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"Heroes Collide" is the first annual Teenjverse crossover event, featuring episodes of Team SpongeBob and Miss Appear. The crossover began on August 25, 2017, with Miss Appear episode "Pink Arrow" and concluded on August 26, 2017 with Team SpongeBob episode "Dis-Appear". The crossover sees Pearl Krabs (Pink Arrow) assist Katherine Cross (Miss Appear) in stopping the Sinister Slug from terrorizing Bikini Bottom. In turn, Katherine helps Pearl and Sandy Cheeks (Red Widow) find Mr. Krabs after he goes missing. Their search leads to a massive discovery about Krabs that changes the game in regards to the known history of superheroes and metafish.

A crossover between the two shows was announced on March 26, 2017, with an intended air date of late July or early August. Due to unforeseen circumstances, teenj12 had to push back the crossover until the end of August.

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In Bikini Bottom, Katherine Cross and her girlfriend, Analise Rogers, attend the funeral of Analise's father, Mayor Martin Rogers. Eugene and Pearl Krabs show up, expressing their condolences, to which Analise gushes over Pearl being a 'superhero', but questions her choice in leaving Team SpongeBob. Meanwhile, Vivian Coyne discovers that Shadow was not her biological son, but was switched at birth with another baby. At Katherine's apartment, Katherine reveals to Analise that she will return to the identity of 'Miss Appear' in order to protect those closest to her, but their conversation is interrupted by the news that footage was found from the night Martin was shot in his office, with the assailant appearing to be Vivian. Later on, Analise approaches Pearl at the Krusty Krab, asking her to train her to fight. Pearl questions Analise's motivations in becoming a vigilante, but at that moment, the Sinister Slug attacks the restaurant. Pearl bravely holds the beast off long enough for her, Analise, and everyone else to escape.

At the police station, Analise seeks out Katherine, who was visiting an arrested Vivian. Analise eventually explains to Katherine about the Sinister Slug, and how she helped Johnny (Captain Magma) defeat the mutated man last year. The next morning, Analise and Katherine are at the park jogging, but Katherine stops to use the bathroom. As Analise continues along the trail, she is attacked by the Sinister Slug, but is saved by Pearl, who has taken up her 'Pink Arrow' persona again in order to drive the beast out of Bikini Bottom. Slug proves to be too much for Pearl, leading to Katherine using her powers to protect Analise. Pearl witness Katherine's use of invisibility and telekinesis, figuring out that she is Miss Appear. The three women head back to Katherine's apartment, where Katherine and Analise fill Pearl in on who the Sinister Slug is. The heroes and Analise travel to New Coral to confront Trevor Ripley, the man who worked on the serum alongside Slug when he was a normal man (Sebastian Slug). Trevor reveals that he has created a semi-cure, but that Slug will need to keep down 'excitement' or else risk turning back into the 'creature' (similar to the Hulk from Marvel comics). The four set up an elaborate trap for Slug, with the knowledge that the beast is after Analise. Though Slug nearly catches them off guard, the combined efforts of Miss Appear and the Pink Arrow's heroics result in Slug forcibly getting the cure and being taken into custody by F.I.N.

That night, Pearl discovers that her father, Mr. Krabs, has seemingly been taken from their home. On Karate Island, SpongeBob (The Speedster) assigns Sandy to go to Bikini Bottom to convince Pearl to rejoin the team. Sandy arrives at Pearl's doorstep, but there is still tension between them since Sandy shot her in a strategic play last year. Sandy gets Pearl to admit what's going on with her, and wants to help her find Krabs. Pearl, however, has already called Katherine for help. Katherine arrives, but Pearl also allows Sandy to join them, citing the need for extra help despite her disdain for her former friend. The three heroes break into a locked basement in Pearl's house with secret files about Krabs' time with a covert military 'superhero' team from the early 80s called the Super Society of Bikini Bottom. The girls discover that Plankton, Victoria (Ice Queen), and Mrs. Puff were also part of this group. Pearl decides to go talk to Mrs. Puff for enlightenment, while Katherine and Sandy go to Katherine's apartment with a personal belonging of Krabs' (a towel). In a subplot, Triton seeks out a specialist who can use the Dark Jewel to suppress Triton's memories of sexual abuse as a child. At Mrs. Puff's home, she reveals to Pearl that the Super Society had one former enemy still out there, named RIta Thompson - or Silverstorm. A woman with the ability to control the weather, in a time where superpowers and metafish weren't awfully common.

At Katherine's apartment, Analise uses her psychic abilities to 'see' where Krabs is being held by touching the towel belonging to him. She comes up with an abandoned warehouse on Plankti st. Pearl arrives, telling the other women what she has learned. In turn, Katherine, Sandy, and Pearl head out to the abandoned warehouse to save Krabs. Once there, Sandy and Pearl confront a gang of men with weapons, along with Mikey Merlin, now known as Killer M. Mikey tells the gang to shoot the heroes, but Katherine appears (having used her powers to remain invisible), and makes the guns float out of their hands with telekinesis. Katherine and Pearl take down the gangsters, while Sandy faces off against Mikey again for the first time in years. Though her combat has improved immensely, Mikey still gets the better of her, making her sting herself with her electrified glove, the Jelly Bite. Mikey launches a smoke bomb before Katherine or Pearl could intervene, and he escapes with Krabs in tow. Mikey delivers Krabs to Rita, whose plan all along was luring Krabs' daughter to her in order to murder Pearl in front of Krabs. It is revealed that Krabs accidentally murdered Rita's daughter back in the 80s during his time with the Super Society. The same night, Team SpongeBob arrives at Rita's temple, with Sandy and Katherine taking on Mikey. Sandy, however, tells Katherine to let her deal with Mikey alone to prove that she can best him. At the same time, SpongeBob, Aria (Ms. Magic), and Pearl take on Rita, who uses her power to control the weather to severely defeat the heroes. Back in front of the temple, Sandy disarms and defeats Mikey, with Katherine taking Mikey's sword. In the courtyard, The Speedster and Ms. Magic are down, providing Rita the opportunity to murder Pearl. Katherine, however, uses her invisibility to slyly stab Rita through the stomach with Mikey's sword. Rita passes out, on the brink of death, but is taken to the hospital for treatment when the police arrive.

Team SpongeBob thanks Miss Appear for her help, while Pearl bids Katherine goodbye, with the two sharing a hug. Pearl and Mr. Krabs finally have a face to face after all the disaster, with them reaffirming their love for each other as father and daughter (it is also revealed that Pearl was adopted by Krabs). Krabs also promises to explain more about the Super Society at a later time. Later on, Pearl returns to Karate Island with Team SpongeBob, but is unsure of how well the reform will pan out.

Characters Featured

Main characters denoted in italics were featured across both parts of the crossover.


Miss Appear:

Katherine Cross / Miss Appear

Analise Rogers

Vivian Coyne

Marilyn Cross

Molly Cross

Commissioner Garrett Detweiler

Claudia Khan

Team SpongeBob:

Pearl Krabs / Pink Arrow

Sandy Cheeks / Red Widow

SpongeBob Squarepants / The Speedster

Aria Alamone / Ms. Magic


Miss Appear:

Mr. Eugene Krabs

Sebastian Slug / Sinister Slug

Trevor Ripley

Officer Garcia

Team SpongeBob:


Victoria Chrome / Ice Queen

Jonathan Jacks / Motion Master

Mrs. Puff

Rita Thompson / Silverstorm

Dr. Scott Hemmings

Mr. Eugene Krabs

Mikey Merlin / Killer M


The crossover was well received by the community, scoring high ratings despite both shows having been on a month long hiatus prior to the event's airing. The Team SpongeBob portion of the crossover scored the show #6 on the SpongeBoard for the week of August 20, 2017 to August 27, 2017. The Miss Appear portion scored the show #2 on the SpongeBoard for the same week.

Additional Crossovers

On August 28, 2017, teenj12 announced that he intends to have a massive crossover event between Teenjverse shows every year. With the cancellation of the I.J.L.S.A show, he has promised another 'huge payoff' in the form of 2018's crossover.


  • This is the first official crossover event between Teenjverse shows.
  • This is the second time Team SpongeBob has crossed over with another show, last crossing over with Storm Racers in a 2012 episode. Another crossover between the shows aired in 2014, but as a Storm Racer's only episode.
  • The crossover took place across the 2nd episodes of both shows' respective seasons.
  • Three main characters were absent from the Team SpongeBob episode of the crossover.
  • All main characters were present for the Miss Appear episode of the crossover.
  • Pearl is the only main character from Team SpongeBob to appear across both parts of the crossover.
  • When Sandy asks Katherine if the latter can fly, Katherine states that she calls it "guided soaring", hinting at levitation rather than flight. She was seen to be capable of such in a few episodes of Miss Appear's second season.
  • The crossover marks the first time Sandy has faced Mikey again since Team SpongeBob's sixth season.
  • After Katherine addresses her Clinical Depression, Sandy mentions her own past experience with PTSD, as seen in Team SpongeBob's fourth season.