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Episode 1: You Could Be King!




Bikini Top Review
This is MY opinion, and nothing more.[/align]

Well, 70s, here's an official review and in depth review... 428899.gif

I really liked this spin off when it started off. The dialogue was great, the action was awesome, and it was pretty damn authentic when it came to the actual high school drama. The music selection was phenomenal, and featured non-mainstream music, which you don't usually find in other spin-offs. Maybe what I adored so much about this spin off was how real and fun it was, to read. And then the vampire crap came along... honestly, I hate all the vampire crap. Vampire stuff is now such a cliche, and now that a lot of the show revolves around it, it's made it less fun to read, and not as real. Yeah, it's much more suspenseful and action-packed, but I liked the beginnings of this show SO much more. I wish BT hadn't gone this route. At all.

Format: The format is great, even though I'm not a fan of the current plot. It's extremely detailed and much of the dialogue is real and memorable.

Plot and Character: As I stated before, in my opinion, the concurrent high school drama plot was far superior to the vampire cult. I sort of feel like it's like Twilight, minus the romance, plus the action. I don't like Glinda. At all. I think that her character is dumb, and not developed enough. Bryan was the main character, and I feel that now he's been overshadowed by superior characters, and now he's trying to reclaim his spotlight. Other characters, however, are great and well-developed. Some examples of these are Naomi, Seth, Jackie, Heather, and Anna. I feel these characters are perfect characters, and that they operate much like a normal human would, and they show several shades of emotion. Astenias is just another cliche villain who will end up getting defeated by the (supposed) main character(s) in the end. Am I right? There's nothing that sets him apart, and he's just not original. I know you can be original. Now, that's what I WOULD'VE said before I read the new episode. The new episode was amazing, full of suspense. But.... I HATE. THE. DAMN. VAMPIRES. I'm fine with the suspense and action, but I just have so much damn contempt for the vampires in the story. Every else is so nice, original, and fresh. That was probably the biggest shocker in any spin off I've read, in "Nothing Else Matters." Everything moves so quickly, and it leaves the reader wondering, only given tidbits of info. But I have the vampires. :/

Episodes: Episodes are great. I love Season 1, and Season 2 has been meh IMO.

Grammar: Nothing really needs to be said here.

Overall Verdict: I still have hope, as action and a little bit of drama keep me interested. I'd really like if you went back to BT's roots in Season 3, but I may not be as interested (and may even stop reading) if all of the damn vampires persist. :/ Just my opinion.


Episode 2: If Only You Weren't So Wishy-Washy



I think I am going to review as well. This might be a tad bit harsh, but I have been wanting to state this for a while now.

I am not going to give a grade because I do feel that the work of this spin-off is great (I specifically bolded that portion just to let him know that none of his work isn't anything bad). It's just one gripe that has been bugging me for quite some time.

First off, let me first post the description that is underneath the spin-offs forum.

Spin-offs are a grand tradition that SBC has always had, and always will have. They are the users' chance to express their creativity, and showcase their ideas for events after SpongeBob, or even before SpongeBob. It doesn't even have to be about SpongeBob itself. It can just be under the sea, or feature a minor SpongeBob character. Everyone is encouraged to join in the fun! (Reviews and News are also founds here.)

The spin-off that I want to talk about is Bikini Top. 70s, I seriously do enjoy your spin-off. I don't love it like most people, but I do like it. I have been trying to figure out for quite some time now that there was something holding me back from loving it and I think I finally realized what was wrong. I just don't think spin-off is the right word for it.

Let's apply the description of the spin-offs towards it. I might be wrong, but I think I have only seen one SpongeBob character major or minor mentioned in any of the episodes that I have read (Sandy Cheeks). The concepts towards most of these episodes are so hard to imagine taking place under the sea. I know that I included werewolves into Bikini Bottom High back in the day and I immediately regretted that decision. You know why? Because having werewolves under the sea was way too out there. I have a feeling including vampires under the sea is just as hard to believe.

70s, you have a great work on your hands, but I feel that this work is much more of a lit than a spin-off. I hope that my review doesn't bother you, but I just wanted to get my opinion out there.

This isn't the end of my review series, I plan on doing more full on reviews on a couple more spin-offs. While I may no longer be a writer, I have been getting back into reading. I don't have negative things to say, but I just want to chime in my two cents. Examples of future installments include Down Under, Patrick's Big Break, Storm Racers, Team SpongeBob, just to name a few.


Then the vampires became teenagers and we still didn't like them because they scared the living shit out of us.



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