Clem (iFish)

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This page is about the iFish item. You made be looking for the name of the server.

The item's image as shown in the shop, created by hilaryfan80.
Item Info
Date Added February 24, 2016
Available? No
Type Color
Cost 400 Doubloons
Category iFish Store

Clem is a store item and color for iFish, which costs 400 doubloons. It was designed after the SpongeBob character Clem to celebrate the release of the new server also named Clem. It is the most unique of the iFish colors to date. It goes along with Clem's Hat. It was discontinued on January 4, 2020.

Store Description: Become like Clem!


  • It is the first iFish color to date that does not cost 30 doubloons, which is due to its more unique appearance than the others.
  • This and Plankton are the only iFish designs to have one eye.