Hipeoples4-tvguy347 conflict

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[A video of the fight]The TVGuy347-Hipeoples4 conflict is a conflict that started ever since hipeoples4 joined the site. The two have disagreed on several things and gotten in numerous fights. Not to many people agree with Hipeoples4 because of the way he acts. TVGuy347 and Hipeoples4 have argued in chatrooms, comments, and forums on tv.com. The two hate each other and are enemies on the internet.


When the two first met, they had started to argue. They then started fighting, and have been ever since. Whenever they see each other, it is a guaranteed war zone of shouting.


Hipeoples4 is not like by many people because he starts so many fights. TVGuy347 has been credited with creating the Hipeoples4 is a Girl saying, although he isn't proud of it. The two rarely see each other on the forums any more partly because the two are on at completely different times.

Xat Fight and Future Fights

Sometime On February 7th ( Super Bowl) a huge fight on the xat occured between Hipepeoples (ffffyo), terminoob, that70sguy92, and tvguy. Many thought he was acting immature and he threatened to quit during it and kept changing his mind multiple times by making blogs about it and then finally decided to stay. But now and then, him and terminoob get into fights on the Off Topic Lounge on TV.com and Futuramarama often got involved. However, Hipepeoples left sometime in March 2010 after seeing this page about him and he hasn't returned ever since.