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"Crisis of the Jelliens" is the second annual Teenjverse crossover event, featuring episodes of Miss Appear, The Quickster, Knights of the Multiverse, and a special bonus episode of Mystic Guardians. The crossover began on March 12, 2018 with Miss Appear, continued on March 13 with The Quickster and March 14 with Mystic Guardians, and ended on March 15 with Knights of the Multiverse. The crossover pulls inspiration from the SpongeBob Squarepants 2012 episode, "Planet of the Jellyfish", and sees Katherine Cross (Miss Appear) and her allies bring together other superheroes to stop an impending alien invasion by a hostile species known as the Jelliens.

Development for the four part crossover began in December 2017, when TJ announced his intention to host the next annual crossover during Spring 2018. While only Miss Appear and The Quickster were announced to be participating at first, it was revealed on January 1, 2018 that Jjsthekid had allowed for his popular spin-off Mystic Guardians to join the event and crossover with the Teenjverse. Over a month later, it was announced that TJ's new show Knights of the Multiverse would also join the event, making "Crisis of the Jelliens" the biggest crossover event between shows in Spin-Off history.

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Characters Featured

Main characters denoted in italics were featured across all four parts of the crossover.


Miss Appear

Katherine Cross / Miss Appear

Analise Rogers / The Sightress

Bonnie Morse / Black Clam

Tim Connors / Barnacle Boy

Adam Mock

The Quickster

Peter Chang / The Quickster

Tyrone East / Sunshower

Irene Hart

Sun Chang

Mystic Guardians

Madison Landers

Jake Landers




Professor Zero

Nick Carson




Knights of the Multiverse

Sandy Cheeks / Red Widow

Debbie Rechid / Universal Guardian

Tomoya Chrome / Cold Reed

Marshall Montgomery / Crossfade

Melondy Dime / Lady Quick

Seid / Quickseid

Billy Coyne / Shadow




In Karmania, we see Madison, Jake, and their friends sitting around on the Guardian ship, as Jake gets a call from Ranen about a mysterious spaceship that crashed in front of the base. Elana and Skipper stay behind while Madison uses the Heart of Karmania to transport herself, Tori, Audrey, Cynthia, Jake, Trent, Zero, Nick, and Cameron to Central Karmania. The gang and Ranen approach what appears to be the Skyripper. We flash back to 72 hours earlier, where we see Katherine, Analise (The Sightress), Bonnie (Black Clam), and Adam all gathered in the Mermalair in Bikini Bottom. Adam detects weird readings as something emitting intense energy signatures appears to be entering Bikini Bottom skies. Katherine, Bonnie, and Analise suit up to check this out, as they run into a small spacecraft behind Prawn's Bakery. Three extraterrestrials step out (Jarvix, Stella, and Gillard) and announce themselves as the Jelliens, while also stating that their species has come to Earth to claim it as their own. A battle ensues, but the Jelliens get the upper hand and manage to kidnap Analise as a warning. Later, Tim (Barnacle Boy) arrives to the Mermalair as Katherine and Bonnie explain to him what happened. Tim and Katherine come to the conclusion that they need help, to which Bonnie suggests The Quickster, who resides in New Kelp City.

Team Appear takes the Invisible Boatmobile to New Kelp City where they run into Peter Chang (The Quickster), who was in the middle of capturing a villain. Peter brings the heroes back to Kelp Labs, much to the excitement of his new stepbrother, Tyrone. The heroes tell Peter about the Jelliens, but Bonnie still feels like they're short staffed. Peter suggests bringing in the Knights, a small team of supeheroes operating across the multiverse. Katherine calls up her cousin, Marshall (Crossfade), who had joined up with the Knights of the Multiverse weeks prior. The Knights (Sandy, Debbie, Melondy, Marshall, and Tomoya) arrive in their spaceship, the Skyripper. Sandy (Red Widow) introduces Katherine to Debbie Rechid, the Universal Guardian. Peter and Melondy (Lady Quick) also reunite. After the threat is explained, the heroes train and congregate in Kelp Labs, but Tim accidentally overhears Debbie and Sandy discussing something about Shadow and keeping it from Katherine. Tim tells Katherine that the Knights are keeping a secret, to which Katherine confronts them. The Knights admit to Shadow being snatched from the timeline before his death by the evil speedster, Quickseid. This also upsets Peter, who is mad that Melondy didn't tell him that Seid had cheated death. The heroes are interrupted by a video transmission from Seid, who states that he was the one who pointed the Jelliens in Earth's direction. Katherine storms out to clear her head, with Marshall and Tomoya (Cold Reef) going after her. At the New Kelp City park, Katherine runs into Shadow, who tries to taunt her about the past. Katherine overcomes his taunts and they get into battle. Marshall and Tomoya arrive to back her up, and Shadow uses a massive surge of dark energy to escape from the three.

Katherine, Marshall, and Tomoya return to Kelp Labs, where Katherine reveals that she had planted a tracking chip on Shadow while he was distracted. Tyrone locates Shadow's whereabouts at a barn on the outskirts of the city. Katherine and the others heroes take off without Sandy and Debbie, as Katherine feels that she cannot trust their judgement. Katherine, Peter, Tim, Marshall, Tomoya, and Melondy arrive at the barn, where an explosion goes off as soon as they enter the barnhouse. The media, police officers, F.I.N , and Debbie arrive at the scene, as they discover that the heroes have seemingly survived. The next morning, Kelp Labs is filled to the brim with F.I.N agents. including Director Payne - who is tight lipped on information of the Jelliens. Tyrone, Sandy, and Debbie notices oddities among the heroes that survived the explosion, leading them to the conclusion that their friends may have been switched out with impostors. On the Jellien mothership, Queen Liza reveals to her nephew, Jarvix, that Seid is her associate and that she has the six heroes from the barn explosion in her possession. The heroes are seen in pods, hooked up to technology that allows Jelliens to impersonate their mental and physical attributes on Earth. Liza also tells Jarvix that she had his parents murdered for trying to expose the development of impostor technology within Jellien society. At Kelp Labs, following F.I.N's leave, the impostor heroes plan to murder Debbie, Sandy, Tyrone, and Adam. Debbie and Sandy manage to analyze impostor Marshall's brain, as they find a strange transmitter device - which proves their theory. The impostors then begin to attack the remaining heroes, as Debbie manages to beat down most of them. Debbie, Sandy, Tyrone, and Adam almost make it to the Skyripper to escape, but are attacked by the impostor Tomoya. Tyrone uses his newfound light powers to hold him off, which allows Sandy and Debbie to escape.

On the Skyripper, a bomb that was previously planted by the Jelliens goes off, which sends Debbie and Sandy crashing through the multiverse. The two end up in Central Karmania, where their ship crash lands in front of Ranen's base. The two meet the guardians and knights of Karamania (Madison, Tori, Cynthia, Audrey and Jake, Trent, Cameron, Zero and Nick respectively). The cyborg, Professor Zero, offers to fix their ship. In the meantime, Debbie bonds with the guardians, while Sandy trains in sword fighting with the knights. After a friendly race between the five guardians, the girls learn from Ranen that an outbreak of wildfires has engulfed the Nature Wilds. This turns out to be the work of Flare, who along with Shadow and Syphon, have teamed up with Morgana, Thorn, and Vexacus to find Debbie on Karmania and kill her. The guardians, Debbie, Jake, and Cameron get into a showdown with Flare, Shadow, Morgana, Thorn, and Vexacus, almost winning against them. Syphon wards away the heroes with fire blasts from the Fireflyer, allowing Flare and Shadow to escape. After repairs finish on the Skyripper, Sandy and Debbie prepare to take off back to their universe to save their captured friends. Madison, Tori, Audrey, Cynthia, and Jake offer their aid in helping the three rescue the fallen heroes, taking off with them on the Skyripper.

Debbie, Sandy, and their new allies arrive at Kelp Labs, seeing that F.I.N has returned and that Tyrone and Adam are okay. Director Payne admits that F.I.N knows nothing of the Jelliens, but has figured out that they are not only from space, but from a different universe altogether - which explained the difficulty in tracking their movements. Sandy and Madison decide to experiment with Madison's 'Heart of Karmania' in order to open a portal to the Jelliens' mothership in their universe. Debbie and the guardians arrive on the mothership, as they split up to find the heroes. Madison gets captured by Seid, as Tori and Cynthia find and save Analise inside an interrogation room. Debbie and Audrey rescue Katherine, Peter, and the others from their prison cells, having taken out a Jellien prison guard. Seid attempts to kill Madison, but is stopped by Queen Liza, who had taken Madison's Heart of Karmania. Liza orders Seid to free Madison, and then gives Madison the Heart back so that she and the heroes can leave. Seid questions Liza's motives, but Liza assures Seid that the heroes have already played themselves. Katherine reunites with Analise, as they all return to Kelp Labs and celebrate the victory. However, Madison realizes that Liza may have copied the specs on the Heart of Karmania, giving the Jelliens' enough power to breach their entire army to the heroes' universe, instead of just one ship like before. Debbie tells everyone that they now have to prepare for full scale invasion.

Sometime later, Katherine, Sandy, Peter, and Madison (leaders of their respective groups of heroes) all have a meeting about the next step against the Jelliens. Madison suggests that they need to find a weakness to counteract the might of these hostile aliens, to which everyone agrees. The rest of the heroes come up with an idea to visit the Jelliens' home world in order to find out more about them. Sandy, Tim, Jake, Analise, and Marshall all volunteer to go, as they take off in the Skyripper. The stress of the situation causes tension between Katherine and the guardians of Karmania, as Katherine does not trust the new girls and their massive threshold of power, along with the fact that they're from a different universe - much like the Jelliens are. On the mothership, the Jelliens learn that a spaceship has breached their universe. Seid realizes that the heroes are going to the Jelliens' planet, Jelliton, in order to get information. Liza approves for Seid to send his own allies (Flare, Syphon, and Shadow) after the heroes. On the Jelliton, Sandy and the others battle Flare and Syphon, and are later assisted by a tribal-like group of Jelliens. The heroes learn that these Jelliens were left behind by the higher ups in society. They also learn that the Jelliens are scouring for a new home, as their own universe is dying (a suspicion that Jake and Tim already had). The heroes receive a 'Mayo Bomb' from these abandoned people, who reveal to them that their species is vulnerable to mayonnaise.

The Jelliens begin their invasion, as a huge breach opens up in New Kelp City. The heroes come together as a united front, and Katherine makes amends with Madison and the other guardians. As the Jelliens descend on the city, the heroes arrive and launch into battle against the alien invaders. The battle against the Jelliens takes a toll on the heroes, but Debbie and Madison manage to make it onto the mothership and corner Queen Liza. Just then, Sandy and the others arrive back with the Mayo Bomb. Debbie and Madison threaten to use it unless Liza calls off the invasion. Jarvix, having turned against his aunt, tries to get through to Liza, but she is unchanging in her stance. Debbie tells Sandy to drop the bomb, to which she does so. The Earth's atmosphere becomes seeded with a mayonnaise gas, as the Jelliens begin to choke to their deaths. Jarvix pleads with his aunt, as he is near death. Debbie and Madison urge Liza to not let her nephew die. Liza calls off the invasion, as the ground troops of Jelliens are beamed back up to the mothership, taking off. The heroes all stand together in the middle of the battlefield, happy about their victory.

Later that night, the heroes host a massive party inside Kelp Labs' storage facility. Tyrone tells others that he has taken on the superhero mantle of "Sunshower". Jake gives Analise advice on her break up with Katherine. Katherine and Madison have a short heart to heart. The guardians of Karmania surprise Debbie with an insignia that Audrey painted onto the top of the Skyripper. In exchange, Debbie gives Madison and the girls an interdimensional extrapolator that has a direct line to the Skyripper, Kelp Labs, and the Mermalair, so that the girls can get in touch with the Universe-1 heroes whenever they need help. As the night winds down, everyone takes off, returning to their own lives. Katherine and Peter (the last two remaining), laugh about the strange new friends they have made, and then proceed to go get late night ice cream. At a newly opened Goofy Goobers ice cream shop in New Kelp City, the two talk about who they would be if they were not saving the world, agreeing that it's a part of their identities as Miss Appear and The Quickster, ending the crossover.


The crossover was well received by the community, with each part garnering multiple likes. The event was also nominated for Best Episode at The Golden Community Awards XII, by OMJ.


  • This is the first official Teenjverse crossover event to crossover more than two shows.
  • By crossing over four shows across four episodes, this event sets a record as the biggest crossover in Spin-Off history.
  • Each part of the crossover keeps in line with the tone of their hosting show.
  • Katherine comes face to face with the Shadow from Season 1 of Miss Appear. This marks their first real interaction since the show's season one finale.
  • As of this crossover, Seid has become the most recurring major villain across the Teenjverse. Seid has appeared on The Quickster, Miss Appear, and Knights of the Multiverse.


Part 1

Part 2

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