Cookie Eating Hat

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Cookie Eating Hat
The item's image, created by Patty Sponge.
Item Info
Date Added August 16, 2015
Available? Yes (Loyal Customer exclusive)
Type Head Item
Cost Free (Camp SBC, given to whoever won certain events)
250 Doubloons (Loyal Customers)
Category iFish Store

Cookie Eating Hat is an exclusive head item, first given out at Camp SBC. It was given to winners of the first Cards Against Humanity game, second SBC Music Party and third SpongeCraft tournament during the event. It returned nearly a year later as an exclusive item for Loyal Customers in the iFish Store. It goes along with the Cookie Eating Apron. It is from "Grandma's Kisses".


  • The item is based on the hat worn by Patrick in Grandma's Kisses.