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User Info
Registration Date May 8, 2013
Age 15
Status Active
Group Customers

jdfr03 (Formally known as Newleaffan) is a member on SBC who joined on May 8, 2013.



On May 8, 2013, he came along. It started Hurricane New Leaf or The New Leaf Attack. He was special because he was user 420. He smokes weed.


Over the first month, New Leaf got into trouble: Spamming. He wrote nonsense like Raise The Money. If there was a record, he would've broken the record for Most Posts Gotten Into The Trash. He got so sad about that.


He got super sad after his stuff got closed down. He then wrote a topic: 5 Reasons Why New Leaf Fan Is Stupid which got everyone's attention. Everyone told him to cheer up and forget about it but he was still sad. Then in the middle of May, he left.'

He Comes Again

Well, in late May, Newleaffan (Who changed his name to Regular Spongebob at the time) came back to SpongeBob Universe but the troubles were still going on. He really didn't mind (Some things were successfully not closed).

Contests and Lotteries

He continued his happy life until he found out about the Spin-Off Festival 4. He then entered the Draw For Summer! contest. After many entries, Newleaffan got worried. Then he started getting more worried. No one ever told him to stop worring too much. While his worry grew, he entered the June 7th lottery and the June 8th lottery.


Newleaffan eventually left due to difficulties with the community. He continually uses the SpongeBob Fanon Wiki, but has disappeared from SBC and SBM entirely.


Newleaffan came back on July 9th. Before that day, he was Idiot Boy, a shy user. He first posted that he'd stop spamming and he is still here today, as Kid. His status on SpongeBob Fanon Wiki is banned.

"I Know An Idiot Named Da Nerd" Incident

Kid then made a topic bashing Da Nerd at SB Fanon Wiki about why did he get banned there. kevin_ng2010 then told Kid that he was spamming and stealing stuff there, which made Kid furious. spongeboblover was on Kid's side and told kevin that he never even spammed. sbl then looked at the wiki and checked and realized that what kevin was saying was true. Some of this was also through a status update on SBC which is on Da Nerd's profile.

Draw For Summer Plagrisim Incident

During the SOF4 Draw For Summer contest, NLF entered with an image that looked pretty cool, and won. spongeboblover then said he saw the image on another site but didn't see the link, and Patty Sponge posted it and everyone realized Newleaffan plagiarized a picture. He then remained inactive until sometime in 2015.


Sometime again in 2015, He came back as Cat Mario, because he became obsessed with Super Mario 3D World. His name is now Mega Man. He is active but shy.

Return (I hope it's the final)

Newleaffan returned back once again to SBC sometime in 2015 or 2016, starting a "new leaf". His SBC name is now jdfr03 and is somewhat-active.

Return (again)

On August 20th, 2019, in the ripe and very-early morning hours, jdfr came back. A status update posted by him stated "omg I'm trying to take down my old ass YT account at 1 am and its turned into a nostalgia trip", to the excitement of old members from 2013 to 2015. He's made a new introduction thread, and is now officially (and hopefully) staying on the community.