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Ask this llama some questions and eat a bowl of nails with milk because you love that extra calcium<3!

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18 hours ago, Katniss said:

@E.V.I.L. why do Ross's friends get annoyed whenever he talks about dinosaurs? I would love that! Tell me all the cool dino stuff :Laugh:

ikr !!! instead they wanted to hear him talk about rachel for the 293833 time and that's what's boring 

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42 minutes ago, Katniss said:

@E.V.I.L. are there any places in Horseheads that have stolen your heart? :Laugh:

Harris Hill overlook. I've been going there since I was a child and if I ever have kids, I hope to bring them there one day too lol


also barnes and noble but we all know thats not lasting long rip

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