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Registration Date August 1st, 2014
Status Inactive
Group Customers

Abisert (formerly known as Weasel and SpongeBoobAhoy) is a member of The SpongeBob Community and the SpongeBuddy Mania forums. He joined both sites on August 1st, 2014.

Member Reputation

Abisert was known for being an active member in both communities, although he would take short breaks from either or both sites. He was also known for his obsession over the The Naked Brothers Band, which was caused controversy on the forums, and having a couple of Corey Haim avatars.

Spin-Off and Lit Career (August 2014- July 2016)

Shortly after joining the SBC forums, he began his career as a spin-off writer when he created his first spin-off, The Intertidal Zone, on August 23rd, 2014. Since then he has also released one spin-off movie (The Adventures of No Name Movie), and a lit (Tim and Ralph) on SBC. He has made one spin-off (The Undeniable Life of SSJ), and two short spin-offs (Spandy Outta Water, Yellowshadow Goes to Hell and Back: A Fanmade Story) only exclusive to SBM. The latter of the two (Yellowshadow) has been his latest spin-off to date, as his planned spin-off, SpongeBoob and Pinhead Do America, was cancelled in 2016, and has not made any works since.

SBC Wiki Contributor (July 2016, Nov. 2017-present)

Since July 2016, he has been contributing to the SBC Wiki by re-vamping articles in the Spin-Off category by re-structuring old articles, and adding extra information and adding new links to episodes and such.

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