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Countdown To Orca 2012 was a party held on the Xat on the night of June 14, 2012, counting down to the release of the eighth major update to the Community, called Orca. The event was advertised prior on SBC, using the hashtag #CountdownToOrca. The actual party broke many records, primarily one concerning the amount of people in the Xat chatroom. Around 20 users were in the Xat and chatting simultaneously at the event's peak, which was previously unheard of and had never occurred before. The event was home to Xat Games 2, where CDCB won a sneak peak to Orca, as well as 500,000d.


The event was created by tvguy347, as SBC would be shut down in anticipation of Orca. To keep users entertained, he came up with Countdown To Orca, where users would actually countdown to the launch. Even before the party started, around fifteen people were already in the chatroom. Later, this number grew to twenty, and even twenty-two, twenty-four at some points. Games were played, but the biggest activity of the night were the Xat Games 2.

The Xat Games 2

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The Xat Games 2 took place at this time, hosted primarily during tvguy347 (although jjsthekid hosted most of the first challenge when tvguy was dealing with things concerning the launch of Orca along with hilaryfan80). 17 contestants particpated in the events, where CDCB eventually won the prize, 500,000 doubloons and a sneak peek of Orca.