer57" wanting to make a new start.