Pre/Post-Movie SpongeBob disputes

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History: December 21st/29th 2010-July 13, 2011 (On
Status: Ended

The Pre/Post-Movie SpongeBob disputes was a series of arguments on the quality of the post-movie era of SpongeBob SquarePants.

The events started some time after a member named MadameCat had joined and posted in the SpongeBob Boards. spongebobfan200 was annoyed with MadameCat because of how he felt that she had expressed the same, tired comments about the show's post-movie era like numerous times on During the same month, an alternate account by spongebobfan200 was unearthed.

On XAT, spongebobfan200, under his SBC username Steel Sponge, had offered the alternate account that he had created since 2008 and decided to give it to Dragiiin123. The account name in question was MajorPorous. Under that alias, Dragiiin123 started to troll certain users based on what people think of modern SpongeBob, calling the whole argument on the post-movie season decline to be really tiring. spongebobfan200 was in the agreement and also decided to join in on the trolling momentarily, as well as alongside LAT98.

In Janurary 15th, MajorPorous posted in That_TV_Dude's thread that pertained to the quality of modern SpongeBob to express how "lulzy" the thread is. MadameCat disputes with him, claiming "No one here likes this show," which of course makes MajorPorous argue her logic on her debate. Afterwards, she apologizes for her statement, and then expressed how ticked off she is with the rabidness of some SpongeBob fans. Clapmaster returned to the forums to post in the thread, saying that she's allowed to express her opinion of the new & old seasons, but also adds that she shouldn't be surprised with the arguments being made by the defenders of the newer seasons since she's in a SpongeBob forum, so there's bound to be fans defending them, as well as that there's fans who appreciate all seasons.

Eventually, That_TV_Dude explains that the thread is created to see if anybody else doesn't like the new of SpongeBob. As the disputes continued on, spongebobfan200 created a short series of rants on his blog, tackling some of the common complaints towards the show's quality. Later, in March 12th, Afro-Boy36 joins in and makes a thread discussing the quality of modern SpongeBob despite claiming that it wasn't another thread where people complain about the new SpongeBob and, indeed, that it wasn't a rant, rather it was a big synopsis about the state of the show. In the same thread, Woahwoah678 (who returned in late January) admitted he hates SpongeBob now. After Part 2 was made, LAT98 makes a thread to convince everybody to stop with the new/old season disputes. MadameCat and others vote to rant on Nickelodeon. The debates have stopped after a while, but it wasn't over yet...

A new member, mahesh2001, who claimed to be a fan of the 90's Nicktoons era, created another thread pertaining to the hatred of the post-movie seasons on April 12th. Spongebobfan200 was annoyed and posts in the thread to make a point, which was taken afterwards. On April 30th, a member named Psyduck057 came on the forums. He was fairly well-known for begging users to sign his petition to bring back the old pre-movie season quality, in which he got TOS'd for advertising. On May 5th, spongebobfan200 discovered Psyduck's posts on his short rant series and partook in a debate with him about the state of modern SpongeBob until SBF200 tells Psyduck that he won the argument.

On May 9th, 2011 the debate on the second thread ended. It seemed like that the drama would've ended as well, but things continue to get out of hand. In a thread made by fweepers, he states that he dislikes the original three seasons. teenj12 suggests that maybe he doesn't like the animation, but fweepers claims he hated Spongebob's voice and that it almost ruined the show. Several members disagreed with his opinion. When the thread started getting inactive, however, fweepers started multi-posting for people to come back, with spongebobfan200 telling him to be patient. When fweepers continued begging for more people to post in his thread, spongebobfan200 snapped, prompting for the thread to become locked. After the thread was locked, fweepers was discovered to be banned. After the following events, discussion on the state of modern SpongeBob had dwindled.

Aftermath: Along with fweepers, MadameCat was discovered to be banned from for an unknown reason on March 26th, which might be linked to's terms of service rules. After a while, Dragiiin123 and spongebobfan200 have stopped frequently visiting and continued to post on SBC. Steel Sponge, who went by spongebobfan200 on, has regularly acknowledged these events as one of his biggest lowpoints in his history, after he had apologized for it in his Sharing Time thread in 2013. In 2016, Steel confirmed that he and woahwoah, who rediscovered SBC at that time, are in good terms.