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3 hours ago, Holly Jolly Rarity said:

it's sad how this SO/Lits section died afer Skod ended. Hopefully it will have more active in 2020.

It's going to be cliche for me to say this, but they're not dead. They're just not popular for the time being. And I'm aware you've been done with writing spin-offs/lits ages ago, the solution to the inactivity and lack of popularity should be clear, as Wumbo once put it: want spin-offs/lits to be written? Write them. Want them to be read? Read them. 

I'm speaking as someone who's been slow in finishing his own projects, but I am in the middle of finishing an episode for one of my projects, so I am doing what I can to keep the business moving. As long as the SpongeBoard isn't giving us mass 1's in viewership count like it did in 2014, it's safe for me to say that there is still a pulse in the spin-off/lit forum, which I am grateful for.

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