2012 Staff Restructuring

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The 2012 Staff Restructuring was a restructuring event that was passed by the staff on July 7th, 2012. The system was created by tvguy, and details a democratic SBC surrounded around the users. The restructuring was a turning point in the way SBC was handled and laid the groundwork for SpongeBob Universe.


The Restructuring includes the following positions:

Director in Chief: This position may sound like a relapse of the Main Admin position that was abolished in December of last year, when really, it’s not. The DC’s responsibilities include balancing power with the Board, meeting with teams and making sure they’re running smoothly, run technical aspects of the site, overlook design aesthetics and skin developments, deal with site-wide issues and member issues, and control SpongeBob Universe. They also control SUR (Static User Recruiting).

Incumbent: Aquatic Nuggets

Deputy Director: The Deputy Director deals with day-to-day tasks, often touching base with the moderating teams. They orchestrate events, make sure forums are organized and clean, help attend to those who need support, and oversee the overall conditions of the forum as the day goes on. They work primarily with the Director in Chief to share information. If a DC is unavailable, the Deputy Director is allowed to take over his/her duties until they return. This is acceptable, for example, if the DC is on vacation.

Incumbent: N/A


Senior Moderator: The Senior Moderator looks after the entire moderator group has seniority over. The SM is in charge of maintaining a certain standard for his/her team, and can temporarily remove any mod from his/her team, and then permanently with approval from the Board, if the SM feels the mod is out of line or no longer able to perform in his/her position adequately. The Senior Moderator also assigns moderators to boards. Although he/she can remove mods, he/she can also promote. A SM may stay in the position for a maximum of two years before being moved to the Board.


Mediator Moderator: The Mediator Moderator largely deals with disputes between members on the forum and is trained by the SM to take the Senior Moderator position. The incumbent of this position is based off of elective results.

Incumbent: Wumbology

Representative Board of SBC

The Loyal Customers group is composed out of senior SBC users that participate in discussions when the staff requires their assistance.

Director in Chief: The DC decides when meetings will be held and generally runs the meetings. He shares general updates with the Board about activity and the server.

Deputy Director: The DD runs some meetings on occasion and gives updates on how things with certain upcoming events are going.

The group consists of the following incumbents:

1. Unlimitedcha

2. ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1

3. ExKizuna

4. crushingmayhem

5. Smiles