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An SBC member known for being overly dramatic, such as when he left the site after being suspended because he used a gay slur.

His original TV.com account was Goosebumpsfan. His original username on SBC was Goosebumpsfan2 until he got a new account to start over. He has a spin-off named The Minorly Average Show. Despite a return to SBC in 2012, he is no longer on the site.

Fued with SOF and JeremyCreek

On Nov 30, 2010, when JeremyCreek was talking about a certain character he hated (which was Bloo from FHFIF). Soon after this, GooseBumpsFan asked why he hated him. JC responded by saying, "He's a jerk," and that started a huge fight. After nearly 45 mins of fighting, SOF put an end to this fight. However, GBF said, "SOF, you've been an asshole for defending your friend." Then SOF and GBF started to have a small fight until SOF told GBF, "That's quite enough fighting."

Then on June 12, 2011, a huge fight occured in P&F IRC when GBF & JC were fighting over Woshology. JC had a very good reason why he couldn't watch it. Soon after this ,GBF told the chat admin (or owner) to permanently ban for no apparent reason. However SOF was very disappointed, so he asked GBF, "Why was he banned?" GBF said "He's just being hateful about Wishology." Then SOF decided to leave the IRC for good with the final words, 'Dude, it's his opinion. I'm sick of tired of you for fighting for pointless reasons & permanently banning him is rediculous. It's his opinion," and he left the IRC for now.

This all lead to an SBC Court Case on Monday June 13th, 2011 on the Xat. Goosebumpsfan1 was found guilty, and apologizes to JeremyCreek and SpongeOddFan.

He has not been on since July 16th, 2011.

2012 Return

He returned on June 17, 2012 under a new username and account, Spongey444, wanting to start a fresh beginnning. His introduction topic:



  • His original account has been merged with Karen, this sometimes confuses some new members as if Karen was actually made before the original join date.