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Unpopular opinions you have

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Here we go: the thing that made me chicken out of the discord server. So here are some of mine.

Eminem is without a doubt one of the most overrated rappers of all time. Now, when he has great songs, he has great songs. But when he's made crap, they are BEYOND CRAP (Revival is one of the absolute biggest trainwrecks I've ever heard). Though to me, I feel like his fanbase has kinda killed him for me. Most of them treat him like he's some MC God who's good because "he raps about stuff other than drugs or sex" (and boy do I hate it when people complain about those topics that have been common in music). IMO, I feel like he's hailed as an MC because his competition on the charts was weak. But now, there are so many better rappers out there, and Eminem's still here sounding stale while other still praise him to death. Like to me, I feel like some of his base haven't heard anything outside of the top 100. That, and the fact that he's inspired so many rappers who think they're better than mumble rappers...and a majority of them SUCK (NF, dear god).

Adding to that, mainstream rap isn't as crappy as people think. Like, these "Mumble rappers" (another term I don't like) aren't really that bad. I do prefer lyrical rappers, but some of the modern rappers are pretty easy and simple to follow. Also, most of the complaints about the genre feel kinda hypocritical, since they go and defend the 2000s, which was LITTERED with the crap they usually complain about. Oh yeah, and 69 and Lil Pump aren't the only mumble rappers that exist.


Now for movies:

Joker is overhyped. Surpisingly, I didn't really like it that much. Phoenix's performance was really good, the score is great, the cinematography was great, and the death scenes were usually the best parts...but the story was WEAK.

The entire story just feels artsy and a little pretentious, all while it tries to be this "deep, revolutionary" insight where all the message turns out to be is "Society sucks, society sucks, society sucks".

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I have a slew of other unpopular opinions on how the Pokemon video game franchise is designed, but I think only this needs to be said at the moment: as much as I tend to agree that the Pokemon games have become a little too linear, I do think there is such thing as making the games too open-world as well. In other words, I can understand the linearity in the recent games and I believe giving a region very few travelling limitations can hurt it. So, when I see comments like "For the next Pokemon game, I want to go wherever the eff I want!!!!," I can't help but shake my head for a few reasons.

From my perspective, closing off places until you meet a certain goal is not punishment for the player, it is hard work that a game requires for you to do for the reward of going further ahead - to the next level, in an alternate way of saying it. Yes, roadblocks are annoying and omnipresent in the Pokemon games, but I believe they are there most of the time to keep you wanting to see more. Yes, the main Gen 1 titles had a strong sense of open-world exploration, but even those games had their limits, which is saying a lot for a gen that started off improperly balanced battle mechanics-wise. Want to go to Saffron City? You'll have to give a guard something to drink first. Want to go to Cinnabar Island? Get the fifth badge in Fuchsia City, get the Surf HM in the Safari Zone, and then teach it to a Pokemon to help bring you there. Want to go to Fuchsia City? You'll have to apprehend Team Rocket in their secret hideout, defeat Giovanni, get the Silph Scope from him , go to the Lavender Tower, calm the spirit of Cubone's mother, defeat some Team Rocket grunts, get the Poke Flute as a reward, and then, and only then, you can clear both paths to Fuchsia, unless you don't want to challenge yourself and perform the whole ghost Marowak/Poke Doll oversight.

Also, if the next main game were to put a bigger emphasis on open-world exploration, some things would have to be sacrificed in the process, with the most prominent change being giving much less focus on its story and certain goals. When you're asking for a Pokemon game to give you the utmost freedom in exploring the region, you're inadvertently saying that you prefer you push yourself away from the other aspects of the game to do the job you'd already be done with, and this would not be a good look as it would make some people care even less about the work than the reward if the work is treated so much like an optional thing, and afterwards you would start to care more about the work because of it not being well-balanced.

On top of that, most people who are asking for more free roaming in a main Pokemon title have also been asking for a stronger story. Going on the topic of a more popular opinion, I agree that I want to see story writing improvements for the main games as much as the next guy. I'm the kind of guy who plays Pokemon for a good balance of both gameplay and story, so if I were to think about how the next main Pokemon game would be done justice with a larger focus on open-world exploration, I would want for story and motivation to still be in great balance because those are two key things that keep most players attached and invested in the games. A Pokemon game with not so much of a story to tell while having sheer amount of focus on exploration would be boring. A Pokemon game with fewer goals and motivation to keep you going further would feel pointless.

Just look at the main trilogy of Ape Escape games (btw, still waiting on the fourth game SCE), they are linear, and yet I see a lot of replay value in them, and that has to do with more than being able to backtrack to a certain level and in extension to the optional minigames. Each one in the trilogy requires you to complete a goal in a level before you can move forward. That mechanism is not there to throw you off, it's rather to motivate you. Of course, the Pokemon franchise can do more as it has the option to provide more of a sense of free exploration, but as long as motivation is still a key factor, I don't see linearity being too much of a problem in the main games.

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i prefer the season 10 fop intro over the other fop intro

duelist kingdom may be the worst arc in all of the yugioh franchise because the duels got so boring and hard to watch

the best arc in that yugioh show is actually the virtual world arc with noah because of how entertaining the duels are and the story is amazing (even if its not as good as anything from arc v's first 2 seasons or anything from zexal i say first 2 arc v seasons because i never saw anything from arc v after that 

yugi yami yugi and yusei are boring protaginists 

galaxy eyes photon dragon looks so much cooler than blue eyes white dragon 

channel chasers is only a 7/10

chop kick panda is a better movie than kung fu panda

rainbow dash from fim is one of my least favorite animated character (shes amazing in g3 and g3.5 though)

master roshi is an awful dragonball franchise character 

megaforce is my favorite power rangers season and dino charge is my least favorite

the simpsons is a bad show and always has been

homer simpson is a terrible character

stinkfly was one of my least favorite aliens in the original continuity because of its terrible design and i am glad the reboot improved it


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The Long Ring Long Land Arc of One Piece (aka Davy Back Fight Arc or whatever you want to call it) is one of the most needlessly over-hated shonen arcs of all time. Like, come the fuck on guys. Not every arc has to be Water 7 or even Skypiea involving the Straw Hats taking down a super powerful big bad and otherwise dealing with a lot of deeper subjects (Robin and Franky's past, Usopp's inferiority complex, the corruption of the World Government for Water 7/Enies Lobby). While One Piece uses it's more serious subject matter really well and tells its stories masterfully and what not... this is still the world of One Piece. Despite the harsh realities of the world of One Piece, it's still a world where people who look like this are pretty much among the strongest, most powerful, and tyrannical people in the world. It's a world that ranges from depressing and real to absolutely beyond fantastical and just straight-up fucking bizarre. And few arcs of One Piece capture the show's fun essence as well as the Davy Back Fight Arc. It's literally just a short breather between the panic of Skypiea and the extremely emotionally intense Water 7/Enies Lobby arcs involving the Straw Hats playing rigged games against a hunchbacked Waluigi-look alike with an English voice akin to Doofinshmertz. It's absolutely silly and light hearted and that's what makes it so great. It really takes advantage of the weirder parts of the world, and is just plain fun and is even a great arc to show newcomers, because you really don't need any context and it shows off the traits of the main cast pretty well.

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The video game industry became exciting once the 5th generation of consoles came in. I played some old Nintendo 8-bit/16-bit games and they're personally very boring gameplay wise. It has a cool aesthetic but nothing interesting for someone who's a non-gamer. I feel once the first playstation/64 came in, the graphics and games became much better, with the 6th and 7th generations being the peak of gaming. The current generation and stuff like the Wii U is hitting a boring stage again though. I miss all the cool third party games that you'd expect to have quality and there to be more of since video games are bigger than ever. Sad.

also minigame type games are great where the fuck are those at. At least give me the backwards compatibility option so I can play the gamecube/wii eras.

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