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Hayden was a member of under the name Hayden_Avery. He joined SBC on March 28 2010. He used to be not very active on SBC, but goes on the Xat a lot and participated in Jeopardy(Now forever Number 2 on Hall of Fame behind Trophy with 46 wins). He is 1st above Fred on the Wheel of Fortune Hall of Fame with 29 wins (Plus holds its high score). He is the leading Dunces & Dragons player with 27 wins. He's only won a single game of Pictionary. He was the winner of Freebooter Februarry's Arrgh!, Fry Cook Games III, Hooky 3, Space Race, SOF6 Spin Off Trivia Contest, and Fry Cook Games VIII. In February 2017, he was promoted to leader of the Drasticals. 3 years later in February 2020, he retired and became a Solo (Level 3 with 445 experience points). Overall, he is regarded as one of SBC's most competitive members and was given an award for this at the 2017 and 2018 GCA's. He holds the record for most guest riffs in Riffing Theater history, with 125 appearances. He wrote 8 installments of Skodwarde's final seasons. He also appears as a lead in the popular literatures "SBC: Wasteland Warriors" and "Xat Time Travelers". He created a tacky Gary spinoff that goes by the name "Secret Agent Snail", which is slated for a 2nd season in 2020. His literature "Legend of Kan" is also being considered for a return. He requested/received a "The Bewear Community" skin. Finally, he was instrumental in saving the forums from total obliteration by pushing for the archive of the SpongeBob forums when decided to remove forums from its website.

User Info
Registration Date March 28, 2010
Age 23
Status Banned
Group Nematodes
Notable Creations Guest Riffing
Secret Agent Snail
Content Count 1,663

He was permanently banned on August 7, 2020.