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Clam Board is a store item and hand item for iFish. It was added for The Super Spongy Square Games.It returned for March Madness 2017, March Madness 2018 and March Madness 2019.

Clam Board
The item's image as shown in the shop, created by jjsthekid.
Item Info
Date Added July 1, 2016
Available? No
Type Hand Item
Cost 500 Doubloons
Category iFish Store


  • The item was actually originally going to be added for March Madness 2016 as a Feet Item, but it did not work properly, so it was put on the backburner, and later retooled as a hand item. This makes it the only iFish item in SBC history to have its type changed, even if it was not properly introduced.