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The SBC Forum Attacks were hacking attacks that lasted from July 19, 2011 to July 21, 2011. Due to these attacks, the staff decided to move the site off of Forumotion, SBC's original home.

July 19

The initial attack started around 5:00 PM PCT, 8:00 PM EST when tvguy entered the Xat chat, wondering why he'd been banned. The users online were shocked when 70s found out HE did it. Soon after, others were banned including staff members like jjsthekid and Clappy. The damage was minimal the first night, like a few color changes and temporary bans. Passwords were changed as a precaution. Also, a user named 'Pfft" posted in the Guests Paradise something ominous and mocking, stating that it was sad that SBC had drained the activity from SBM, and said, 'You guys have funĀ ;)." The IP was traced, and a search was done on SBM, iNick, and SBC, three popular sites. 70s reported it was someone who had posted a lot on SBC, but deleted their account. Nothing came up on iNick or SBM.

July 20

The second night got steadily worse. Around the same time (5:00 PM PST/8:00 PM PST) the same account hacked through 70s's account. The forum was ruined and took a long time to clean up afterwards. The Entertainment boards and Staff Lounge were primary targets, the Entertainment board being moved entirely into the Krabby Kronicle and Staff Lounge being deleted and all the topics spilling into various forums. hilaryfan80 traced the IP, and reported that it went back to a Sprint account, which meant it was somebody who was trying to cover their tracks.

July 21

The last night was the worst. Everything was made black, the banner was torn apart, the widgets were deleted, and navigation bar buttons were deleted. Every staff member except Clappy was de-admin'd and Clappy didn't come online until the following morning. Afterwards, the forum was cleaned up. Everyone assumed it was Clappy, but it was actually the hacker, who wrote he hoped SBC had learned a lesson and that the hacker would be watching. It was then decided SBC would move to a more secure and paid host. A similar hack occured on the enemy forum owned by former SBC user ACSBehemothHellcat, the Rebellion Against Cyber Bulliers forum.


Following the events, speculation swarmed iNick, SBM, and SBC. Everyone assumed MechaWave because of his straightforward posts that he blatantly said he did it. However, several users said MechaWave couldn't hack 'for sh*t.' Others, however, said Mecha was always very weird and an outcast so that it made sense that it would've been him. Through this, though, SBC and SBM have become close friends and allies, members finally resolving their differences. The hacking has gone down as the most damaging attack on SBC in its history.

After the attack, it was agreed by SBC's staff that Forumotion was no longer a safe place for the site, and after a few weeks of planning, SBC moved to vBulletin for V7 Clownfish.

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