ACS Xat incident

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The ACS Xat incident was a public disturbance on the SBC Xat that occurred on July 16th, 2011, when ACS thought SOF's abbreviating was technically incorrect for Spin-Off Fanfics (during This or That game). After that, SOF banned ACS on Xat (SOF was a xat mod), causing him to leave SBC. 70s then un-banned him to give him a reason why he was suspended. However, ACS insulted the SBC Staff, a red rule on SBC with a penalty of immediate ban. He was then told about how many other things he had done wrong on SBC, and why he deserved to be banned.

ACS was angry, and wanted to record the entire fight in a futile attempt to shut the SBC Xat down. He was finally banned by respectful staff member 70s in the Xat, and IP-Banned on SBC before he could put his plans into fruition.