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You know, I've been wanting to do this for a long time, so why not start it.(And you could consider this my gift to you for me being on SBC for one whole year) So, to start, I will give you a preview episode before the show starts that will explain to you what this is about. Enjoy.

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 0 - A Preview

CNF1: Good evening. Welcome to a special preview episode of The Archives of CNF1.

CNF1: What this show is you might ask? Well, since the fate of Glove World ended up terribly, I will present to the public(SBC) all of my projects that never came to be.

CNF1: I will also showcase other little stories and such so that the show doesn't end for a while.

CNF1: I'm going on a do whenever I feel like it schedule, but I hope to have at least 2 episodes out each month for you guys.

CNF1: Now, how the show is gonna work is, I will first give you background info on the show, it's fate, an episode list(if it was made), episode titles, and as a special treat, I will present the pilot to each show afterwords if an episode was made.

CNF1: Some episodes tend to be short considering the fact that some shows never had episodes written.

CNF1: All episodes(even if they were incomplete before production of this Lit) WILL be complete for your enjoyment.

CNF1: So, enjoy yourselves, and I hope to see you for the premiere very soon. Ta ta!

So, that's it. I hope to have this out sometime this Fall as many of the pilots are ready to be presented here, so, Hope to see you in the Fall for the first episode! :D

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I'm honestally gonna make up these episodes as I go. So, here's the very first episode! :D

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 1 - Pilot Toons

WHAT IS PILOT TOONS: Basically it was supposed to be a show hosted by a cow(:P)showcasing random pilots of possible new spin-offs and lits.

ANY MATERIAL?: An Incomplete Episode List was made. 2 Episodes made it into production, 1 episode wasn't produced, but made it to the stage of writing. The Astro Boy Continuation Series(after it was shelfed)was planned to be part of the show. The Astro Boy episodes, under the original title, may be made in the future.

Now, I present, the only completed episode, what was written of the very first episode, and the Episode List. Enjoy! :D


Pilot Toons

Episode List

1. EGGS-Easter EGGS

2. Angry Birds-Star Birds

3. 5 of The Cutiest Couples Get Together, Finally!: Astro Boy(60’s)-The New Girl

4. 5 of The Cutiest Couples Get Together, Finally!: Sonic The Hedgehog-Amy and Sonic, Is It True?

5. 5 of The Cutiest Couples Get Together, Finally!: Mickey Mouse-Mickey and Minnie-Married?

6. 5 of The Cutiest Couples Get Together, Finally!: Sonic The Hedgehog-Payback Time

7. 5 of The Cutiest Couples Get Together, Finally!: Astro Boy(60’s)-The First Date

8. Astro Boy(60’s)-The Cord Monster

9. Looking For The Top Pilot: Let’s Vote!

10. Looking For New Pilots: SUBMIT NOW!

11. ???

12. ???

13. ???

14. ???

15. ???

16. Star Wars-R2D2 and C3PO’s Ewokie Adventure


Pilot Toons!

Episode 1-EGGS

Mr. Cow: Good evening. Welcome to the premiere of Pilot Toons.

Mr. Cow: Tonight, we have an Easter story for all of you.

Mr. Cow: It is full of action, adventure, comedy, and fun!

Mr. Cow: I would like to present the spin-off of EGGS in their adventure, Easter EGGS.


Episode 1-Easter EGGS

Captain EGG:

Pilot Toons

Episode 2- Angry Birds

Mr. Cow: Hello Again and welcome to Pilot Toons.

Mr. Cow: Today, we have a very special Pilot for you to view.

Mr. Cow: It is Angry Birds. So Yeah. Enjoy.

Angry Birds

Episode 1-Star Birds

(Ah, it’s a beautiful day here in the Medow. The birds are looking at their eggs and they’re humming their favorite tune)

Birds: (Humming the Angry Birds tune)

Red Bird: Ah. Ain’t it a beautiful day everyone?

Bomb Bird: Yeah.

Blue Birds: Yeah!

(But just then, a fly land on one of their eggs!)

Birds: Grrrrrrrrr!

(And the birds just start pecking at it, till it gets hurt severely)

(But wait, where are the birds eggs?)

Birds: Huh?

(Birds look over to nest)

Birds: AHHHHH!!!!!!

Yellow Bird: What The #!@!#$!

(Birds look over to Pigs)

Birds: Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!

(But just as the Pigs and Birds are going to fight, they get zapped to another dimension)

Obi Wan Kanobi: Birds! I need your help!

Birds: Huh?

Obi Wan Kanobi: You must help me defeat Darth Vader!

Obi Wan Kanobi: Here’s you Lightsabers.

(On the side of Darth Vader…)

Darth Vader: Pigs! I need your help!

(Here we go again…)

Darth Vader: Shut up!

Pigs: Huh? Snort.

Darth Vader: Anyways, you must help me defeat Obi Wan Kanobi!

Darth Vader: Here are your lightsabers.

(Then, the 2 get the ultimate surprise)

Bomb Bird: Ah Shut Up!



(And Obi Wan Falls dead to the ground.)

(On the side of Darth Vader)

King Pig: DIE!



(And Darth Vader falls dead to the ground)

(Do I really have to say what happens next…)

Birds: Grrrrr

Pigs: Snort. Snort.

(And the 2 start fighting with lightsabers.)

Bomb Bird: Yah!

King Pig: DIE!

Mustache Pig: He He

(And they continue fighting until the Birds get back their eggs.)

(They then go home.)

(But what happened to the Pigs?)

Pig: Ow.

Mustache Pig: Ow. He He.



Mr. Cow: Well, that was sure weird.

Mr. Cow: Toon in next time for a very Special Event on Pilot Toons!


Mr. Cow: Ow.



CNF1: Hopefully you enjoyed our fun and informative program. Thank you for tooning in. Good night. :D

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You know what, I'm gonna do something out of the oridinary that some of you might find interesting. I'm gonna post the only 6 posts I ever made when SBC was on Forumotion(Note: These were posted my first day and I didn't know much about how to talk on a board. :P)

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 2 - My 6 Forum Posts on Forumotion

CNF1: Good evening ladys and gentlemen, tonight I bring you the only 6 posts I ever made on SBC Forumotion.

CNF1: The posts were never carried over to vBulliten, but I managed to snag them in time.

CNF1: So here they are, in there full frontal glory.

CNF1: Enjoy.

Speaking of...

by Classic NickelodeonFan1 on 7/26/2011, 1:38 pm

Hi, New Here!!!! First Post!!!! I was just wondering if I could have you guyes old site,the one at this adressess:(WELL I COULDN'T FIND THE ADRESSES).!!!! The one that worked so slowy and you had to move back here at this site because of it.!!!!

Re: SBC is Moving to vBulletin!

by Classic NickelodeonFan1 on 7/26/2011, 2:54 pm

No, I mean the other link you moved back here from,not this link.

Re: SBC is Moving to vBulletin!

by Classic NickelodeonFan1 on 7/26/2011, 3:05 pm

Yes, that one

Re: SBC is Moving to vBulletin!

by Classic NickelodeonFan1 on 7/26/2011, 3:10 pm

But I still have the site in my bookmarks and it still works okay.



Re: SBC is Moving to vBulletin!

by Classic NickelodeonFan1 on 7/26/2011, 5:53 pm

I'm not trying to spam here!!!! I'm sorry about this and thank you for answering my question.


<a href="http://sbcommunity.forumotion.com/t3230-sbc-is-moving-to-vbulletin#99884">

Re: SBC is Moving to vBulletin!

by Classic NickelodeonFan1 on 7/26/2011, 6:10 pm

Allright I understand,and thanks for the warm welcome!!!!

CNF1: Now you've seen the posts. Boy have I changed over the span of one year. Back then I seriously didn't know that putting my website in my post was considered spamming. But I have learned from this and I swear I will never do something like this again. :) This was ment to be shown as a little treat to those who weren't on Forumotion back when I started there.

CNF1: Hope you enjoyed and good night.

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Yeah, I was a little...cooky back then, to say. Note these shouldn't be taken seriously, I've really changed as you can see by my posts. I just wanted you guys to see it as a reminder of how long my history has gone with SBC. :)(Seriously, please don't ban me for this. It was hard enough to must up the courage to even show you guys this stuff.)

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New episode time.

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 3 - IRC Posts Part 1

CNF1: Hey folks.

CNF1: Today i'm presenting what I have archived of the IRC chat.

CNF1: I archvied quite a lot, and some other ones are on my Grandma's computer, so you'll see those at a later date.

CNF1: So, without furtherado, the IRC Post Archive, Part 1:

[15:41:46] <@jjsthekid> it seems like you guys only get doubloons for posting

[15:41:50] <@jjsthekid> and what image? :P

[15:42:20] <+Aquatic> I was bored so I'm drawing a Welcome To Orca 8.1 image for teh lulz

[15:42:25] <@jjsthekid> ah

[15:42:27] <@jjsthekid> speaking of SBM

[15:42:33] <@jjsthekid> the lottery winner will be revealed today for you SBMers

[15:42:40] <+Aquatic> Oh yeah

[15:46:01] <@jjsthekid> Also, I don't know if some of yall noticed, but I added a credit card to SBC:

[15:46:01] <@jjsthekid> http://www.sbcforums...invest&area=ccs

[15:46:09] <@jjsthekid> You can use it to buy ibEconomy items in Checkout

[15:46:37] <+Aquatic> lol a credit card :P

[15:47:06] <@jjsthekid> it holds 5,000 doubloons

[15:47:12] <@jjsthekid> so use it for smaller items

[15:47:18] <@jjsthekid> and you know what the best part is?

[15:47:26] <@jjsthekid> your main doubloons won't be taken away

[15:47:30] <@jjsthekid> if you use a CC

[15:48:08] ExKizuna joined the channel.

[15:48:09] ChanServ sets mode +v ExKizuna

[15:48:15] <@jjsthekid> hey ex

[15:48:25] <+ExKizuna> Ugh hate my internet

[15:48:33] <@jjsthekid> ah

[15:48:34] <@jjsthekid> it's ok

[15:48:34] <+Aquatic> Yo Kizuna

[15:49:44] <@tvguy347> back

[15:49:49] <@jjsthekid> wb

[15:50:08] <+ClassicNickelodeon> wb

[15:50:18] <+ExKizuna> WB! :D

[15:50:49] <+Aquatic> wb Teevee Bro

[15:54:07] <+Hayden> let's all go back to the old xat

[15:55:06] <+Aquatic> lol

[16:01:10] <+ClassicNickelodeon> That would be fun. Have one last hurrah before we put it to sleep.

[16:01:46] <+ExKizuna> You act like its something that was monumental to society

[16:02:00] <+ExKizuna> It was a chatroom we used for about 2 months o.o

[16:02:59] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Well, this is our last hurrah on the xat.

[16:03:06] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Unless you play SBJ

[16:04:10] <+ExKizuna> What.

[16:04:16] <+ExKizuna> I just said i objected to it.

[16:04:34] <+ExKizuna> And the SBJ xat is a totally different chat, so your sentence doesnt make sense.

[16:04:48] <+ExKizuna> Unless you mean xats in general, which, just visit a different one

[16:05:00] jjsthekid has quit (Connection closed).

[16:05:13] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Yeah, I ment Xats in genral

[16:05:17] <+ClassicNickelodeon> *general

[16:05:20] teenj12 joined the channel.

[16:05:20] ChanServ sets mode +v teenj12

[16:05:48] jjsthekid joined the channel.

[16:05:48] ChanServ sets mode +v jjsthekid

[16:05:48] ChanServ sets mode +h teenj12

[16:05:54] ChanServ sets mode +o jjsthekid

[16:06:14] <%teenj12> Hey guys

[16:06:26] <@jjsthekid> hey

[16:06:41] Guest joined the channel.

[16:06:41] ChanServ sets mode +v Guest

[16:06:43] <+ClassicNickelodeon> hey

[16:06:44] Guest has quit (Connection closed).

[16:06:54] Guest joined the channel.

[16:06:55] ChanServ sets mode +v Guest

[16:06:58] <+ClassicNickelodeon> hey Sex

[16:07:11] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Welcome to the new chat

[16:07:32] Guest is now known as docta.

[16:07:46] <+docta> i fucking hate this chat

[16:07:52] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Why?

[16:08:01] <+docta> its bland

[16:08:06] <+ClassicNickelodeon> true

[16:08:10] <+docta> no youtube broadcaster

[16:08:23] <+ClassicNickelodeon> true

[16:08:28] <@tvguy347> Yup, because the Xat which was bloating with ads was SO much more appealing...

[16:08:33] <@tvguy347> *bloated

[16:08:33] <+ExKizuna> ^

[16:08:35] <+docta> or any other features

[16:08:39] <+ExKizuna> I dont see how this is bland...

[16:08:59] <+ExKizuna> Docta is just butthurt we moved from somewhere he got used to.

[16:09:06] <+docta> true

[16:09:07] <+ExKizuna> Thats how i thought i would feel, but meh xD

[16:09:33] <+docta> wait tv are you talking about the forum or the chat

[16:09:41] <@tvguy347> The chat

[16:09:44] <@tvguy347> the Xat had a shitload of ads

[16:09:48] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Eh, We'll get used to the chat over time

[16:09:49] <+docta> no it didny

[16:09:52] <+Aquatic> I still find the xat infinitely more appealing, but this is okay

[16:09:56] <+docta> it had like 2

[16:10:01] <+Aquatic> ^

[16:10:02] <+docta> not even

[16:10:04] <+docta> like 1

[16:10:05] <+ClassicNickelodeon> ^

[16:10:18] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Yeah, the xat barly had any ads

[16:11:02] <+Aquatic> It had 2 ads, man. The one at the top and bottom

[16:11:08] <+docta> fooooooooooooooollllllllll

[16:11:12] <+Aquatic> And the xat had games and stuff

[16:11:20] <+docta> which we didnt play

[16:11:26] <+ClassicNickelodeon> I miss the xat :(

[16:11:30] <+docta> but was fun to now we had them

[16:11:32] <+ExKizuna> Yeah, the games and sides. Which we hardly used, and made thigs look ugly @AN

[16:11:57] <+docta> not they way i usem

[16:11:58] <+Aquatic> Yeah. Good times

[16:12:26] docta is now known as Elastic.

[16:12:34] <+Elastic> yeah xat's better.

[16:12:49] <+Elastic> This is alright, but I fail to see the point in moving.

[16:12:58] <+Aquatic> .....Doctor is Elastic? wut?

[16:13:08] <+Elastic> i have mpd

[16:13:48] <+ClassicNickelodeon> wut?

[16:13:56] <+Elastic> Nevermind.

[16:14:00] <+Elastic> i'm at docta's hausu.

[16:14:02] <+ExKizuna> Maybe, oh i dont know

[16:14:04] <+Aquatic> Ah

[16:14:06] <+ExKizuna> Hes at his ho-Yup

[16:14:16] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Ah

[16:15:15] <@tvguy347> Honestly, this happens all the time when something changes.

[16:15:25] <+Aquatic> It does?

[16:15:28] <+Elastic> That's why we shouldn't change all the goddamn time.

[16:15:29] <@tvguy347> We do something in the best interest of the site, and people act like it's the end of the world.

[16:15:40] <+Aquatic> Oh, it's not the end of the world

[16:15:43] <+Elastic> if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

[16:15:46] <+Aquatic> I just prefer the xat

[16:15:48] <+ClassicNickelodeon> ^

[16:16:01] JCM has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 14.0.1/20120713134347]).

[16:16:04] <@tvguy347> It was broken; the system there was incredibly flawed.

[16:16:09] <+Elastic> IT'S FUCKING XAT.

[16:16:15] <+Elastic> It's flaws were part of the appeal.

[16:16:40] <@tvguy347> For you, maybe. You, CNF, and Aquatic are the only three I've seen have a problem with this chat so far.

[16:17:00] <+Elastic> the only "problem" we have is moving here for no reason.

[16:17:05] <+ClassicNickelodeon> I just personally like the xat better. This is okay.

[16:17:08] <+Aquatic> ^

[16:17:29] <@tvguy347> We have reasons. Would you like me to list them?

[16:17:37] <+Elastic> Sure.

[16:17:55] <+Aquatic> Yeah, that'd be cool

[16:18:03] <+ExKizuna> The main reason is that THERES NO FUCKING PIZZA BITES IN MY HOUSE

[16:18:09] <+Elastic> DUDE WALK IT OVER HERE

[16:18:16] <+Elastic> I just got more Anytizers yesterday.

[16:18:19] <+Elastic> <333

[16:18:25] <+ExKizuna> And then im walking home with anything i like.

[16:18:41] <+ExKizuna> Including Vile, food, gundams, and Soul Calibur II

[16:18:44] <+ExKizuna> :3

[16:18:44] <+Elastic> I think we have a half eaten bag of Pizza Bites.

[16:18:58] <+Elastic> Soul Calibur II isn't even mine xD

[16:19:07] <+ExKizuna> I know.

[16:19:11] teenj12 has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).

[16:19:15] <+Elastic> But I don't play it that much, so go ahead.

[16:19:27] <+Aquatic> Bye teenj

[16:19:33] <+ClassicNickelodeon> bye teenj

[16:19:50] <@tvguy347> 1.) Ads. While they may not be abundant, this chat is adless and cleaner aesthetically. 2.) The Xat was a mess; the owner to member ratio was way off, and that's not how it should be. 3.) The Xat was a closed system, with us not being able to do much. Here, we have end-to-end control and can edit anything we'd like. 4.) Nobody can impersonate anybody here because we can lock names. 5.) Nobody can hack this chat, like Whaleblubber

[16:20:21] <+SpongeMaxwell> I love this irc. It's safe.

[16:20:22] <+Elastic> first world problems.

[16:21:09] <@tvguy347> And honestly, you can't use "OH NOEZ, WE DON'T HAZ YOUTUBE GAMES!" as a point, because it's not like the video opening in another tab is going to make you die. As for Games... Dr. Sex really proved this all about you guys disliking change rather than thinking about the issues the Xat had. "I would've enjoyed playing games now"

[16:21:26] <+Elastic> meh, xat's still better.

[16:21:38] <@tvguy347> Games were NEVER played on the Xat, and on the rare occurrence that we did, they lasted a few minutes at best.

[16:21:40] <@tvguy347> WHY?!

[16:21:44] <+ClassicNickelodeon> That's what I liked about the xat. It was like an adventure. Something fun always happened at the xat

[16:21:44] <+SpongeMaxwell> Noone ever played the games on xat

[16:21:46] <@tvguy347> Can you please SUPPORT your opinion?!

[16:21:52] <+Elastic> and without the Youtube broadcaster, we can't chat while we watch videos.

[16:22:01] <@tvguy347> Synchtube.

[16:22:10] <+Aquatic> What's that?

[16:22:11] <+SpongeMaxwell> CN, this is a new adventure.

[16:22:12] <+Elastic> That requires work and effort, so no.

[16:22:16] <@tvguy347> We already have one and it's been used numerous times already.

[16:22:20] <+ExKizuna> Wait a minute, what @ Elastic? xD

[16:22:26] <+ExKizuna> We cant chat while we watch videos?

[16:22:27] <@tvguy347> So what work and effort what would it require?

[16:22:29] <+ExKizuna> That doesnt even what.

[16:22:33] <+Elastic> on here at least.

[16:22:35] <+ExKizuna> You can...SWITCH TABS.

[16:22:47] <+Elastic> But you can't watch it AND talk simultaneously

[16:22:48] <@tvguy347> OR.... download an IRC app that allows you to put the two side by side.

[16:22:49] teenj12 joined the channel.

[16:22:50] ChanServ sets mode +v teenj12

[16:23:04] ChanServ sets mode +h teenj12

[16:23:20] <+Aquatic> Yo teenj

[16:23:25] Guest joined the channel.

[16:23:26] ChanServ sets mode +v Guest

[16:24:00] <+SpongeMaxwell> There's an Irc app for the side by side thing?

[16:24:07] <+Guest> hey guys

[16:24:11] <+Aquatic> TBH, it's just a personal preference. I just prefer the xat a little more

[16:24:16] <+Aquatic> And yo, Guest

[16:24:17] <@tvguy347> If it makes you guys feel better, we can make an Old-Xat skin to suit your nostalgia. I think that's what this is really about; not the actual features the Xat offerred.

[16:24:21] <+Guest> I'm CDCB

[16:24:24] <+Elastic> Yeah, xat's nicer and les claustrophobic.

[16:24:30] <+ClassicNickelodeon> CD:D

[16:24:30] <+Aquatic> Oh, hi CD

[16:24:31] <+Elastic> *less

[16:24:37] <@tvguy347> HOW...

[16:24:38] <+Elastic> Compact Disc man 8-)

[16:24:42] <+Guest> gonna brb now though

[16:24:44] <+SpongeMaxwell> Cd, can't you log into sbc?

[16:24:48] <@tvguy347> HOW is the Xat LESS claustrophobic?!

[16:24:55] <@tvguy347> You're just pulling this shit out of your ass!

[16:24:58] <+ClassicNickelodeon> ok CD

[16:25:06] <+SpongeMaxwell> The claustrophobic thing makes no sense.

[16:25:10] <+Elastic> No, I shove it up my ass and it comes out my mouth.

[16:25:20] <+Aquatic> :P

[16:25:20] <+ExKizuna> Tbh my only problem is that id like avatars next to/by our names in the actual chat.

[16:25:28] <+Aquatic> That would be nice

[16:25:29] <+ExKizuna> not just on the list

[16:25:31] <@tvguy347> ^hilaryfan80's working on that

[16:25:38] <+Aquatic> Oh, cool

[16:25:46] <+ExKizuna> OH, there was something else i wanted to ask in terms of like features

[16:25:48] <+SpongeMaxwell> That exists. Just look to the right.

[16:25:53] <+Aquatic> No

[16:25:59] <+Aquatic> That's not what we mean

[16:26:09] <+ExKizuna> Tvguy, is there any way to have IRC make a sound when talk goes on in the main chat?

[16:26:18] <+Elastic> THERE IS NO EASTER BUNNY

[16:26:23] <+Aquatic> lolwut

[16:26:31] <@tvguy347> It doesn't already do that for you?

[16:26:35] <+Aquatic> No

[16:26:39] <+ExKizuna> Nah

[16:26:40] <+SpongeMaxwell> No.

[16:26:41] <@tvguy347> OHH


[16:26:45] <+ExKizuna> Only for PC, when im in a different window

[16:26:46] <+SpongeMaxwell> ?

[16:26:52] <+Aquatic> ^ @Ex

[16:27:04] <+Elastic> Loooooooooooooooooooooosssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr]

[16:27:18] <+Elastic> Goddammit docta.

[16:27:23] <@tvguy347> I'll have hilaryfan80 add support for that, too, Ex.

[16:27:24] <+ClassicNickelodeon> ^@Ex

[16:27:35] <+ExKizuna> Yesssssssss

[16:27:40] <+ExKizuna> That was bothering me so much xD

[16:27:51] <@tvguy347> Although, if you want, you can always switch to PC, so that you'll get a bing.

[16:27:55] <@tvguy347> Until he adds the feature, at least

[16:28:09] <+ExKizuna> Meh.

[16:28:17] <+ExKizuna> i can be PATIENTKIZUNA_128

[16:28:32] <+SpongeMaxwell> Patie- What?

[16:29:09] <+ExKizuna> O_O

[16:29:28] <+ClassicNickelodeon> My exact feeling

[16:29:40] <+Aquatic> Maxwell, there are times I don't understand you at all

[16:29:44] <+ExKizuna> ^

[16:30:21] <+SpongeMaxwell> I don't understand what the patientkizuna128 thing was about.

[16:30:37] <+Elastic> I don't understand what YOU'RE ABOUT

[16:30:40] <+SpongeMaxwell> Is that for docta?

[16:30:42] <+Aquatic> Ex Kizuna's name is EXKIzuna

[16:30:51] <+Elastic> Nah mang.

[16:31:00] <+Aquatic> He said he would be patient til hilaryfan80 updated something

[16:31:02] <+Elastic> eh well sex wants the comp back

[16:31:06] <+Elastic> see yallz lateh

[16:31:12] <+Aquatic> Hence, Patient Kizuna. Very simple

[16:31:13] <+SpongeMaxwell> oh... :$

[16:31:14] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Bye Elastic

[16:31:18] <+Aquatic> And bye Elastic

[16:31:21] Elastic is now known as docta.

[16:31:22] <+SpongeMaxwell> bye

[16:31:33] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Yo Docta

[16:31:42] <+docta> CNFI BITCH

[16:32:07] <+ClassicNickelodeon> CNFI:P

[16:32:14] <+ClassicNickelodeon> It's CNF1:P

[16:32:33] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Ooh Thundering outside my house

[16:32:36] <+docta> tvguy why are you telling us what to do

[16:32:52] <+SpongeMaxwell> Thunder outside your house? It's flaming here.

[16:33:04] <+docta> not at all

[16:33:07] <+Aquatic> I love how you take no objection to Sex calling you a bitch and instead focus on him misspelling your name, CNF1 :P

[16:33:19] <+ExKizuna> ^^^

[16:33:35] <+ExKizuna> lol'd pretty hard

[16:34:01] <+docta> tvguy why are you so fat

[16:34:03] <+SpongeMaxwell> He's intentionally doing that.

[16:34:05] <+docta> and not

[16:34:07] <+docta> with

[16:34:08] <+docta> the

[16:34:10] <+docta> ph

[16:34:16] <+SpongeMaxwell> ph?

[16:34:24] <+Guest> back

[16:34:31] <+Guest> how do I change my name?

[16:34:41] <@tvguy347> lol. me? fat? lulz.

[16:34:51] <+Aquatic> tvguy isn't fat

[16:34:57] <+SpongeMaxwell> Click ur name on the right.

[16:34:57] <+Aquatic> He's a skinny Justin Beiber

[16:34:58] <+docta> yes he is

[16:35:03] <+ExKizuna> hes big boned

[16:35:05] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Menu ---> Nickname @CD


[16:35:56] <+SpongeMaxwell> I wish it was raining here.

[16:36:05] <+ExKizuna> goddammit CNF

[16:36:13] <+ExKizuna> That made me choke on my poptart

[16:36:14] <+ExKizuna> xD

[16:36:18] <+docta> so why do you tell us how to lose wait

[16:36:20] <+SpongeMaxwell> On thursday it rained cuz it was so humid outside.

[16:36:22] <+docta> @tvguy

[16:36:23] Guest is now known as CDCB.

[16:36:28] <+CDCB> thanks

[16:36:32] <+ClassicNickelodeon> np

[16:36:39] <+Aquatic>

[16:36:41] <+Aquatic>

[16:36:50] <+CDCB> yay my SBC avatar shows up

[16:36:58] <+SpongeMaxwell> Wow. I said the wrong instructions for name changing. I feel stupid.

[16:37:07] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Eh, it's fine

[16:37:10] SpongeMaxwell is now known as Maximagination.

[16:37:12] <+ClassicNickelodeon> We all make mistakes

[16:37:13] <+Aquatic> Is it possible that we could get a new background up in this joint?

[16:37:25] Maximagination is now known as SpongeMaxwell.

[16:37:35] <+Aquatic> That poorly drawn SB creeps me out

[16:37:45] <+SpongeMaxwell> How is that poorly drawn?

[16:38:10] <+Aquatic> It looks like a 3 year old traced an official drawing

[16:38:12] <+ExKizuna> Well AN, can you draw better?

[16:38:18] <+ExKizuna> Oh wait, i wouldnt know


[16:38:36] <+Aquatic> ......I don't want to sound cocky, so I won't answer that

[16:38:43] <+Aquatic> lol

[16:38:47] <+docta> tvguy is fat

[16:38:58] <+CDCB> Impossible

[16:39:09] <+docta> no one beats how fat hayden is

[16:39:20] <+CDCB> Obviously you people are wrong

[16:39:30] <+docta> oh we got a challenger

[16:39:31] <+Aquatic> :P I think my request thread has no replies because I said I won't draw porn :P

[16:39:32] <+CDCB> For it is I who you shall cristen the king of obecity

[16:39:34] <+SpongeMaxwell> why r u calling people fat?

[16:39:42] <+docta> shut up tubby

[16:39:43] <+CDCB> because it is fun


[16:39:55] <+SpongeMaxwell> I know you are, docta.

[16:39:56] <+CDCB> *gives docta black eye*

[16:40:08] <+ExKizuna> nice 3rd grade comeback max

[16:40:15] <+SpongeMaxwell> Thank You!

[16:40:18] <+SpongeMaxwell> :P

[16:40:26] <+docta> shut up lardbucke

[16:40:35] <+docta> *lardbucket

[16:42:30] <+CDCB> brb again, my fat friends

[16:42:51] <+Aquatic> okay

[16:43:00] <+Aquatic> Hve fun, tubby

[16:43:14] <+CDCB> you're wrong

[16:43:17] <+CDCB> I'm a TELEtubby

[16:43:17] <+ClassicNickelodeon> ok

[16:43:21] <+CDCB> anyway, brb

[16:43:24] <+Aquatic> lol

[16:43:32] <+ClassicNickelodeon> YEAH TELETUBBIES!

[16:43:32] <+docta> max if your so skinny then post a pick of yourself

[16:43:42] <+Aquatic> DO EET

[16:43:52] <+SpongeMaxwell> No thanks.

[16:44:07] <+ExKizuna> I think he thinks we'll all fap to it

[16:44:09] <+docta> then i guess your to fat to fit in the picture

[16:44:33] <+SpongeMaxwell> I'm not fat. You guys are just trying to aggravate me :P.

[16:44:37] <+Aquatic> No

[16:44:49] <+Aquatic> We trying to tell you that you're fat

[16:44:55] <+SpongeMaxwell> Well, I'm not.

[16:44:55] <+docta> when you get aggravated you get hungry

[16:45:08] <+docta> which is why your fat

[16:45:14] <+Aquatic> Oh crap gaiz, we're aggravating Max

[16:45:23] <+Aquatic> We're making him FATTER

[16:45:23] <+SpongeMaxwell> :P I'm laughing like crazy right now.

[16:45:39] <+docta> laughing those pounds off

[16:46:07] <+ExKizuna> Guys, stop. He orders a salad with all of his 3 double big macs at McDonalds.

[16:46:10] <+ExKizuna> Hes watching his weight

[16:46:20] <+docta> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ llllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooolllllllllllllllllllllllll

[16:46:26] <+SpongeMaxwell> I don't eat big macs.

[16:46:27] irc.donville.nl sets mode +nt

[16:46:29] <+Aquatic> No he's not, Sex, cuz he's shoving food into his laughing mouth

[16:46:32] <+ClassicNickelodeon> lol:P

[16:46:33] <+SpongeMaxwell> I eat Filet O' Fishes.

[16:46:46] <+ClassicNickelodeon> BIG MACS ROCK

[16:46:46] <+ExKizuna> Dude you ate so many

[16:46:48] <+SpongeMaxwell> And I rarely go to Mc's.

[16:46:49] <+docta> and you eat to many

[16:46:55] <+ExKizuna> you made every ocean animal extinct

[16:47:00] <+Aquatic> Cuz you go to the grease factory?

[16:47:04] <+docta> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

[16:47:38] <+Aquatic> Greaseburgers, grease tenders

[16:47:49] <+Aquatic> All delicious to Max

[16:47:51] <+SpongeMaxwell> Filet O' Fishes are really common fishes.

[16:47:59] <+Aquatic> Common?

[16:48:03] <+docta> not anymore.

[16:48:23] <+ExKizuna> ^^^

[16:48:32] <+Aquatic> Yeah Max, you made filet fishes extinct, bro

[16:48:36] <+SpongeMaxwell> If they run out of fish, they'll use other fishes.

[16:48:53] <+Aquatic> YOU ALREADY ATE THEM

[16:49:05] <+docta> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

[16:49:30] <+SpongeMaxwell> docta probably made them extinct.

[16:49:31] <+docta> fine should i post a pic of myself to prove im not fat

[16:49:49] <+docta> anyone

[16:49:49] <+ExKizuna> Docta ive seen you on tinychat before you aint fat xD

[16:49:58] <+Aquatic> ^^^^

[16:50:04] <+docta> yeah i play sportz

[16:50:07] <+docta> lols

[16:50:07] <+Aquatic> I weigh 155 pounds

[16:50:15] <+docta> lol

[16:50:18] <+docta> jk

[16:50:49] <+Aquatic> I dunno what that means

[16:50:49] <+docta> no ones sure what max weighs cuz he alwayz breakz the scale

[16:50:55] <+Aquatic> No

[16:51:08] <+Aquatic> They can't even get him in the room where the scale is

[16:51:18] <+docta> true day

[16:51:26] <+docta> *dat

[16:51:48] <+Aquatic> Max is what's wrong with America today

[16:51:58] <+Aquatic> He's almost the same size as our country

[16:52:15] <+docta> max have you even seen what i look like

[16:52:41] <+SpongeMaxwell> No. You haven't seen me either.

[16:52:49] <+docta> so post yourself

[16:52:55] <+docta> i will myself

[16:53:02] <+Aquatic> I've posted myself on SBM

[16:53:17] <+docta> fine

[16:53:20] <+docta> ill do it

[16:53:25] <+ClassicNickelodeon> I've posted myself only once at the Xat.

[16:55:56] <+docta> http://s1258.photobu...nt=923c90cd.jpg

[16:56:00] <+docta> here i am

[16:56:19] <+docta> @fucking maz

[16:56:24] <+docta> *max

[16:56:34] <+Aquatic> Yeah


[16:56:37] <+Aquatic> Yeah

[16:56:39] <+ExKizuna> U SO FATTTT

[16:56:43] <+ExKizuna> j/k j/k

[16:56:49] <+docta> i know

[16:56:49] <+Aquatic> Sex is pretty skinny

[16:56:59] <+docta> i coming along with a pack

[16:57:13] <+docta> at least trying

[16:57:33] <+docta> max

[16:57:35] <+docta> you there

[16:57:56] <+docta> he probably ate his computer before he could see

[16:58:52] teenj12 has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).

[16:59:01] Aquatic has quit (Connection closed).

[16:59:11] Aquatic joined the channel.

[16:59:11] ChanServ sets mode +v Aquatic

[16:59:16] teenj12 joined the channel.

[16:59:17] ChanServ sets mode +v teenj12

[16:59:17] ChanServ sets mode +h teenj12

[17:00:40] <+docta> uh now what

[17:01:23] <+Aquatic> We roll Max down the hill

[17:01:41] <+docta> and kill all the innocent villagers

[17:02:38] <+docta> aight baii now

[17:02:42] <+docta> me and elastic fuck

[17:02:56] docta has quit (Connection closed).

[17:02:56] <+ClassicNickelodeon> good day docta

[17:03:20] <+SpongeMaxwell> I'm watching SB right now.

[17:03:55] <+Aquatic> Gooodbye Doctor

[17:03:57] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Watching the Tom and Jerry Marathon on CN right now

[17:05:15] <+SpongeMaxwell> Face Freeze is on Nick West.

[17:06:34] <+Aquatic> lol

[17:06:51] <+Aquatic> Everyone hates that episode

[17:07:41] <+SpongeMaxwell> The faces are funny though.

[17:10:19] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Nah, they were creepy

[17:10:25] <+ClassicNickelodeon> JUST PLAIN CREEPY

[17:11:10] <+SpongeMaxwell> Some were creepy, some were wierd.

[17:11:48] <+Aquatic> They were all pretty well drawn

[17:11:48] <+SpongeMaxwell> Ex. Squidward's face at the end.

[17:11:53] <+Aquatic> Loved that

[17:12:03] <+ExKizuna> Pats is the best

[17:13:22] <+SpongeMaxwell> My favorite face was in that sequence and Patrick was all abstract.

[17:16:16] <+SpongeMaxwell> Face Freeze is paired with Glove World RIP.

[17:19:09] <+ClassicNickelodeon> kaboom

[17:21:19] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Is Seb even there anymore?

[17:21:37] <+ClassicNickelodeon> He must have forgot to log out

[17:25:51] tvguy347 has quit (Connection closed).

[17:26:53] tvguy347 joined the channel.

[17:26:53] ChanServ sets mode +v tvguy347

[17:26:56] ChanServ sets mode +o tvguy347

[17:28:59] <+SpongeMaxwell> Anyone still here?

[17:29:07] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Nah. I died

[17:30:09] <+SpongeMaxwell> Aw! My condolenses too you.

[17:30:18] <+SpongeMaxwell> I spelt that wrong.

[17:30:26] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Dun Dun Dun

[17:33:23] SpongeMaxwell has quit (Connection closed).

[17:34:28] <+ClassicNickelodeon> goodbye Max

[17:40:55] ExKizuna has quit (Connection closed).

[17:43:05] tvguy347 has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).

[17:44:36] <+ClassicNickelodeon> goodbye tv and Ex

[17:48:09] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Anyone else there?

[17:49:19] Aquatic has quit (Connection closed).

[17:49:28] Guest joined the channel.

[17:49:30] ChanServ sets mode +v Guest

[17:49:46] dragiiin123 joined the channel.

[17:49:46] ChanServ sets mode +v dragiiin123

[17:49:51] Guest is now known as spandyfan.

[17:50:08] <@jjsthekid> hi spandy and drag

[17:50:16] <+spandyfan> hey jjs

[17:50:31] <+spandyfan> yellowmguys

[17:50:42] <+spandyfan> *yellow guys*

[17:51:10] <+spandyfan> i was just popping in for a quick secong i gtg bye

[17:51:20] <+spandyfan> *second*

[17:51:40] <@jjsthekid> uh...bye

[17:51:47] spandyfan has quit (Connection closed).

[17:51:50] Hayden was kicked by jjsthekid (dead).

[17:51:55] Hayden joined the channel.

[17:51:57] ChanServ sets mode +v Hayden

[17:51:58] SpongeSebastianMobile was kicked by jjsthekid (dead).

[17:52:01] <@jjsthekid> oh sorry hay

[17:52:04] <@jjsthekid> thought you were dead

[17:52:07] <+Hayden> YOU KICKIN SOMEONE ALIVE

[17:52:20] CDCB was kicked by jjsthekid (definitely dead).

[17:52:41] AndroUser2 joined the channel.

[17:52:42] ChanServ sets mode +v AndroUser2

[17:52:46] <@jjsthekid> hey seb

[17:54:10] <+ClassicNickelodeon> CD is on a very long brb

[17:54:34] <@jjsthekid> that's still dead to me

[17:55:31] <+ClassicNickelodeon> true

[17:56:09] tvguy347 joined the channel.

[17:56:10] ChanServ sets mode +v tvguy347

[17:56:18] ChanServ sets mode +o tvguy347

[17:56:28] <@jjsthekid> hey tv

[17:56:33] <@tvguy347> hai

[17:56:35] <+ClassicNickelodeon> hey tv

[17:57:28] Shinya joined the channel.

[17:57:28] ChanServ sets mode +v Shinya

[17:57:38] <@jjsthekid> Shin!

[17:57:39] <+ClassicNickelodeon> hey Shin

[17:57:51] <+Shinya> lol, IRC

[17:57:55] <+Shinya> sup

[17:58:13] Shinya is now known as Shin.

[17:58:53] <+dragiiin123> shinawa

[17:59:14] <+Shin> based drag, what it do

[18:01:49] <+dragiiin123> IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES IT GOES

[18:01:55] dragiiin123 has quit (Connection closed).

[18:02:59] <+ClassicNickelodeon> goodbye drag

[18:04:52] teenj12 has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).

[18:05:50] teenj12 joined the channel.

[18:05:50] ChanServ sets mode +v teenj12

[18:05:50] ChanServ sets mode +h teenj12

And as a bonus, the old IRC link: http://www.sbcforums.com/irc/

CNF1: Enjoy and there's more where that came from. Good night. :D

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Well, thanks to JCM, you're getting even more IRC stuff than planned. :D

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 4 - IRC Posts Part 2

CNF1: Hello and welcome folks.

CNF1: Thanks to JCM donating his IRC posts to the show, we have even more IRC posts to show you than planned! :D

CNF1: Thanks JCM and Enjoy folks!

(Note: JCM believes theses logs azre from the first 3 days of the IRC.)

[23:56:21] ChanServ sets mode +v JCM

[23:56:21] <+Unlimitedcha> I like it! It's bright and colorful! :3

[23:56:21] irc.donville.nl sets mode +nt

[23:56:21] Channel was created at Sat Aug 11 2012 01:11:29 AM

[23:56:22] You are now talking in #sbcforums. Have fun!

[23:56:51] <@tvguy347> Not to mention sexeh. 8D

[23:56:59] <+Unlimitedcha> It's actually quite ghetto now xat feels even more awesome.

[23:57:11] <@tvguy347> D:

[23:57:18] <+JCM> lolno

[23:57:43] <+JCM> Now I can chat with folks on any IRC client I want

[23:57:57] <+JCM> Xat uses up too much memory for my liking

[23:58:15] <+JCM> This is on freenode, right, tvguy347?

[23:58:31] <@tvguy347> I honestly prefer this over the Xat. Here, there's no limit to the length of the messages you send, it's cleaner, it's WAY more stable than the Xat, and there's no way someone can hijack the chat.

[23:58:41] <@tvguy347> I actually don't know. hilaryfan80 set it up.

[23:58:46] <+JCM> Wait

[23:58:47] <+Unlimitedcha> ghetto as in good

[23:58:51] <+JCM> It uses LightIRC

[23:59:04] <+JCM> UC, if you use Firefox, you can get on through the ChatZilla app

[23:59:10] <+Unlimitedcha> ah cool

[00:00:02] Guest joined the channel.

[00:00:02] ChanServ sets mode +v Guest

[00:00:19] Guest has quit (Connection closed).

[00:00:23] <+JCM> Elastic's apparently not logged in

[00:00:24] Elastic joined the channel.

[00:00:25] ChanServ sets mode +v Elastic

[00:00:39] Elastic has quit (Connection closed).

[00:01:58] Unlimitedcha has quit (Connection closed).

[00:02:08] Unlimitedcha joined the channel.

[00:02:08] ChanServ sets mode +v Unlimitedcha

[2012-08-18 00:15:50] |<-- SpongeMaxwell has left irc.donville.nl (Connection closed)

[2012-08-18 00:16:06] |<-- UC has left irc.donville.nl (Connection closed)

[2012-08-18 00:16:20] <tvguy347> lolhai

[2012-08-18 00:16:37] -->| Guest (nlklpuswfdxkl@dd8cb6.44095a.ba08b6.b0e98d) has joined #sbcforums

[2012-08-18 00:16:38] =-= Mode #sbcforums +v Guest by ChanServ

[2012-08-18 00:17:11] -->| Elastic (usqabtyfihgkf@2d9871.dd16fc.f1a0d9.e78ccf) has joined #sbcforums

[2012-08-18 00:17:12] =-= Mode #sbcforums +v Elastic by ChanServ

[2012-08-18 00:17:27] <Guest> yeah this sucks

[2012-08-18 00:17:52] <Elastic> Not really doing anything for me, either.

[2012-08-18 00:18:17] <tvguy347> It's so much cleaner than the Xat.

[2012-08-18 00:18:49] <Guest> what the hell my name didnt change to dr.sex

[2012-08-18 00:18:53] <Elastic> the cluttered xat is like a home now.

[2012-08-18 00:19:11] <tvguy347> That's what everybody said about Forumotion.

[2012-08-18 00:19:39] <Guest> the hell is erroneous nickname

[2012-08-18 00:19:54] <Elastic> I still do prefer Forummotion if you must know. xP

[2012-08-18 00:20:03] <tvguy347> dafuq

[2012-08-18 00:20:03] <tvguy347> How?

[2012-08-18 00:20:05] <Elastic> mostly for sentimental value, ut still.

[2012-08-18 00:20:14] <Elastic> It was simple and cute.

[2012-08-18 00:20:27] <tvguy347> Use the "Splash" skin if you want simple and cute.

[2012-08-18 00:20:29] <Elastic> Everything's too complicated nowadays.

[2012-08-18 00:20:52] <tvguy347> But... weren't you just saying you LIKED complicated on the Xat? o.o

[2012-08-18 00:20:57] <Guest> yeah why wont my name friggin change

[2012-08-18 00:21:06] <tvguy347> Menu>Change Nickname

[2012-08-18 00:21:31] <Elastic> uh no I wasn't.

[2012-08-18 00:21:52] <Guest> yeah its not working

[2012-08-18 00:22:29] <tvguy347> Click on "Menu." Under that, there should be a "Change Nickname." Click that, type in what you want, and push "Submit"

[2012-08-18 00:22:59] <Guest> see that keeps happening

[2012-08-18 00:23:45] <tvguy347> http://www.youtube.c...h?v=Q0mlIYM_A_E

[2012-08-18 00:24:40] |<-- Guest has left irc.donville.nl (Connection closed)

[2012-08-18 00:25:20] <tvguy347> Thank the Lord.

[2012-08-18 00:25:22] <tvguy347> He left.

[2012-08-18 00:27:24] <Elastic> Can't argue.

[2012-08-18 00:31:16] |<-- Elastic has left irc.donville.nl (Connection closed)

[2012-08-18 00:32:35] |<-- tvguy347 has left irc.donville.nl

[21:52:23] ChanServ sets mode +v JCM

[21:52:23] irc.donville.nl sets mode +nt

[21:52:23] Channel was created at Sat Aug 11 2012 01:11:29 AM

[21:52:23] Unlimitedcha joined the channel.

[21:52:23] ChanServ sets mode +v Unlimitedcha

[21:52:25] You are now talking in #sbcforums. Have fun!

[21:52:54] <+Unlimitedcha> Hello guys

[21:53:24] <@jjsthekid> hi

[21:53:34] <+Shin> what it do

[21:53:41] <%teenj12> hey UC

[21:53:56] tvguy347 joined the channel.

[21:53:56] ChanServ sets mode +v tvguy347

[21:54:02] ChanServ sets mode +o tvguy347

[21:56:19] <%teenj12> Hey tvguy

[21:56:45] <+Unlimitedcha> hi tvguy

[21:56:53] <+SpongeMaxwell> hey

[21:57:27] <+ClassicNickelodeon> hey UC

[21:57:34] <+ClassicNickelodeon> and tvguy

[21:58:17] <+Shin> so tempted to donate $45 after i get my check

[21:58:27] <@jjsthekid> ah

[21:58:29] <+Shin> alfkjaklfjafljalksf it'll have to be $20 this time doe

[22:01:15] <+ClassicNickelodeon> ah

[22:02:27] <+Shin> what's the deadline on that donation goal, jjs?

[22:02:27] jjsthekid has quit (Connection closed).

[22:02:31] <+Shin> ...

[22:02:32] <+Shin> -___-

[22:02:43] <+Shin> Aish.

[22:03:14] jjsthekid joined the channel.

[22:03:15] ChanServ sets mode +v jjsthekid

[22:03:18] ChanServ sets mode +o jjsthekid

[22:05:03] <+SpongeMaxwell> Can't wait for more on 8.1

[22:05:20] <+Shin> JJS oppa!

[22:05:33] <@jjsthekid> yo

[22:05:56] <+Shin> What's the deadline on that donation goal, if there is any?

[22:06:36] <@jjsthekid> August 31st, 2012

[22:06:56] <@jjsthekid> at 2:02 PM

[22:07:09] <+Shin> fasjflkasjflkasjf alright

[22:07:11] <@jjsthekid> we got $5 so far

[22:07:12] <@jjsthekid> from teenj

[22:07:48] <+Shin> I'll make good on $20-- I just wish it could be extended for a week so I could donate the remaining $45

[22:08:02] <@jjsthekid> ah oh well

[22:08:04] <@jjsthekid> every bit counts

[22:11:08] tvguy347 has quit (Connection closed).

[22:11:12] <+SpongeMaxwell> The donation should be on until the quota is complete.

[22:11:25] <@jjsthekid> it ends August 31st

[22:11:27] <@jjsthekid> that is how long it lasts

[22:12:01] <@jjsthekid> brb

[22:12:04] jjsthekid has quit (Connection closed).

[22:13:15] <+Unlimitedcha> k

[22:13:16] jjsthekid joined the channel.

[22:13:16] ChanServ sets mode +v jjsthekid

[22:13:21] ChanServ sets mode +o jjsthekid

[22:13:24] <@jjsthekid> back

[22:13:25] <+Unlimitedcha> wb

[22:13:41] tvguy347 joined the channel.

[22:13:41] ChanServ sets mode +v tvguy347

[22:13:44] <+CDCB> wb

[22:13:47] ChanServ sets mode +o tvguy347

[22:13:49] <@tvguy347> back

[22:13:52] <@jjsthekid> wb

[22:14:04] <+Unlimitedcha> wb

[22:14:11] <+SpongeOddFan> wb

[22:14:44] <+ClassicNickelodeon> wb

[22:14:57] <+ClassicNickelodeon> So bored

[22:21:35] <+SpongeMaxwell> bored here.

[22:21:50] <+SpongeMaxwell> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...

[22:22:21] <+ClassicNickelodeon> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[22:22:33] <+SpongeMaxwell> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[22:22:46] <+ClassicNickelodeon> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[22:22:54] <+SpongeMaxwell> zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

[22:23:08] <+ClassicNickelodeon> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhchoooooooooooooooooooooo

[22:23:32] <+SpongeMaxwell> bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!111

[22:23:40] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Man, there's never been this many users on this late at night

[22:23:48] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Even if they aren't talking

[22:23:51] <+SpongeMaxwell> It's only 7:23 here.

[22:23:59] <+ClassicNickelodeon> 9:23 over here

[22:24:11] <+ClassicNickelodeon> 10:23 for a lot here at the chat

[22:24:35] <+ClassicNickelodeon> You live in Pacific Time Max?

[22:24:42] <+SpongeMaxwell> I'm probably gonna leave in a few minutes for work. and yes.

[22:24:55] <+ClassicNickelodeon> ah. and ok.

[22:25:04] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Wait, how old are you?

[22:25:13] <+SpongeMaxwell> I think the same age as you.

[22:25:19] <+ClassicNickelodeon> I'm 13

[22:25:23] <+SpongeMaxwell> Yup.

[22:25:34] <+SpongeMaxwell> And why do people always respond with "ah"?

[22:25:51] <+Unlimitedcha> Just how us SBCers do. :P

[22:25:55] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Eh, just what we've always done to respond to people

[22:26:01] <+SpongeMaxwell> ah

[22:26:08] <+Shin> Would you rather "WEH"?

[22:26:17] <+ClassicNickelodeon> And how does a 13 year old have a job?O_O

[22:26:17] <+SpongeMaxwell> Weht?

[22:26:25] <+SpongeMaxwell> work as in homework.

[22:26:31] <+ClassicNickelodeon> oh



[22:26:46] JCM_ joined the channel.

[22:26:48] ChanServ sets mode +v JCM_

[22:26:53] JCM_ has quit (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 14.0.1/20120713134347]).

[22:26:53] <+SpongeMaxwell> Weht's up?

[22:26:58] <+ClassicNickelodeon> yo J+C+M

[22:26:59] CDCB has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).

[22:27:01] <+SpongeMaxwell> Wow. he's gone.

[22:27:07] <+Shin> JCM tyte

[22:27:08] <+ClassicNickelodeon> or not


[22:27:24] <+Shin> ^spoken like a true korean

[22:27:27] <+ClassicNickelodeon> wierd, I still have JCM on my chat thing

[22:27:32] <+SpongeMaxwell> touche.

[22:27:36] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Stupid Glitchs

[22:27:40] <+JCM> I am still on your chat thingy

[22:27:46] <+ClassicNickelodeon> oh

[22:27:57] <+ClassicNickelodeon> It said you quit

[22:28:00] <+SpongeMaxwell> I thought you left.

[22:28:14] <+ClassicNickelodeon> It said you joined and then left

[22:28:31] <+SpongeMaxwell> áéíóú

[22:28:40] <+ClassicNickelodeon> TOO MANY DAMN GLITCHES!!!!!!!!!!

[22:28:40] <+SpongeMaxwell> Yah.

[22:28:51] <+ClassicNickelodeon> THIS DOES NOT COMUPT.

[22:28:51] <+SpongeMaxwell> The irc is NEW!

[22:29:00] <+ClassicNickelodeon> *explodes*

[22:29:15] <+ClassicNickelodeon> I relise it's new Max:P

[22:29:25] <+SpongeMaxwell> you relised it?

[22:29:29] ooooooofy joined the channel.

[22:29:30] ChanServ sets mode +v ooooooofy

[22:29:31] <+SpongeMaxwell> how do you relise?

[22:29:42] <+SpongeMaxwell> Heeeeeeey oooooooofy

[22:29:47] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Hey oof

[22:29:49] <+ooooooofy> Hello

[22:29:50] <+Unlimitedcha> hey ofy

[22:29:53] <@jjsthekid> hi ooofy

[22:30:06] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Fine, I mean realise @Max

[22:30:15] <+Unlimitedcha> bbl dinner

[22:30:19] <+ClassicNickelodeon> ok

[22:30:21] <@jjsthekid> ok

[22:30:23] Unlimitedcha has quit (Connection closed).

[22:30:39] <+SpongeMaxwell> I'm off to HOMEwork.

[22:30:47] <+JCM> Well, I've posted the Help topic

[22:30:59] <@jjsthekid> ah

[22:31:08] <+SpongeMaxwell> Read my Spin-Offs!

[22:31:13] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Ok

[22:31:17] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Bye Max

[22:31:18] SpongeMaxwell has quit (Connection closed).

[22:31:29] <+ClassicNickelodeon> and ah @JCM

[22:32:24] <+ooooooofy> Testing

[22:32:38] SpongeMaxwell joined the channel.

[22:32:41] ChanServ sets mode +v SpongeMaxwell

[22:33:12] SpongeMaxwell has quit (Connection closed).

[22:33:40] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Oh why must Boom air 2 Stupid Dogs in a different language!

[22:34:42] <+JCM> Not sure if jjs was serious about paying me doubloons

[22:34:59] <@jjsthekid> actually, yes :P

[22:35:06] <@jjsthekid> I'll pay you 4 00 doubloons

[22:35:30] <@jjsthekid> merry christmas

[22:35:41] <+ooooooofy> brb gotta go to the bathroom

[22:35:48] <@jjsthekid> ok

[22:36:06] teenj12 has quit (Ping timeout: 121 seconds).

[22:38:30] <+ClassicNickelodeon> ok

[22:40:24] <+ClassicNickelodeon> so bored

[22:41:59] <+Shin> fap

[22:42:16] <@jjsthekid> paf

[22:43:06] <+ClassicNickelodeon> fop

[22:43:10] <+ClassicNickelodeon> pop

[22:43:22] <+ClassicNickelodeon> mop

[22:43:26] <+ClassicNickelodeon> dop

[22:43:28] <+ClassicNickelodeon> sop

[22:43:31] <+ClassicNickelodeon> cop

[22:45:19] <+ooooooofy> I'm back

[22:45:33] <@jjsthekid> wb

[22:45:48] <+ClassicNickelodeon> wb

[22:46:26] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Damnit, Toonzone is upgrading their server hardware again. They just did that a couple months ago.

[22:46:38] <@jjsthekid> ah

[22:52:05] shintrovert joined the channel.

[22:52:06] ChanServ sets mode +v shintrovert

[22:52:20] <+shintrovert> Sweet, Mibbit works.

[22:53:00] <@jjsthekid> ah

[22:54:03] <+shintrovert> weird how the IRC client on SBC's side doesn't display away/back

[22:54:09] <+shintrovert> guess there's no support for that

[22:55:44] Shin has quit (Connection closed).

[22:55:51] shintrovert is now known as Shin.

[22:56:18] <+Shin> this old-school IRC shit sure does make me nostalgic

[22:59:19] <+SpongeOddFan> mhm

[22:59:37] <+SpongeOddFan> it reminds me of P&F IRC

[23:05:23] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Welp, time to go. See you guys later.(H)

[23:05:40] ClassicNickelodeon has quit (Connection closed).

[23:05:41] <@jjsthekid> bye

[23:06:37] <+ooooooofy> Testing again

[23:12:22] <+Shin> lol wut

[23:13:53] Spongebobs1fan joined the channel.

[23:13:53] ChanServ sets mode +v Spongebobs1fan

[23:14:44] <@jjsthekid> hey sbs1

[23:14:48] <+Spongebobs1fan> hey

[23:18:58] <@jjsthekid> g2g

[23:19:01] <@jjsthekid> see you guys tomorrow

[23:19:07] jjsthekid has left the channel.

[23:23:43] teenj12 joined the channel.

[23:23:43] ChanServ sets mode +v teenj12

[23:23:43] ChanServ sets mode +h teenj12

[23:24:36] <+SpongeOddFan> i gtg

[23:24:38] <+SpongeOddFan> bai

[23:25:03] Shin has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).

[23:25:04] SpongeOddFan has quit (Connection closed).

[23:27:31] teenj12 has quit (Connection closed).

[23:28:51] Spongebobs1fan has quit (Connection closed).

[23:29:43] AndroUser2 has quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( http://www.androirc.com )).

[00:00:12] <+ooooooofy> Ack, sorry I'm not saying anything. I'm reading about this new episode of The Penguins of Madagascar that's gonna air next year with Doris AND Dr. Blowhole in it! But, unfortunately, it's the last episode with Dr. Blowhole in it and it might even be the last episode of the show. And before I start babbling, I'm gonna stop myself and go to bed.

[00:00:29] <+ooooooofy> Bye!

[00:00:35] ooooooofy has quit (Connection closed).

[00:09:59] mikeystud joined the channel.

[00:10:00] ChanServ sets mode +v mikeystud

[00:10:04] <+mikeystud> heyy

[00:10:21] <+mikeystud> anyone want to private chat ?

[00:10:45] <+JCM> no

[00:10:55] SpongeSebastian joined the channel.

[00:10:55] ChanServ sets mode +v SpongeSebastian

[00:11:01] ChanServ sets mode +h SpongeSebastian

[00:11:05] SpongeSebastian has quit (Connection closed).

[00:11:12] <+JCM> dangit seb

[00:11:13] mikeystud has quit (Connection closed).

[22:09:27] <+spandy> thats one reason why i don't like this chatroom

[22:09:33] <+JCM> why?

[22:09:54] <+spandy> i can't work it on a computer i need it to work on :(

[22:09:57] <+Elastic> it's a pain in the ass to get on.

[22:11:09] <+ExKizuna> Oh im sorry

[22:11:19] <+JCM> spandy, do you use IE on both computers?

[22:11:26] <+spandy> yes

[22:11:54] <+spandy> i thought abvout trying firefox

[22:12:01] <+spandy> *about*

[22:12:23] <+JCM> You should

[22:12:30] <+ClassicNickelodeon> Welp, time to go. Good day mates.

[22:13:19] <+Elastic> baaiiii CNF

[22:14:02] ClassicNickelodeon has quit (Connection closed).

[22:14:46] <+spandy> @jcm:Ok

[22:14:55] <+spandy> *ok*

[22:16:27] <+spandy> gday cnf

[22:17:03] <+CDCB> Garbage Day is a very dangerous day.

[22:17:14] Yianni is now known as docta.

[22:17:29] <+docta> lol

[22:17:51] <@tvguy347> For the record, everybody, we aren't moving back to the Xat. Yianni and Elastic are evidently going to be hanging out there, but that doesn't mean we're all moving back there.

[22:17:54] <+Elastic> SPUNNKKYYY

[22:18:02] <+docta> yes we are

[22:18:06] <+docta> this sucks

[22:18:31] Shin has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client).

[22:18:52] <+Elastic> We're not really moving back.

[22:18:59] <@tvguy347> *You* can move, Docta.

[22:19:07] <+Elastic> HOWEVER

[22:19:17] <+Elastic> We will hang out there if we desire to do so.

[22:19:44] <+CDCB> My Xat is far more epic than ANYTHING! > :)

[22:19:51] <+CDCB> * > : )

[22:20:01] <+CDCB> Smiley fail

[22:20:08] <+Elastic> brb

[22:20:10] Elastic has quit (Connection closed).

[22:20:10] <@tvguy347> Yup. You and Docta can hang out there by yourselves if you wish. :3

[22:20:16] spandy has quit (Connection closed).

[22:20:22] <+ExKizuna> Dash is better than all. Even though...Me and ZBF definitely arent going there, and he was the only way Warmixed and Sy would go there...

[22:20:33] <+CDCB> What about Elastic, tvguy? :P

[22:20:35] <+ExKizuna> Okay maybe dash isnt the best chat.

[22:20:48] <+CDCB> He can hang out there too, right?

[22:21:28] <+docta> tvguy have you even asked if we like this chat to the old one

[22:21:39] <+docta> you cant just tell us what to do

[22:22:22] <+CDCB> docta does actually have a point. I mean, this chat isn't really any more secure than Xat

[22:22:44] <+docta> i've noticed something

[22:22:44] <+CDCB> I thought we mainly moved so nobody could impersonate anybody anymore. Seems just as possible on here.

[22:23:06] <@tvguy347> Actually, this chat is far more secure.

[22:23:15] <@tvguy347> And yes, Docta, I have asked. And the majority is fine with this chat.

[22:23:22] <+docta> oh yeah

[22:23:24] <+CDCB> What's more secure about it?

[22:23:27] <+docta> who agrees

[22:23:29] <@tvguy347> This chat cannot be hacked.

[22:23:41] <+CDCB> Everything can be hacked

[22:23:55] <@tvguy347> Not as easily. It'd take a very skilled hacker to get into here.

[22:24:03] <+docta> so

[22:24:08] <+ExKizuna> I was going to say, "can't be hacked" are the wrong words.

[22:24:10] <+CDCB> And who's to say a skilled hacker won't wanna hack this chat? ;P

[22:24:15] <+docta> no more youtube broadcaster

[22:24:19] <+CDCB> ^

[22:24:32] <+CDCB> No more mix and match smileys which CF and I ALWAYS had fun doing in PC

[22:24:34] <@tvguy347> Go to "Menu" and click "Register Nickname." That will allow nobody to impersonate you.

[22:24:37] <+docta> we cant have partys with shinya anyomore

[22:24:39] <+CDCB> No more Xat games

[22:24:49] <+CDCB> No more SB Jeopardy

[22:24:56] <@tvguy347> You know what? CD, Elastic, and Docta: feel free to go to the Xat by yourselves. I'm tired of hearing you complaining.

[22:25:08] <+docta> tvguy

[22:25:10] <+docta> oh tvguy

[22:25:16] <+CDCB> I'm not complaining. I'm just stating facts :P

[22:25:19] <@tvguy347> You ALWAYS do this, CD; there's a change and you always complain.

[22:25:27] <%SpongeOddFan> guys, just give IRC chat a chance, plz?

[22:25:33] <@tvguy347> I've explained our reasoning behind moving here numerous times, and I'm tired of restating it.

[22:25:42] <+docta> tvguy why do you always tell us what to do

[22:26:05] <@tvguy347> I JUST said you're free to go back to the Xat, Docta.

[22:26:11] <+docta> but still

[22:26:18] <+CDCB> Actually, I've supported many changes, but this is one I'm not a huge fan of. I...gotta admit. Yes, a secure Xat is the best, but could you AT LEAST have the users vote on something before you decide anything?

[22:26:18] <@tvguy347> The world isn't going to revolve around you.

[22:26:34] <+docta> then why around you

[22:26:35] <+CDCB> It doesn't revolve around you either, tvguy

[22:26:38] <@tvguy347> The majority is fine here, so I'm not going to change it because three people aren't fine with it.

[22:26:42] <%SpongeOddFan> ^

[22:27:03] <+docta> tvguy you just like to be right dont you

[22:27:14] <+CDCB> tvguy, I want one question answered. Just one question. I'm gonna ask it politely and I expect a polite answer.

[22:27:16] <@tvguy347> I think that'd be you, because you won't listen to anybody but yourself.

[22:27:22] <@tvguy347> Fair enough, CD.

[22:27:25] <%SpongeOddFan> guys, tvguy has good point

[22:27:45] <+ExKizuna> Wait why did someone say no more jeopardy>

[22:27:50] <+ExKizuna> That doesnt even make sense

[22:27:52] <%SpongeOddFan> don't you want not get impostered? do you want be in safer chat?

[22:28:05] <%SpongeOddFan> then this is good chat to keep in active

[22:28:15] <+docta> but no more gangnam style partys

[22:28:24] <@tvguy347> CD, you're hardly active in staff discussions; if you weere, maybe you'd have a clue towards why we moved.

[22:28:54] <+docta> tvguy do you even now what a gangnam style party is

[22:29:07] <+CDCB> I have more clues than you realize

[22:29:15] <+CDCB> Anyway, the question

[22:29:21] <%SpongeOddFan> a party about a song?

[22:29:31] <+docta> no sof

[22:29:34] <+CDCB> I feel like as a staff member you don't tell us much. I've seen you make several changes without consulting the staff first. Can you try to consult the staff from now on before making an abrupt change so that we can all vote on it?

[22:29:35] <+docta> more then a song

[22:29:53] <@tvguy347> There is an example of your inaccurancy.

[22:30:13] <@tvguy347> If you bothered to take a look in the Staff Lounge, you'd know that I constantly seek approval from the staff before I do anything.

[22:30:26] <+docta> but tvguy do you even know what a gangnam style party is

[22:30:33] <+CDCB> So much for a polite answer.

[22:30:56] <+docta> i would like this chat if we had youtube broadcaster

[22:31:00] <@tvguy347> I'm not going to be polite when you're accusing me of doing something that's not true.

[22:31:03] <+docta> and ranks

[22:31:10] <+CDCB> 'tis true actually

[22:31:16] <+ExKizuna> Sex, you're wrong.

[22:31:18] <+docta> what

[22:31:19] <+ExKizuna> There ARE ranks.

[22:31:22] <+docta> how

[22:31:27] <+ExKizuna> Tvguy is an owner/admin right now

[22:31:28] <@tvguy347> You're the only one who thinks that, CD.

[22:31:29] <+ExKizuna> And SOFs a mod

[22:31:34] <+docta> how

[22:31:37] <+CDCB> on the contrary...

[22:31:38] <+ExKizuna> Wut.

[22:31:42] <+docta> like how

[22:31:47] <+ExKizuna> No seriously sex, what the fuck why are you still asking.

[22:31:54] <@tvguy347> The entire staff is supportive of me, except you.

[22:32:02] <+ExKizuna> Sof can kick and ban and tv can as well o.o

[22:32:08] <+docta> how

[22:32:12] <+docta> oh

[22:32:22] <+CDCB> You switched around the forum orders and put stuff from the Off Topic Lounge in the Industrial Park

[22:32:31] <+CDCB> And I saw NO mention of it in the SL before you did that

[22:32:33] <+docta> the @ and % are ranks

[22:32:42] <+docta> i get it

[22:33:09] <+docta> and tvguy have you even hit puberty yet

[22:33:18] <+CDCB> If I'm wrong, I want a link. At least so I can have a confirmable comeback.

[22:33:29] <@tvguy347> That's a single example, CD.

[22:33:42] <+docta> have you hit puberty tvguy

[22:33:43] <@tvguy347> And it's WITHIN my power to do that, with the new staff guidelines and policies.

[22:33:54] <+docta> lol hes ignoreing

[22:33:56] <+docta> me

[22:34:06] <+CDCB> Well at LEAST you admitted not consulting us....

[22:34:32] <+docta> can someone at least tell me how to change my font color and profile pic

[22:34:58] <+CDCB> But honestly, I don't see how a forum can function if you can make significant changes without telling your fellow staff members first.

[22:35:08] <@tvguy347> Yes, I'm ignoring you because I don't see how that's relevant; you're just asking random questions because you don't have any other points.

[22:35:10] <%SpongeOddFan> click R and you'll find text color

[22:35:16] <+ExKizuna> Sex, click the R.

[22:35:16] <%SpongeOddFan> @Dr S

[22:35:26] <+ExKizuna> You'll see Foreground color, which is the normal text

[22:35:33] <@tvguy347> CD, I'm going to create a topic in the Staff Lounge. When I'm done, I'd like you to create it.

[22:35:35] <@tvguy347> *read it

[22:35:37] <+CDCB> I've never heard of any forum that does what you're doing. Even TV.COM has staff meetings. Don't believe me? I was in a TELECONFERENCE with the TV.com staff

[22:35:40] <+ExKizuna> And then background color, which is how SOF's posts look highlighted

[22:35:55] <+ExKizuna> Oh watch out guys, CD was in a teleconference with a shitty site

[22:36:02] <+ExKizuna> ;3

[22:36:32] <+CDCB> That's my point. Even a crappy site like TV.com still has the decency to tell the staff members what they're doing with the site.

[22:36:44] <+CDCB> before making an abrupt change

[22:36:56] <+ExKizuna> But...Tvguy even said the thing about the forum changing was only ONE example.

[22:36:58] <%SpongeOddFan> what's teleconference?

[22:37:10] <+ExKizuna> You cant use one example to prove how bad something is.

[22:37:19] <%SpongeOddFan> ah

[22:37:20] <+ExKizuna> *just one

[22:37:33] Elastic joined the channel.

[22:37:33] ChanServ sets mode +v Elastic

[22:37:40] <+Elastic> back.

[22:38:08] <+docta> and tvguy i asked cuz your like the youngest person in the community

[22:38:17] <@tvguy347> How old are you exactly?

[22:38:20] <%SpongeOddFan> TV.com is shitty place

[22:38:24] <+JCM> tvguy's as old as you and elastic, doc

[22:38:25] <+CDCB> You want more examples, tvguy? I can give you PLENTY more.

[22:38:27] Guest joined the channel.

[22:38:28] ChanServ sets mode +v Guest

[22:38:35] <+CDCB> I can give you direct quotes from the Staff Lounge if that's what you want.

[22:38:36] <+docta> turning 14 in 2 months

[22:38:46] <@tvguy347> lol you're only a few months older than me

[22:38:50] <+JCM> And tv's turning 14 this year, too

[22:38:52] <+docta> yeah

[22:39:01] <+Elastic> tv's turning 14 next year actually.

[22:39:01] <+JCM> But yeah

[22:39:11] <+Elastic> He's in our age group tho

[22:39:12] <+docta> buhuhuhu

[22:39:15] <+JCM> If someone tries to impersonate a staff member, we can easily to a /whois

[22:39:16] Guest is now known as spandy.

[22:39:22] <%SpongeOddFan> same age as me? lol

[22:39:23] <+JCM> So, in a way, this is more secure than Xat

[22:39:28] <+spandy> this is spandy again

[22:39:33] <+docta> sof i was wondering

[22:39:49] <+docta> is your first language english or french

[22:39:53] irc.donville.nl sets mode +mnst

[22:40:00] <+spandy> im on that computer this works with google chrome!!!!! :D

[22:40:01] <+JCM> He doesn't speak French

[22:40:14] <+docta> i didnt ask you jcm

[22:40:16] <+JCM> He doesn't even live in one of Canada's bilingual provinces

[22:40:22] <+JCM> I asked him before, docta

[22:40:30] <+docta> oh

[22:40:33] irc.donville.nl sets mode +mnst

[22:40:37] <+docta> so hes just a stoner

[22:40:42] irc.donville.nl sets mode +mnst

[22:40:45] <+docta> that explains the typos

[22:40:55] Unlimitedcha joined the channel.

[22:40:55] <+JCM> lolwut

[22:40:55] ChanServ sets mode +v Unlimitedcha

[22:41:02] <+JCM> oh hey unlimited is back

[22:41:06] <+docta> hey uc

[22:41:12] <+spandy> ok this google chrome rocks!! :D

[22:41:19] <+docta> quick question uc

[22:41:28] <+docta> do you like the xat better or this

[22:41:36] <+Unlimitedcha> Hey guys! Just got done with Back to School Night at my school.

[22:41:44] <+ExKizuna> Bottom BitCHA of the KREWzuna!

[22:41:49] <+spandy> meh i still think xat is kinda better

[22:41:49] <+Unlimitedcha> xat but I am still adjusting to this one

[22:41:59] <+Unlimitedcha> Sexy Mexy Exy!

[22:42:15] <+docta> anyone know how i change my profile pic

[22:42:30] <+Unlimitedcha> I think you have to be a SBC member doc

[22:42:41] <+docta> shoot

[22:42:57] <+docta> anyone else have any suggestions

[22:43:06] <+Unlimitedcha> to change your picture you have to be a member of SBC

[22:43:23] <+docta> i said anyone else

[22:43:25] <+docta> lol

[22:43:26] <+docta> jk

[22:43:28] <+docta> i know

[22:43:57] <+Unlimitedcha> oh I thought you meant shoot like gimmie dah idea, woopsie.

[22:44:12] <+docta> aight

[22:44:18] <+docta> imma make an account

[22:44:29] spandy has quit (Connection closed).

[22:44:59] <+Unlimitedcha> kewl

[22:46:20] <+docta> besides the no youtube broadcaster

[22:46:40] <+docta> is there anyway i can get sounds for each message

[22:48:32] <+docta> aight baii peepz

[22:48:40] <+Unlimitedcha> Dunno, I can only hear sounds for PC.

[22:48:43] <+Unlimitedcha> later doc

[22:48:46] <+docta> imma watch gandahar

[22:48:52] <+docta> baiiiiii

[22:48:55] docta has quit (Connection closed).

[22:50:56] Guest joined the channel.

[22:50:57] ChanServ sets mode +v Guest

[22:51:09] <+Guest> i know what the problem is

[22:51:29] Guest is now known as spandy.

[22:52:05] <+spandy> it won't except my username on there

[22:52:16] <+spandy> er... here

[22:52:37] <@tvguy347> Click Menu>Register Nickname>Submit

[22:54:11] <%SpongeOddFan> ^

[22:55:24] [MSG -> NickServ]: register 19951106 manigojohn@yahoo.com

[22:55:24] [NOTICE NickServ]: JCM is now registered to manigojohn@yahoo.com, with the password 19951106.

[22:55:31] <+JCM> Oh hey

[22:55:39] <+JCM> I forgot about registering my nick

[22:56:38] <+JCM> spandy: That's probably because you're a guest on this computer

[22:56:42] <+JCM> Just logging in should fix it

[22:57:13] <+spandy> er...im sorry on the other computer

[22:57:40] <+spandy> has anyone ever had the problem of not being able to sign out?

[22:57:45] <+JCM> Well, just make sure to log into SBC on both computers

[22:57:58] <+JCM> And signing out shouldn't be a problem

[22:58:31] <+spandy> i know but i click sign out on the other computer and it won't work

[22:58:37] irc.donville.nl sets mode +mnst

[22:58:49] <+spandy> should i try signing in on this comp?

[22:58:59] <+JCM> Sure

[22:59:14] <+JCM> If you can't sign out, then we'll know it's the site's fault

[23:00:01] Elastic has quit (Connection closed).

[23:01:42] <+spandy> yea jcm it did the same thing on this comp

[23:01:54] <+spandy> so yer right

[23:02:12] <+JCM> oh crap

[23:02:17] <+JCM> It didn't sign me out either

[23:02:42] <+spandy> oh thats wierd

[23:02:44] <+JCM> Looks like we have another bug to report

[23:02:49] <+spandy> yep

[23:03:55] <+spandy> i wonder if anyone else is having the same prob?

[23:04:13] <%SpongeOddFan> going soon in 3mins

[23:04:21] <+JCM> If we're both having it, then everyone else should be, too

[23:04:40] <+spandy> ok sof

[23:04:52] <+spandy> and yea yer probably right jcm

[23:05:39] <+spandy> btw what does erroneous mean?

[23:06:41] <+spandy> when i have trouble on the other comp it says i have a "erroneous" nickname (when im logged into sbc)

[23:07:29] <+Unlimitedcha> It means error usually.

[23:07:44] <+JCM> Oh, it did that for docta at first

[23:08:16] <+spandy> really?

[23:08:18] <+JCM> Were you trying to change your name, spand?

[23:08:42] <+spandy> on irc?

[23:09:04] <+spandy> yea

[23:09:51] <+spandy> but i think i was a guest when i came on at first when i was logged into sbc

[23:10:01] <+spandy> i think....

[23:10:30] <+spandy> oh.....i think i get it now

[23:11:04] <%SpongeOddFan> g2g bau

[23:11:10] <%SpongeOddFan> 'bai

[23:11:11] <+spandy> ok bye

[23:11:23] <+spandy> and nvm.....im still confused

[23:11:48] SpongeOddFan has quit (Connection closed).

[23:12:13] Clappy joined the channel.

[23:12:13] ChanServ sets mode +v Clappy

[23:12:19] ChanServ sets mode +o Clappy

[23:12:30] <@Clappy> Howdy guys!

[23:12:48] <+Unlimitedcha> Hi Clappy!

[23:12:51] <+CDCB> Hey Clappy

[23:13:28] <+Unlimitedcha> Wassup?

[23:13:49] <+spandy> yellow clappy

[23:13:51] <@Clappy> Nothing much, just had a late dinner and watching some Conan O'Brien

[23:14:23] <+spandy> very late dinner.....for me its 11:14

[23:14:27] <+spandy> pm

[23:14:33] <+Unlimitedcha> Oh nice, haha I haven't even had dinner yet over here.

[23:14:38] hilaryfan80 joined the channel.

[23:14:38] ChanServ sets mode +qao hilaryfan80 hilaryfan80 hilaryfan80

[23:14:38] <+spandy> thres bugs on sbc

[23:14:47] <+Unlimitedcha> Hey hilaryfan80

[23:14:50] <~hilaryfan80> Bugs?

[23:14:52] <~hilaryfan80> I fixed logout.

[23:14:55] <+spandy> yea

[23:15:08] <~hilaryfan80> I found another with Sparks. If you're logged out, you oddly saw Sparks. xD

[23:15:09] <+spandy> the sign out button isn't working

[23:15:27] <~hilaryfan80> I fixed the sign out button. :)

[23:15:34] <+spandy> ok thank you

[23:15:35] <~hilaryfan80> For some reason, the link wasn't copied correctly.

[23:15:38] <@Clappy> Cool, thank you hilaryfan80 :)

[23:15:42] <+Unlimitedcha> Thanks hilaryfan80

[23:15:53] <~hilaryfan80> It was an easy fix, really. lol

[23:15:57] <+spandy> woohoo it works!!!!

[23:16:13] <+spandy> wait....what link?

[23:16:27] <+spandy> for this chat?

[23:16:59] Guest joined the channel.

[23:16:59] ChanServ sets mode +v Guest

[23:16:59] <~hilaryfan80> Hello, Guest! Welcome to the sbcforums chat room.

[23:17:03] Guest has quit (Connection closed).

[23:17:26] <@Clappy> Goodbye guest

[23:17:51] <+Unlimitedcha> lol

[23:18:02] Guest joined the channel.

[23:18:02] ChanServ sets mode +v Guest

[23:18:03] spandy has quit (Connection closed).

[23:18:21] Guest has quit (Connection closed).

[23:19:17] Guest joined the channel.

[23:19:17] ChanServ sets mode +v Guest

[23:19:37] Guest is now known as spandy.

[23:20:26] <+spandy> looks like im gonna have to be on here from the sign out way than if i really want to get on im gonna sign in without using the chat

[23:20:51] <+spandy> oh well......at least it works now

[23:22:06] <~hilaryfan80> so I just found out that a lot of links are broken.

[23:22:07] <~hilaryfan80> :S

[23:22:22] <+spandy> oh.....

[23:22:39] <~hilaryfan80> What's going on is the links are replacing "&sect" with "§".

[23:22:41] <~hilaryfan80> It's a weird bug.

[23:22:45] <+spandy> that would explain why it said my nickname was an error on here

[23:22:53] <~hilaryfan80> I replied to the email btw

[23:23:18] <+spandy> my email?

[23:23:22] <~hilaryfan80> Yes

[23:23:25] <+spandy> oh ok

[23:26:50] <~hilaryfan80> I hope the bug is gone. lol

[23:26:54] <+JCM> Wait a minute, spandy

[23:27:34] <+JCM> You're spongebobandsandy=<3 on SBC, right?

[23:27:39] <+spandy> yes

[23:27:48] <+JCM> Then that's why your name doesn't work on the chat

[23:27:59] <+spandy> why?

[23:28:05] <~hilaryfan80> I don't think that matters.

[23:28:05] <+JCM> The last three characters won't work in a nickname

[23:28:14] <~hilaryfan80> o.o

[23:28:17] <+JCM> That's probably what happened with Dr. Sex, too

[23:28:26] hilaryfan80 is now known as lmao.

[23:28:31] lmao is now known as hilaryfan80.

[23:28:33] <+spandy> oh ok how can i change the username on sbc than?

[23:28:45] <+JCM> Since you're a good noodle, you can change it for free

[23:28:47] <~hilaryfan80> What I can do is I can make it remove any of those extra characters.

[23:28:51] <~hilaryfan80> That won't work.

[23:29:04] <~hilaryfan80> The chat uses your username, which cannot be changed by most people.

[23:29:11] <~hilaryfan80> What would you like to change your username to?

[23:29:12] <+spandy> ah

[23:29:37] <+JCM> Oh, yeah

[23:29:47] <+JCM> I'm Nick Fury on SBC, but I have to sign in with JCM

[23:29:54] <+spandy> yes please hilaryfan80

[23:30:02] <~hilaryfan80> What would you like to make your username?

[23:30:15] <~hilaryfan80> "spongebobandsandy"?

[23:30:15] <+spandy> spandyforever123

[23:30:18] <~hilaryfan80> ah, alright

[23:30:20] <~hilaryfan80> Changing :)

[23:30:27] <+spandy> thank you so much

[23:30:41] <+spandy> i really appcreciate this

[23:30:44] <~hilaryfan80> This will change your login o.o

[23:30:46] <~hilaryfan80> So yeah.

[23:30:51] <~hilaryfan80> Remember it ;)

[23:30:51] <+spandy> ok

[23:30:59] <+spandy> i will

[23:31:03] <+Unlimitedcha> I'm going to go. Later guys

[23:31:04] <~hilaryfan80> Would you like your display name to be changed as well?

[23:31:14] Unlimitedcha has quit (Connection closed).

[23:31:16] <+spandy> ok bye Uc

[23:31:27] <+spandy> which display name?

[23:31:43] <+spandy> the one that shows up when i post thing?

[23:31:45] <~hilaryfan80> Yes

[23:31:50] <+spandy> ok sure

[23:32:01] <~hilaryfan80> Alright, changed :)

[23:32:13] <+spandy> thank you :)

[23:32:15] <+JCM> Yeah, I forgot that nicknames on IRC can only have letters and numbers

[23:32:33] <+spandy> ah

[23:32:37] <~hilaryfan80> I can filter it out...

[23:32:44] <~hilaryfan80> But it's probably not a good idea to have that username to begin with.

[23:33:05] <+spandy> ah

[23:33:08] <~hilaryfan80> Do you want to know why I chose to use usernames in the chat?

[23:33:40] <+JCM> sure

[23:33:51] irc.donville.nl sets mode +mnst

[23:33:51] <+spandy> sure ok

[23:34:22] <~hilaryfan80> xD

[23:34:31] spandy has quit (Connection closed).

[23:34:31] spandyforever123 joined the channel.

[23:34:32] ChanServ sets mode +v spandyforever123

[23:34:32] <~hilaryfan80> Hello, spandyforever123! Welcome to the sbcforums chat room.

[23:34:37] <~hilaryfan80> It's because whenever we have those drop everything events, everyone's usernames get changed.

[23:34:41] <+spandyforever123> YES!!!!!!!!

[23:34:48] <+spandyforever123> IT WORKS!!!!

[23:34:56] <~hilaryfan80> This would cause problems with the staff.

[23:35:14] <~hilaryfan80> Usernames aren't generally changed, so that keeps some consistency.

[23:35:17] <+spandyforever123> you guys are the best :)

[23:36:07] <+spandyforever123> now this chat is not so bad anymore but i still like xat just a bit better

[23:38:44] irc.donville.nl sets mode +mnst

[23:38:53] <+JCM> Well, one step at a time :)

[23:39:00] <+JCM> I'll be back tomorrow

CNF1: Well, thanks JCM for the logs(I even remember some of these conversations!) and hope you enjoyed it folks! Remember, I still have more to show all you guys, so stay tooned for a Part 3! Good night. :)(Kinda :P)

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Oh look. Here's part 3 folks. :D (NOTICE: The text of the posts may be black, but it should still be readable)

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 5 - IRC Posts Part 3

CNF1: Yada yada, you got the jist of this after two parts.

CNF1: Here's part 3 of the IRC Posts trilogy(or possibly more if I have any, but I doubt it.)

(...apperentally the rest of what I got(at least on this computer) was a PC chat with me and CD. :P)

[19:44:07] Common channels with CDCB: #sbcforums

[19:44:07] <CDCB> I randomly got a Shirley Temple song stuck in my head...and I don't even watch Shirley Temple xP

[19:44:25] <ClassicNickelodeon> ok then:P

[19:44:42] <CDCB> ...sorry. That comment was about as random as the song in my head :P

[19:44:54] <ClassicNickelodeon> Yeah:P

[19:45:02] <CDCB> "Buffalo soup! Buffalo soup! Something something in my boot!"

[19:45:28] <ClassicNickelodeon> I think you got that wrong:P

[19:46:27] <ClassicNickelodeon> I think it's Animal Crackers in my soup, monkeys and rattles in my boot. idk

[19:46:31] <CDCB> ...

[19:46:47] <CDCB> Where the heck did Buffalo come from? xD

[19:46:58] <ClassicNickelodeon> God only knows

[19:47:18] <ClassicNickelodeon> Maybe you were thinking about Buffalos:P

[19:47:22] <CDCB> I guess my mind is subliminally telling me I have a craving for chicken :P

[19:47:46] <ClassicNickelodeon> MMM TASTES LIKE CHICKEN:P

[19:48:04] <CDCB> Simba: Eww, gross!

[19:48:19] <CDCB> ...see how random my thoguhts are? They bounce from one thing to another. xD

[19:48:45] <ClassicNickelodeon> lol:P

[20:06:05] <CDCB> Think what I've said so far was bad?

[20:06:13] <ClassicNickelodeon> Yeah

[20:06:21] <ClassicNickelodeon> BANNABLE BAD

[20:06:26] <CDCB> There's worse

[20:06:37] <ClassicNickelodeon> God

[20:07:46] <ClassicNickelodeon> Speaking of this, what did you think of Naked Beach Frenzy?

[20:07:52] <CDCB> There's a part where Ren says he doesn't give a rat's ass about Stimpy's needs when Stimpy wants to kiss, so Ren tells Stimpy to close his eyes and "pucker up" and he pulls out a rat and Stimpy literally kisses the rat's butt. If that's not bad enough, the anus is pulsing afterwards AND Stimpy has poop all over his mouth, >.<

[20:08:20] <ClassicNickelodeon> OH MY LORD

[20:08:21] <CDCB> Naked Beach Frenzy was alright. A MILLION times Better than what I posted above.

[20:08:27] <ClassicNickelodeon> ah

[20:09:18] <CDCB> Yeah...don't watch any APC episodes except for Altruists and Stimpy's Pregnant if you value your R&S fandom

[20:09:26] <CDCB> MAYBE Firedogs 2.

[20:09:46] <ClassicNickelodeon> Maybe Man's Best Friend and Naked Beach Frenzy?

[20:10:05] <CDCB> I don't count Man's Best Friend as an episode of APC since it was produced for the original show, but NBF is alright

[20:10:12] <CDCB> Not my personal recommendation though

[20:10:19] <ClassicNickelodeon> ah

[20:10:45] <ClassicNickelodeon> That episode just looked wired from seeing the moments I did see

[20:11:11] <CDCB> Well, it's without a doubt the most adult episode of the whole show

[20:11:23] <ClassicNickelodeon> yeah

[20:11:38] <CDCB> Some of the gags are pretty funny though. Although you'd have to have a perverted mind to get some of them. :P

[20:11:58] <ClassicNickelodeon> ah:P

[20:19:51] <ClassicNickelodeon> Don't feel sorry. I first found out about Gigantor by watching Toonami bumpers.

[20:22:19] <CDCB> Ah :)

[20:22:46] <CDCB> Gonna start inventorying my recorded tapes. Well sorta. I'm gonna at least start listing and nicknaming the ones I have based off of what I wrote on teh labels

[20:22:49] <CDCB> *the

[20:22:59] <ClassicNickelodeon> ah

[20:23:33] <ClassicNickelodeon> What i'm trying to mdo is get the complete series of Rugrats on VHS Tape

[20:23:42] <ClassicNickelodeon> So far I have a lot of them

[20:23:42] <CDCB> Sweet :D

[20:24:09] <CDCB> how many of the 172 do you have?

[20:24:11] <ClassicNickelodeon> But if The 90's Are All That would show some older ones and some more newers ones, maybe I can get it.

[20:24:14] <ClassicNickelodeon> Hmm

[20:24:18] <ClassicNickelodeon> Not sure

[20:24:35] <ClassicNickelodeon> I have 4 pages back to back with listings of what episodes I have

[20:24:46] <ClassicNickelodeon> But it's not with me at the moment

[20:25:22] <ClassicNickelodeon> I'm just glad I taped The Rugrats Movie with the delated scenes while I could

[20:25:29] <CDCB> Same

[20:25:39] <CDCB> I'm gonna Tivo it next time it airs so I can have it in HQ

[20:26:42] <ClassicNickelodeon> I remember when they said it would air on Nick @ Nite back in 2010 or so. I almost lost my mind.

[20:27:13] <CDCB> Wow

[20:27:55] <ClassicNickelodeon> It aired a couple days after Nick brought back Rugrats to run on their channel

[20:28:13] <CDCB> Sweet

[20:28:35] <ClassicNickelodeon> Hye have you ever heard of Astro Boy?

[20:28:38] <ClassicNickelodeon> *hey

[20:29:04] <CDCB> Sounds familiar

[20:29:06] <CDCB> what was it about?

[20:30:01] <ClassicNickelodeon> It was about this boy who was the son of a scientist. The boy died in a car crash, so the scientist created a robto named Astro Boy in his honor

[20:30:08] <CDCB> Hmm

[20:30:21] <CDCB> might've seen an ad for it

[20:30:27] <ClassicNickelodeon> ah

[20:30:35] <CDCB> Doesn't sound like anything I watched though

[20:30:40] <ClassicNickelodeon> ah

[20:30:48] <ClassicNickelodeon> It's a pretty nice show

[20:31:43] <ClassicNickelodeon> It similar to something Disney with all the heartfelt moments, but with some nice action in it

[20:32:01] <ClassicNickelodeon> Walt Disney even wanted to create something similar to Astro Boy

[20:32:02] <CDCB> Ah :)

[20:32:06] <CDCB> He did? :o

[20:32:10] <ClassicNickelodeon> Yep

[20:32:28] <CDCB> Wow, what was the name?

[20:32:37] <ClassicNickelodeon> Of what?

[20:32:56] <ClassicNickelodeon> Walt wanted to, but it never happened

[20:33:07] <CDCB> aH

[20:33:12] <CDCB> Was it ever named?

[20:33:17] <ClassicNickelodeon> Nope

[20:33:22] <CDCB> Ah, wow

[20:33:23] <CDCB> ....

[20:33:26] <CDCB> looks like I have...

[20:33:36] <CDCB> a MISLABELED Ink & Paint tape :o

[20:33:45] <ClassicNickelodeon> Oh my

[20:33:50] <CDCB> Because the only duplicate episode I know I have is of "The Other Mice"

[20:34:10] <CDCB> Apparently I labeled two tapes with "Symphonic Silly Symphonies"

[20:34:25] <CDCB> I wonder what's really on it...? Guess I'll have to hook up the ol' VCR and find out

[20:35:14] <ClassicNickelodeon> I'm lucky I don't have to replug the VCR every time I use it. I just keep it hooked up to the good ole TV

[20:35:29] <CDCB> Well, I had to unplug it because I moved :P

[20:35:41] <ClassicNickelodeon> ah:P

[20:35:52] <CDCB> And plus I'm hoping to keep the VCR in my room for converting the tapes once I replace Roxio

[20:36:05] <ClassicNickelodeon> ah

[20:50:08] <CDCB> My gosh...

[20:50:19] <ClassicNickelodeon> What?

[20:50:36] <CDCB> 42 tapes I just nicknamed. 42. And I STILL have a whole shelf to do. of my RECORDED ones xD

[20:50:46] <ClassicNickelodeon> oh my

CNF1: Thanks for tooning in and good day. :)

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We haven't had an episode in a while. Here yah go:

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 6 - Wheel of Fortune!

CNF1: Hello and good evening.

CNF1: Tonight we have an equisite look at the ending of a Wheel game, the one on the 23rd to be exact.

CNF1: Here you go and Enjoy. :)

Sept 23rd Ending to Game

You got $550 from the final spin – Mr._Dr._Professor_Patrick

at least my bad luck didn’t count that time – Pac J (pacman) (ghost)

What a wonderful surprise – Pac J (pacman) (ghost)

yay!! - Dr_spandy_spandy_specialist

ah yeah 3rd place – CNF1_DA_WINNER (sonic)(eye)(eye)

There we go. – Mr._Dr._Professor_Patrick

Thanks for playing ;D – Mr._Dr._Professor_Patrick

goin to the main xat – Dr_spandy_spandy_specialist

Goodbye – Michalmn

Good game ;D – Mr._Dr._Professor_Patrick

This is the first time I won – Pac J (pacman) (ghost)

Or even came close to winning – Pac J (pacman) (ghost)

Those last spins pretty much determined it all – Pac J (pacman) (ghost)

I guess I’ll send 400 of the doubloons to webby – Pac J (pacman) (ghost)

Whenever I get them, anyway – Pac J (pacman) (ghost)

So, we’re done now I’m assuming? – CNF1_DA_WINNER(sonic)(eye)(eye)

Are you going to the main xat, Steve? – Pac J (pacman)(ghost)

I’m going. See yah. – CNF1_DA_WINNER(sonic)(eye)(eye)

Everyone has their doubloons now ;D – Mr._Dr._Professor_Patrick

Sept 30th (One line was said before me and Box went off because Wheel wasn't scheduled for that week)

hey box – CNF1_DA_KING_OF_CN(sonic)(eye)(eye)

CNF1: Thank you very much and good night. :)

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Here's a new episode of The Archives of CNF1! Enjoy! :D

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 7 - Happy Halloween!: The After Bash Part 1

CNF1: Good evening. Thank you for joining us this fine evening.

CNF1: Today I present SBC's Octerror Fest 2012 photos, such as the special skins, as well as the xat background from the festivites.

CNF1: Here they are. Enjoy.

Happy Halloween Skin:


Haunted Matress Badge:


Halloween Generator Avatar(Or my avatar):



And for lulz, an SOF Moment that happens to have the Halloween Background used on the actual chatbox:


CNF1: And that's it. Good night everyone, and we'll see you with Part 2 soon. :)



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Don't yah just hate delays? Here's the 2nd part. :D

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 8 - Happy Halloween!: The After Bash Part 2

CNF1: Welcome to Part 2!

CNF1: Let's begin, shall we?

Krusty Krab Halloween Party Skin:



Happy Halloween Skin:



Xat Celebrates Halloween By Changing Their Logo to Mr. Jack-O-Lantern:


Halloween Xat Background:


And for a special Halloween treat, THE HAUNTED MATRESS(in GIF form:P)


CNF1: Welp, hoped you enjoy our show. Good night. And Happy Halloween too!



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Episode 9 is here as part of the Thanksgiving Bash, Hosted by CNF1! :D

CNF1: The party is just getting started!

CNF1: Here's a New Archives of CNF1! :D

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 9- Drafting

CNF1: Happy Thanksgiving you morsales.

CNF1: Today, I'd like to talk about Drafts.

CNF1: This very show had an Early Draft for Episode 7.

CNF1: Why didn't it get used? Well, due to files being on different computers, I had to make Episode 7 into two parts.

CNF1: So, before we get back to showing an abandoned spin-off/lit in December, here's Episode 7's original draft. Enjoy.

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 7 - Happy Halloween!: The After Bash

CNF1: Good evening. Thank you for joining us this fine evening.

CNF1: Today I present SBC's Octerror Fest 2012 photos, such as the special skins, as well as the xat background from the festivites.

CNF1: Here they are. Enjoy.


Happy Halloween Skin:

Krusty Krab Halloween Party Skin:

Haunted Matress Badge:

Halloween Xat Background:

Xat Celebrates Halloween By Changing Their Logo to Mr. Jack-O-Lantern:

And for lulz, an SOF Moment that happens to have the Halloween Background used on the actual chatbox:

CNF1: And that's it. Good night everyone, and we'll see you next month. :)



CNF1: So, did you enjoy it?

CNF1: Well, have a Happy Thanksgiving folks, and continue to watch CNF1's Spin-Off/Lit Thanksgiving Bash right here on SBC Spin-Offs and Lits!

CNF1: Good night everyone.



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It's time for a new episode! :D

The Archives of CNF1

Episode 10 - Cartoon Land Mystery

CNF1: Welcome to The Archives of CNF1

CNF1: Today, we present a Pilot for a Total Drama show with Cartoons called Cartoon Land Mystery.

CNF1: Only the Pilot and the list of contestants was ever made.

CNF1: Here is what was made from it.

CNF1: Enjoy.

Contestants List:

1. Sniz

2. Fondue

3. Mickey Mouse

4. Snagglepuss

5. Yogi Bear

6. Huckleberry Hound

7. Fred

8. Barney

9. Bugs Bunny

10. Daffy Duck

11. Donald Duck

12. Goofy

13. Minnie Mouse

14. Pluto

15. Daisy Duck

16. Hong Kong Phooey

17. Betty Boop

18. SpongeBob Squarepants

19. Patrick Star

20. Felix The Cat

21. Tommy Pickles

22. Porky Pig

23. Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

24. Robot

25. Monster

26. Bimbo

27. Ren

28. Woody Woodpecker

29. Jimmy Neutron

30. Road Runner

The Pilot Episode:

Cartoon Land Mystery

Episode 1- The Beginning of It All

Stimpy: Welcome to Cartoon Land! Home of the many cartoons you know and love!

Stimpy: There’s a mystery going around these parts…

Stimpy: So, we’ve picked 30 random people…

Sniz: Hi!! Hi!!!

Fondue: Get out of the camera!

(Fondue pulls Sniz away from the camera)

Stimpy: Anyway, we’ve picked 30 random people from the population to help solve the mystery and win $1,000,000 in cash while going through dangerous obstacles to complete their goal.

Stimpy: This…

Stimpy: Is…

Stimpy: Cartoon…

Stimpy: Land…

Stimpy: MYSTERY!!!!

(Intro appears and plays)

Stimpy: Alright! Time to introduce my co-host, Mildew Wolf!

Mildew Wolf: Hiyah!

Stimpy: So Mildew, have any hosting experience before?

Mildew Wolf: Actually, yes. I co-hosted with this pink cat back in 1977 on a show that made fun of the Olympics.

Stimpy: Oh.

Stimpy: Well, let’s get the contestants out here!

*Contestants come out*

Stimpy: 30 contestants. All playing to win 1,000,000 dollars. All they have to do is solve the mystery on this island, but they have to get threw dangerous obstacles to find their clues.

Stimpy: Let’s introduce the contestants…

Stimpy: Sniz and Fondue, brothers for life. Once on TV back in 1996, they’ve been enjoying life in Cartoon Land.

Mildew Wolf: Mickey Mouse. The Big Cheese. Started in show biz back in 1928, one of the most popular characters in Cartoon Land.

Stimpy: Snagglepuss, Yogi Bear, and Huckleberry Hound. Hanna Barbera’s Comedy Gang. They are sure one of the Kings of Comedy.

Snagglepuss: Exit. Stage Left.

Stimpy: Is that the Pink cat you were talking about?

Mildew Wolf: Umm…Sigh. Yes.

Stimpy: Anyways, Mildew Wolf, introduce the other contestants. I gotta go on a coffee break.

Mildew Wolf: Well, I’m gonna keep the descriptions short and sweet.

Mildew Wolf: Fred and Barney. Friends for life. They may fight from time to time, but they always end up getting a good laugh out of it.

Mildew Wolf: Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck. Do I really need to say anymore?

Bugs Bunny: Wabbit Season.

Daffy Duck: Duck Season. FIRE!


Daffy Duck: You’re despicable.

Mildew Wolf: Donald Duck and Goofy. Disney’s Comedy Duo. Must I say more?

Mildew Wolf: Minnie Mouse. The Glamour Gall of this competiton. Girlfriend of Mickey Mouse, this is one lucky girl.

Mildew Wolf: Pluto. Dog of Mickey Mouse…nothing much else to say.

Mildew Wolf: Daisy Duck. Girlfriend of Donald Duck. I wouldn’t say she’s too lucky, considering Donald’s temper.

Mildew Wolf: The next contestant is…

Stimpy: Ok, this is taking too long. The rest are, but not least, Hong Kong Phooey, Betty Boop, SpongeBob Squarepants, Patrick Star, Felix The Cat, Tommy Pickles, Porky Pig, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Robot, Monster…

Monster: This is gonna be great!

Robot: How? You don’t even know what money is!

Stimpy: Anyways, Bimbo, Ren, Woody Woodpecker, Jimmy Neutron, and Road Runner.

Road Runner: Meep Meep.

Stimpy: Now, for your bunk assignments.

*Reads off Bunk assignments.*

Stimpy: Now, head to the cafeteria and eat dinner. After that, you can go to your bunks.


BUNK 1-Robot, Monster, Sniz, Fondue.

Monster: Oh this is gonna be so much fun! I can’t wait!

Robot: Ok, just remember, I get the dough.

Monster: Right.

Sniz: So, Bunk Mates. Anyone want to see my new hairdo?

Fondue: No one wants to see your stupid hairdo Sniz.

Sniz: Maybe if you shut up, they would have.

Fondue: That’s it!

*Sniz and Fondue engage in a fight*

Robot: This should be fun.

BUNK 2-Road Runner, Felix The Cat, Oswald The Lucky Rabbit, Bimbo


Bimbo: Am I the only one in this room who can talk?

Oswald: I may be silent, but I can talk.

Felix: They never really gave me a voice, but I can talk.

Road Runner: Meep Meep.

Bimbo: Sigh.

BUNK 3-Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy

Pluto: Woof!

Mickey Mouse: Well, this is swell! I get to be in a bunk with my lovely Minnie Mouse.

Minnie Mouse: Aw, you’re so sweet.

*Mickey and Minnie kiss*

Goofy: Gorsh.

BUNK 4- Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck

Bugs Bunny: Alright everyone, place your bets! Place your bets!

*Daffy places bet*

Donald: Hey! Place a higher bet!

Daffy: Where are you from? YOU CAN PLACE ANY AMOUNT OF BET YOU WANT!

Donald: I’ll show you!

Daffy: Oh, it’s on!

*Daffy and Donald fight.*

Bugs: Now now guys. Let’s keep da peace!

Daisy: Sigh.

BUNK 5- SpongeBob, Patrick, Porky Pig, Woody Woodpecker

SpongeBob: Ha Ha!

Patrick: He he he

SpongeBob: Woo!

Patrick: Yeah!

Porky Pig: Wh Wh Wh What do you th th th think ther doing Mr. Wood Wood Wood Woodpecker?

Woody: Gosh, I have no idea.

*Woody bangs himself on the head*

Woody: Heh heh ha ha heh ha ha hehhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Porky: This is g g going to be a l l long month.

BUNK 7- Hong Kong Phooey, Huckleberry Hound, Yogi Bear, Snagglepuss

*The gang is engaging in a little comedic fun*


Announcer: Um guys. Are you going to talk?

Snagglepuss: Oh no. We’re having too much fun!

Announcer: Alright. NEXT BUNK!

BUNK 8-Betty Boop, Ren, Jimmy Neutron, Tommy Pickles

Betty Boop: Boop Boop da Boop!

Ren: Hey Hotty. You wanna make out?

Betty Boop: You brute!


Ren: What a woman!

*Ren’s teeth fall out of him*


Jimmy Neutron: Woops.

Announcer: Ok, why did we put a baby in with these people!?


*Back in Bunk 7*

Huckleberry Hound: What’s the matter Yogi?

Yogi Bear: I feel a…disturbance.

*Back in Bunk 8*

Announcer: Ok, let’s cut to Bunk 9!

BUNK 9- Fred, Barney, and Stimpy and Mildew Wolf: The Hosts

Stimpy: Well boys, you’re sharing a bunk with the hosts, so be on your best behavior alright?

Fred: Sure.

Barney: Yeah, Sure Stimpy

Mildew Wolf: I’ve got my eye on you guys.

*Mildew and Stimpy walk away*

Fred: Ah, This is great Barn! We get access to the Host’s bunk!

Barney: Sure does feel good Fred.

Barney: Hey Fred.

Fred: Yeah Barn?

Barney: We should get some shuteye. We have a big day ahead of us.

Fred: Yeah Barn. We should do.

*Fred and Barney walk away as the ending music plays.*

Announcer: Well, this has sure been an interesting episode.

Announcer: Come back for another episode of Cartoon Land Mystery next week. Good night.

*Credits roll*



CNF1: Thanks for tooning in and Good Night. :)



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