Conflicts of November 2010

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A lot of fighting went on during November-Early December 2010 on SBC.

Storytime Against 70s (partially Wumbo)

This is not the only type of S And 70s conflict there this, this was apparently the second one. The first in the Kenan And Kel thread on November 24th, 2010 when Storytime thought 70s stated "Kenan and Kel sucks" as a fact instead of an opinion, leading to a fight between 70s, Story, and Wumbo. Broken up by ExKizuna.

The second fight, found in the You're Really Pissing Me Off Thread. On November 26th, 2010, Storytime sarcastically remarks "I can see this thread was a good idea." after seeing tvguy, drag, teenj fighting (see below). Wumbology replies, then it all kicks off.

Storytime asks Wumbology why he posts in threads where users were fighting after the fight were settled, storytime then tells him he's talking about the ones in . He gives an example of his past conflict with spongbobiscool. 70s admits that the fight wasn't over to him. Storytime tells him he stopped after Wumbo posted. Wumbology then questions that there's a time limit on argument replies, and says it's new to him. Storytime thinks if people stopped arguing before, and haven't done it since, the odds are that the fight is over. 70s doesn't see how it's true, and says the odds are that those people are still pissed at the person they're fighting with, and will carry on fighting.

Storytime doesn't approve and says the argument wasn't anything to be incredibly pissed off about seeing as to how it ended after a short period of time. 70s then tells him it didn't end while Storytime replies that the fight didn't and him and spongbobiscool aren't fighting anymore. 70s declares that spongbobiscool meant before he commented. Storytime then restates that they stopped 11 hours before the post, and that both of them weren't arguing and didn't ever since. 70s then him as both a broken record and a brick wall. Storytime then tells him not to get involved into fights and proves he has a valid point. Then says, that he would have to assist Wumbo in trying to prove him wrong with no evidence whatsoever, and also admits he doesn't listen, because 70s(or others) makes up fake reasons to prove him wrong, and repeats the same statement because it's a logical explanation to prove him right. 70s then says he was done, and questions Storytime that he thinks he's wrong for helping out a friend when Storytime's a "Douche," and gave fake reasons. He also asks what did he say wasn't reasonable. He also convinces that repeating the same statement is not logical, but immature, and it's like "a three-year-old asking for a toy repeatedly," and doesn't work.

Storytime doesn't approve himself as a "douche," and says he was just pointing something out and has a problem with guys like70s, and got on his case trying to prove him wrong. He continues saying that he had a good reason why the arguing stopped, and said they were acting a lot like a brick wall to understand he was right. He then says it's not immature to repeat something that is true, does not take internet fights seriously, and if a fight , it does not end and to more fighting. "If a fight has ended, it ended," he says. 70s replys by saying a fight would not be over unless the conversation picks up and continues. He then gives out one of spongbobiscool's previous statements: "MMK IM GONNA SAY IM DONE BUT IM PROBLY NOT." Also makes a statement about internet anger, and persuades Storytime to have fun denying it. Storytime replys by saying he wanted the fight to end as much as spongbobiscool did, and admits he doesn't like this thread anymore, doesn't want to argue anymore, and calls it a waste of time. Two posts later, ExKizuna breaks it up by telling Storytime off. After that, Storytime was forgiven.

YRPMO Thread Fight:

Teenj against Dragiiin (partially tvguy)

First found in the YRPMO thread, partially in the Writer's Lounge. On November 24th, 2010, Tvguy admits Dragiiin pisses him off, then on the November 25th , 2010, Teenj agrees. Teenj had questioned about Dragiiin's spamming actions and called him out as a spammer. Dragiiin assumed teenj was trying to get respect from his fellow peers by manning up and facing Dragiiin. The fight ended when storytime changed the subject saying how this thread was a good idea in a sarcasm way and led to the fight posted above. This fight was reinstated when Dragiiin made Team Squidward, a copy of teenj's spin-off Team SpongeBob. On November 29th, 2010, this led into a small fight in the Writer's Lounge, 70s told him it was a simple play at his show, then tvguy got involved. However, the fight was broken up whenExKizuna and clapmaster told them their constant fighting was getting annoying. The fight ended with teenj when dragiiin and tvguy started going at it.

Writer's Lounge Fight:

Metal Snake Vs. Fa

Fa called Metal Snake out in a now trashed thread November 21st, 2010 for "ass kissing" which a lot of people thought he was doing at the time.

They eventually had another talk about it in the Your Really Pissing Me Off Thread.

Months later, on August 27, 2011 Metal made a thread finally explaining himself in real life and how that affects his internet life.

SBC vs SBM Feud

Main Article Pokemon SBC Forum Attack

Also See SBM/SBC Feud War

People from the Spongebob Boards from refuse to abandon the place for SBC. Futuramarama says SBC promotes the site as if they have a ton of members. Southparkfa/Fa takes offense to this and thinks Futuramarama is insultingSBC. ShrinkinViolet gets fed up and creates a blog, raging at SBC, but she quickly deleted it and posted a new blog saying she was leaving for the weekend. Fa stated "Fine. Disappear for the weekend. No one will care". She then announced she was leaving TV.Com forever. This becomes big news at both SBC and Members from SBC (especially Fa) apologize on behalf of the site and the war is resolved.

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