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Rise of the Planet of the Jellyfish

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Okay, I need to find the time to continue writing this. I have a lot of free-time, and I think I can manage to make this again. I just needed a small break to refresh my mind with new ideas. I'm going to try continuing this as much as I can, but I am making no promises that I will, because if I do, I might just be saying lies.


Maximagination Studios

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New RotPotJ for the first time in ages premieres now! Happy Spin-Off Festival!


(At a secret hideout...)


Jellion Patrick: Welcome, Gary! This is my new secret hideout!


Jellion Gary: Meow?


Jellion Patrick: Of course it's secret!


Patrick's mother: Patrick, when will you clean those dishes?


Jellion Patrick: QUIT IT, MOTHER!


Jellion Gary: (Speaking low and shaking eyes) Meow meow.


Jellion Patrick: So Gary, we have to figure out what to do now.


Jellion Gary: Meow meow. Meow. Meow meow?


Jellion Patrick: Oh, I can't say. That Jellion figure might do something to me.


Jellion Gary: Meow? Meow? Me... ow?


Jellion Patrick: There's a big Jellion leader. I don't know what the heck it is, because it's always too dark when I see it, but it said that I'll get in big trouble if I don't get Spongebob.


Jellion Gary: Meow!


Jellion Patrick: You've tried? Oh.


Jellion Gary: Meow... meow meow meow.


Jellion Patrick: Interesting... His arm? Dang it. I was planning on doing that!


Jellion Gary: Meow?


Jellion Patrick: Nevermind!


Jellion Gary: Meow.


Jellion Patrick: Let's just get to the chase. What can we do to Spongebob?


Jellion Gary: Meow?


Jellion Patrick: No, not like that. In a way where Spongebob will not know.


Jellion Gary: Meow meow?


Jellion Patrick: Of course Spongebob is smart!


Jellion Gary: MEOW.


Jellion Patrick: Okay, maybe not as smart as me...


Jellion Gary: Me-


Jellion Patrick: Now, we could try this way...


Jellion Gary: MEOW.


Jellion Patrick: You're right, too disturbing...


Jellion Gary: Meow.


Jellion Patrick: Nah, that one's too expecting.


(Several foiled plans later...)


Jellion Patrick: TARTAR SAUCE! This makes no sense!


Jellion Gary: Meeee ow.


Jellion Patrick: I didn't want to go that way.


Jellion Gary: Meow?


Jellion Patrick: Yes, there are other Jellions.


Jellion Gary: Oh.


Jellion Patrick: But we can't trust them.


Jellion Gary: Meow?


Jellion Patrick: You know how other Jellions are like! They could go all crazy or something.


Jellion Gary: Meow.


Jellion Patrick: Yes, I know we're Jellions.


Jellion Gary: Meow.


Jellion Patrick: Okay, I'm sorry I made you one, but I had to. Happy?


Jellion Gary: NO.


Jellion Patrick: Good!


Jellion Gary: Meow meow meow?


Jellion Patrick: Even if we got somebody we trust, how would they get Spongebob secretly? There's only two Jellion in Bikini Bottom that can get into his house without him worrying, and that's you and me.


Jellion Gary: Meow?


Jellion Patrick: I know you've tried, but you must try again.


Jellion Gary: Meow.


Jellion Patrick: Oh all, right. I just need a way to get him without him knowing. Let's give it a day. One day to figure out everything.


Jellion Gary: Meow meow?


Jellion Patrick: Don't go back. He'll ground you. You will become useless.


Jellion Gary: Meow?


Jellion Patrick: I'll just tell him that I sent you to... Ukulele Bottom because you wanted... a ukulele. Got it?


Jellion Gary: -_-


Jellion Patrick: Good. I'm going to speak to the Jellion figure tonight. Perhaps she can give advice to this whole dilemma.


Jellion Gary: Meow meow.


Patrick's mother: PATRICK! DINNER TIME!


(Jellion) Patrick: COMING!


(Starts walking up, then stops to say something.)


Jellion Patrick: She may be having me over for dinner, but in reality, I'm having her for dinner.


(Jellion Gary rolls eyes.)


Jellion Patrick: Okay! Bye now!

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Another new RotPotJ! This was written at the same time as the previous episode, but I didn't get around to posting it the next week. Enjoy!




(At Squidward's house...)


Spongebob: Squidward! Squidward!


Squidward: WHAT IS IT?


Spongebob: You got to help me!




Spongebob: Gary's missing again!


Squidward: Oh... that's not bad.


Spongebob: Oh, yes it is!


Squidward: Well, I can't help you.


Spongebob: Come on, sure you can! You love Gary, do you?


Squidward: (sarcastically) Why, of course! Let me get my picture of Gary. I'll just close the door and you just wait.


Spongebob: I have plenty of pictures of Gary! Stop acting like you don't want to help!


Squidward: Acting?


Spongebob: (crying) OH SQUIDWARD! I MISS GARY! HELP ME!


Squilvia: Now, what's going on out here?


Spongebob: Squilvia? How are you here?


Squilvia: That doesn't matter. I'm hearing screaming about some Harry.


Spongebob: It's Gary. He's my pet snail! I've had him since he was a kid, and he's gone missing again! But this time, he never said anything. It's suspicious...


Squidward: But I can't help. Me and Squilvia are going on a picnic.


Squilvia: I never said that...


Spongebob: Oh please help!


Squilvia: Squidward, why don't you help the poor little fellow.


Squidward: Believe me, try living next to him.


Squilvia: He did help us fall in love...


Squidward: Yes, but-


Squilvia: Don't say anything's better than our love!


Squidward: Of course not, my love. (Kisses Squilvia)


Spongebob: Are you guys going to help me or are you going to spread cooties?


Squilvia: Squidward will help you. He will track Gary down until you find him.


Squidward: Fine. For our love.


Spongebob: Okay! Let's go! I only got 6,000 signs to put up! If we work hard, we can get this done in 10 hours!


Squidward: Oh boy. (To Squilvia) You better take me on a date after this.


Squilvia: Oh, of course, Squiddy.


(A few signs later...)


Squidward: 10 hours of my life wasted. All for a bunch of staples in my tentacles. Ouch.


Spongebob: Well, that ought to do the trick. I need to go back to my pineapple and see if I get a call.


Squidward: Well I got a date with Squilvia on Make-Out Reef. Goodbye. Goooodbye.


Spongebob: Umm... what ever you say.


(Back at Spongebob's house...)


TV: I can't believe they are out of Jelly Relish. I loved that! Why must they sell out?


Spongebob: Thank goodness I didn't go to work today. Boy, if only there were more relish. Gah, it was taking out inventory. Mr. Krabs will make some synthetic one.




Spongebob: Hello?


(Jellion) Patrick: Good news! I saw all those signs, and I found Gary!


Spongebob: YAY! Where?


(Jellion) Patrick: He was getting a... bottom of a lei... no... a string... gah, I don't remember. Something about ukuleles.


Spongebob: Did you get him?


(Jellion) Patrick: Why, yes!


Spongebob: Good! Bring him back!


(Jellion) Patrick: I'm afraid I can't do that.


Spongebob: Um... why?


(Jellion) Patrick: He's all tangled up.


Spongebob: Well, I can help.


(Jellion) Patrick: No you can't. This is my job. Stop worrying. I have him. Bye.


(Hangs up)


Spongebob: What's Patrick doing?


(Meanwhile in Patrick's rock...)


Jellion Patrick: Muahahaha! I think I now know what to do now!


Jellion Gary: Meowahahahahah!

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