January 21, 2011

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January 21, 2011 is a date that will forever live in Spongebob Community infamy.

January 21st, 2011

that70sguy's mom "passed away". He was extremely upset about this all day. Stupidly, he went on the Xat during a time when he was explosively upset, and was talking to tvguy. He exploded on poor tvguy. And what was the last thing he said before leaving the chat? "I'm just going to go drive my car into a river or something."

Then in all his wisdom, what did he do? Grabbed his car keys and left the house, leaving Sara worried. She went on and saw he was on the Xat, so she told everyone what he did.

tvguy immediately told her to go after him, but it was too late. He was gone. Everyone on the Xat was worried, and tvguy left. He blamed himself, and part of him was angry at 70s for what he said while he was angry.

Sara had her parents go to look for 70s. She couldn't. She was afraid she'd find him... or worse, she would find him dead. Everyone was worried sick about him and tvguy. He called Sara and told her he was okay. He just wanted to think about everything that's happened with him and his mom. He was on his way home.

So Sara told everyone at the Xat, and the focus shifted to tvguy. Everyone was worried about him. What would he do? Would he hurt himself? Worse? Did he blame himself for what he thought 70s was doing?

tvguy came back eventually. He was angry.

Everyone begged him to calm down. He was angry at everyone on Xat. He left several times.

He came back and revealed he was 11. Everyone tried to convince him they didn't care. He wouldn't listen. He left again, after already having done it a few times.

A user named Beta09 came on, as well as Nathan. The two of them were a huge distraction. Beta wanted to talk about SpongeBob and Nathan was a self-centered jackass, so they were both banned for a few minutes, to unban them later. Nathan left, as he always does.

Beta wanted to discuss SpongeBob.

70s had a feeling Beta was one of the members from his/her mannerisms and what he/she said. Beta was revealed to be tvguy. He realized everyone DID in fact care about him since they were talking about him the entire time he was on as Beta.

Everyone made up, and had some heated discussions about death, and talked about people they know that have died. Nathan even had some relevant things to say.


It was revealed in December 2011 during the reveal of 70s' true age and identity, that his mother did not die that day. What actually happened was, he was upset that his uncle kept bashing homosexuals that day, which made him uncomfortable.











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