Spin-Off Silver Age

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The Spin-Off Silver Age was the second era of spin-offs that began when The SpongeBob Community broke away from the TV.com SpongeBob boards. It lasted from 2009 to 2011 and featured the evolution of spin-offs in form factor, going from a paragraph or two to full-length episodes. This revolution was led largely by that70sguy92, who defined the era with a series of hit shows, including Bikini Top, Hitting Rock Bottom, and The Guitar Lord. The Silver Age was followed by the Aluminum Age.

Notable Creators

1.) that70sguy92

2.) Tvguy347

3.) Wumbology

4.) jjsthekid

5.) teenj12

6.) ExKizuna

7.) Steel Sponge

Notable Shows

Bikini Top

Down Under

Team SpongeBob

Underwater Survivor: SBC Style