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User Info
Registration Date March 1, 2018 (Current)
October 4, 2012 (IPB 3)
May 17, 2011 (Forumotion)
Age 23
Status Active
Group Cashiers, Loyal Customers
Notable Creations Community Mixtape, SBM Discord Server

HawkbitAlpha (formerly ACSBehemothHellcat, Prince Darkstar, and AlphaWarhawk) is an SBC member and Cashier who originally joined the community in May 2011, but was permabanned from the site for much of the 2010s until his surprise return in 2018. He is also a former member and chat admin of SpongeBuddy Mania.

Having initially discovered SBC at 11 years old, Hawk's arrival on the site was marked by his immaturity and willingness to constantly argue with other members, which led to him being banned multiple times, then indefinitely in July 2011, after only two months as a member. Later, in October 2012, he was allowed to return, but was banned again in April 2013 for the same reasons. After the first ban, he moved to SpongeBuddy Mania, where he remained as an active member until 2018. While contentious users are nothing new to the community, Hawk became the most notorious and persistent of them in early SBC history, as he made an enemy of many members of both SBM and SBC by repeatedly publicly antagonizing the latter site over the course of several years. This caused him to become a popular choice of villain in numerous Lits between 2011 and 2015.

Hawk's aggressive and increasingly arrogant behavior made him a very polarizing figure in SBC/SBM's shared history throughout much of the 2010s; in his late teen years, this aspect would come to overshadow his previous history on SBC, reaching a peak during his time as the original owner of SBM's Discord. On top of his years-long detachment from SpongeBob as a whole, Hawk's egotistical, self-indulgent attitude, as well as his tendency to start fights and petty dramas, caused a level of controversy to follow him through his entire time on the site. On the other hand, some SBM members praised his efforts in calling out and attacking many of the site's most disliked members, and later pushing the staff team to issue a number of bans in 2017 and 2018. Additionally, Hawk's management of the SBM Discord was met with similarly mixed reactions, with many praising his organizational work, but criticizing his chaotic and often hostile moderation practices.

After five years under a permaban, Hawk's actions on SBM allowed him to be unbanned from SBC for the final time in March 2018, and two months later, he resigned as the SBM Discord's owner out of feelings of disillusionment, solidifying his shift to SBC as a permanent member in the process. Toward the end of the year, he became one of the many cross-site members to be banned from SBM for protesting against its staff in the wake of the Third SBC Renaissance (prior to this ban, he renamed his account to Mavaxis Starburner).

While Hawk remains a somewhat combative person to this day, he has mellowed out considerably in the years following the COVID-19 pandemic, and has gone on to have a far more peaceful time with SBC than his prior years spent on SBM. The Sharing Time thread "Anger, Debates, Empathy, and Socialism" contains his reflections on his own personality and political views over time. Notably, Hawk has also rekindled something of an interest in cartoons, beginning in August 2020 with his coming-out as a "late-bloomer brony", after taking a friend's suggestion to watch MLP: FiM. This reveal came as a surprise to a number of SBCers, especially as Hawk used the moment to intentionally undermine his previous "alpha male" self-image.

On November 11, 2022, Hawk became the first formerly-banned member in SBC history to be made a Cashier, succeeding Fred Rechid. Along with pursuing his agenda of introducting various video game-based events to SBC's activities, he organizes the recurring Community Mixtape music project, and continues to regularly appear on the Discord and forums. As a moderator, Hawk is something of an anomaly among SBC staff members, with a tendency to act independently on his own agendas.