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Here we go: the thing that made me chicken out of the discord server. So here are some of mine.

Eminem is without a doubt one of the most overrated rappers of all time. Now, when he has great songs, he has great songs. But when he's made crap, they are BEYOND CRAP (Revival is one of the absolute biggest trainwrecks I've ever heard). Though to me, I feel like his fanbase has kinda killed him for me. Most of them treat him like he's some MC God who's good because "he raps about stuff other than drugs or sex" (and boy do I hate it when people complain about those topics that have been common in music). IMO, I feel like he's hailed as an MC because his competition on the charts was weak. But now, there are so many better rappers out there, and Eminem's still here sounding stale while other still praise him to death. Like to me, I feel like some of his base haven't heard anything outside of the top 100. That, and the fact that he's inspired so many rappers who think they're better than mumble rappers...and a majority of them SUCK (NF, dear god).

Adding to that, mainstream rap isn't as crappy as people think. Like, these "Mumble rappers" (another term I don't like) aren't really that bad. I do prefer lyrical rappers, but some of the modern rappers are pretty easy and simple to follow. Also, most of the complaints about the genre feel kinda hypocritical, since they go and defend the 2000s, which was LITTERED with the crap they usually complain about. Oh yeah, and 69 and Lil Pump aren't the only mumble rappers that exist.


Now for movies:

Joker is overhyped. Surpisingly, I didn't really like it that much. Phoenix's performance was really good, the score is great, the cinematography was great, and the death scenes were usually the best parts...but the story was WEAK.

The entire story just feels artsy and a little pretentious, all while it tries to be this "deep, revolutionary" insight where all the message turns out to be is "Society sucks, society sucks, society sucks".

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