September 2010

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September 2010 on SBC and SB Forums.

September 3rd 2010 - A user named DarkWaters78 registers on SBC.

September 4th 2010 - 2 users left the SB board known as SouthparkFa and futuramarama. Teenj left as well. However, teenj and southparkfa can still be found on SBC. But they later returned. The SB Boards continued to die.

September 10th, 2010 - Skullduggery's last day on He was finally banned.

September 25th 2010 - DarkWaters78, late at night on spammed the site badly. The only users online at the time were BeachBob95, Steel Sponge, Deli, Pakasa43, and Sabrespongebob, and there were no moderators or administrators online either. Fortunately, he was banned several hours later by administrator ExKizuna, and all his posts were deleted by jjsthekid, Wumbology, and the rest of the mods and admins. He was found out to be NightmareFan 17 from the Rock Goddess inciddent.