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Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures

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Allright. Time to make a topic for this. It's Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures! It's my second spin-off and i'm really excited for it! It's a comedy spin-off with Gary and his friends through his many adventures! Expect the very first episode this Wednesday! :)

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Well, it's finally time. The moment you've all been waiting for. I am proud to present,as part of SpongeBob's Mystery Madness, GARY THE SNAIL"S UNDERSEA ADVENTURES EPISODE 1!!!!!!

Here it is! Hope you like it! Feedback is very appriciated. :)

Gary The Snail’s Undersea Adventures

Episode 1: Just Showing You Around

Gary The Snail: Hey! Welcome to the show! Let’s take a tour of the set.

Yertle The Turtle: Hey! No one gets back here without a backstage pass!

Gary The Snail: Don’t worry. There with me.

Yertle The Turtle: Oh. My apologizes Mr. Snail. Please come in.

Gary The Snail: Thank you.

Gary The Snail: That’s just Yertle The Turtle, our stage manager and bodyguard.

Gary The Snail: He’s a runt sometimes

Yertle The Turtle: I HEARD THAT!

Gary The Snail: Anyway’s let’s show you guys the cast.

Gary The Snail: Here’s my friend, Bill Snail

Bill Snail: Hey man! What’s up!

Bill Snail: Hey, who are these guys?

Gary The Snail: There just the audience. I’m showing them around.

Bill Snail: Oh, well hope you like it, dawg!

Gary The Snail: Oh Bill. Let’s go check out more members of the cast.

Gary The Snail: Here’s Snobby Snail. He’s very rich and snobby.

Snobby Snail: (Using a telephone) Hello. I want 5,000 cookies on the stat! Hi, I want all my money polished on the double. Hi, I want the greatest artist ever to paint a statue of me immediately!

Gary The Snail: Uh, Snobby?

Snobby Snail: What? I’m busy.

Gary The Snail: Do You Want to say hi or something to the cast?

Snobby Snail: Hi. Now leave me alone!

Gary The Snail: Ok then. Let’s go visit my Grandpa…

Plankton: Muh Ha Ha Ha! I will destroy you all!


Plankton: Ow.

Gary The Snail: That’s just Plankton. Our villan.

Gary The Snail: Hey, Gizmo!

Gizmo Snail: Hi Gary. I took care of you “vermin” problem.

Gary The Snail: Thanks Gizmo. That’s Gizmo, the inventor on the program.

Gary The Snail: Bye Gizmo.

Gizmo Snail: Bye Gary.

Gary The Snail: Anyways, let’s go meet Grandpa Snail.

Gary The Snail: Hi Grandpa!

Grandpa Snail: Gary! Nice to see you. Whatcha been up to?

Gary The Snail: I’ve been showing the audience around the studio.

Grandpa Snail: Have You showed the audience you girlfriend yet?

Gary The Snail: Grandpa!

Grandpa Snail: He He He! Well, you go run off with your friends now, sport.

Gary The Snail: Thank Grandpa!

Grandpa Snail: Sure Thing Sport! Bye Now!

Gary The Snail: You too! Well, let’s go and meet my girlfiend now, shall we?

Gary The Snail: Hi Snelly.

Snelly Snail: Hi Pumpkin.

Gary The Snail: Snelly! Not in front of the camera!

Gary The Snail: This is my girlfriend, Snelly.

Gary The Snail: Isn’t she nice and cute?

(Audience Shakes Their Heads)

Gary The Snail: Anyway, I’ll see you later, Snelly.

Snelly Snail: You Too, Pumpkin!

Gary The Snail: Oh Snelly!

Gary The Snail: Allright guys! Group photo time!

(Everyone gets in the picture)

Gary The Snail: Say Cheese!

All: Cheese!


Gary The Snail: Wow! What a nice picture! An a nice introduction show too!

Gary The Snail: See You All Later! Bye!




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New Gary The Snail's Undersea Adventures is up.

Gary The Snail’s Undersea Adventures

Episode 2: Terror On Plankton Street

Gary The Snail: So Guys, what do you want to do today?

Bill Snail: I don’t know, dawg

Snobby Snail: (Talking into a phone) Yes I want 500 juice boxes, stat. Now, what was it you asked?

Gary The Snail: (Facepalms)

Snelly Snail: I say we go to see a ballet, pumpkin.

Gary The Snail: What?

Gary The Snail: Do any of you guys want to do that?

Bill Snail: No, dawg. Just no.

Gary The Snail: What do you want to do, Gizmo?

Gizmo Snail: Let’s see here. This chemical in this tube and this one in this tube. Mix them up and BOOM! Ow.

Gary The Snail: Grandpa?

Grandpa Snail: ZZZZZ Huh? whoz-a –what?

Gary The Snail: Ok, how about Go-Fish

All: Sounds Good To Me!


Gary The Snail: What the heck was that?

Bill Snail: Let’s go find out.

(Cues To A Huge Robot w/ Plankton in it)

Plankton: Muh Ha Ha Ha Ha! You Fools! I, Plankton, will destroy you all!]


Gary The Snail: Run!

Bill Snail: What you said, dawg!

(Ka Boom! Bang! Boom!)

Gizmo Snail: Wait, I’ll Stop this robot!

Bill Snail: Wait, dawg! There’s cupcakes now!

Gary The Snail: What the! Allright, who added that to the script!

Gary The Snail: Now I guess it is Terror on Cupcake Street!

Banhammer Duck: Hey! You can’t say that on this show! It’s under copyright!


Gary The Snail: Ouch! Can you just shoot your gun already!

Gizmo Snail: You Bet Ya!


Plankton: Ah Oh!


All: Yeah, Gizmo Snail!

Gary The Snail: You did it, Gizmo!

Gizmo Snail: Ah, it was nothing.

All: Yeah!!!!!!



Porky Pig: Hey! That’s my line!

Yertle The Turtle: Ok, you want to say it?

Director: Ditto?

Porky Pig: Y Y Y Y Yes!

Director: OK Then. Places People!

Director: Cue Music!

(That’s All Folks! Music Starts Playing)

(Porky Pig gets out of a drum)

Porky Pig: Th Th Th Th Th That’s All Folks!

(Rest of Music Plays)


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Here's a special Easter short for yah!

Gary The Snail’s Undersea Adventures

Short 1-Easter Egg Hunt

Narrator: Ah, It’s Finally here! It’s Easter! And you know what that means, don’t you?

(Waits for a few seconds)

Narrator: It’s time for the Easter Egg Hunt!

Narrator: But Wait! It looks like the Easter Bunny is not done with his usual trips!

Easter Bunny: Oh My! It’s 6am already! The children will be getting up soon! I must hurrey!

(1 Hour Later)

Easter Bunny: There. The last Easter Egg has been placed inside the last house.

(Looks around the house)

Easter Bunny: Ah, it’s nice to see children sleeping so soundly.

(Children start waking up)

Easter Bunny: Uh Oh! I must flee!

(And the Easter Bunny hops away)

(As we see the Easter Bunny hop away, we see Gary and his friends start to wake up)

Gary: Ah. Good morning, guys.

The Rest of the Snails: Good Morning, Gary.

Gary: Allright guys. It’s time for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Gary: Got your baskets ready?

(All show there baskets)

Gary: OK. Now remember, whoever finds the pickle egg will get the Chocolate Bunny this year!

All: Horray!

Gary: OK. Everyone get ready.

Gary: Get set.

Gary: Let’s GO!

(And the snails are off to look for Easter Eggs)

Snelly: Ooh. Look at this beautiful egg I found!

Gizmo Snail: Wow! A science egg!


Gizmo Snail: And it blows up too!

Snobby Snail: Allright butler. Go find some Easter eggs now!

Butler: Yes sir.

Grandpa Snail: Gosh! I found a red egg! So fascinating!

Gary: Now, where could that Pickle Egg be?

Gary: Oh My Gosh! I found the Pickle Egg! I must get down to the finish line!

Bill Snail: Wow! I found the pickle egg, dawg! I will get the Chocolate Bunny!

(And the rest of the characters in a boxed background, say this…)

All: Wow! I’ve found the Pickle Egg! I must get to the Chocolate Bunny!

(And they all zoom downstairs to the living room, where the Chocolate Bunny is.)

Gary: I’ve got the Chocolate Bunny!

Bill Snail: No, I have it, dawg!

Gizmo Snail: No, I have it!

Snobby Snail: I’ve got it! I found it first!

(And the cast starts fighting over who has the Pickle Egg)

Gary: STOP!

The Rest of the Snails: Huh? What?

Gary: Guys, we can’t all have the Pickle Egg. There is only one Pickle Egg!

All: But we do, look!

(And the snails hold up there Pickle Eggs)

Gary: Hmm. It looks like you all do have Pickle Eggs.

Gary: I guess there is only one thing we can do.

The Rest of the Snails: What?

Gary: We’ll just have to share the Chocolate Bunny!

(The cast looks at each other in astonishment)

All: OK.

(And the Snails eat the Chocolate Bunny like there is no tomorrow.)

(But Wait! Look who’s by the window…)

Easter Bunny: Ha! Ha! Ha! I love to play tricks on those kids.

Bugs Bunny: Ya Know, someday, you might be as good as me.

Bill Snail: Hey! Those 2 bunnys pulled a prank on us!

All: Let’s get em!

(And the Snails start charging towards them)

Easter Bunny: Uh Oh!

Bugs Bunny: RUN!

Both Bunnys: AHHHHHH!!!!!

(And the 2 Bunnys and the snails run off into the sunset)



(Ending adventourus music plays during THE END! title card)


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Here's a new episode for you guys!

Gary The Snail’s Undersea Adventures

Episode 3: Game Day

Gary The Snail: Let’s Play Go Fish Everyone.

The Other Snails: Naw.

Gary The Snail: But Guys, It’s Game Day! We have to choose a game to play.

Gary The Snail: We’ve done this forever! It’s a tradition!

Bill Snail: Gary’s right. We’ve done this ever since we were tots!

Gary The Snail: Thank You, Bill. So, who’s up for some Fishopoly?

All The Other Snails that is Not Bill or Gary: No

Gary The Snail: Sea Risk?

The Rest: No.

Gary The Snail: Leap Frog?

The Rest: NO!

Gary The Snail: Fine! DO Whatever you want to! I don’t care!

Bill Snail: Guys! Please just make Gary happy.

Snelly Snail: Ok. I’m in.

The Rest: OK

Bill Snail: Gary, we know you felt bad about not playing a game, so we decided to play one after all.

Gary The Snail: Really?

Bill Snail: Yes, dawg.

Gary The Snail: You guys are so sweet!

(Gary Hugs the Other Snails)

The Rest of the Snails: You’re killing us!

Gary The Snail: Oh, Sorry.

The Rest: So, What Should We Play?

Gary The Snail: What about Tag?

The Rest: OK!

Narrator: And they all had lots of fun. The End.

Gary The Snail: Scene when did we hire a narrator?

Gary The Snail: Oh well. Got to get back to playing. Bye!



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It's Time to Churn Out a New Episode.

Gary The Snail’s Undersea Adventures

Episode 4-Let’s Make A Comedy Show!

Gary: Ugh. What should we do today guys?

Bill Snail: zzzzzzz Huh? What?

Snobby Snail: (Talking into a phone) Yes, Yes. Make It Snappy!

Snobby Snail: Now, what did you say?

Gary: Facepalms

Gizmo Snail: And here. And here.


Gizmo Snail: Ow.

Grandpa Snail: Hmm. Let’s See Here. Where should I move this piece?

Grandpa Snail: Uh, What did you say Sport?

Yertle The Turtle: Pss. Gary!

Gary: What?!

Yertle The Turtle: If you don’t think of something fast, the excuatives are going to boot you out!

Gary: OK!

Gary: I know! Let’s Make A Comedy Show!

Bill Snail: Uh, Gary. You do know we’re on a comedy show,right?

Gary: So?

Bill Snail: OK then.

Gary: Then it’s seatled! We’ll make a comedy show.

(Cues to Thinking/Brainstorming Room)

Gary: Allright. Let’s think about some ideas.

Bill Snail: I still think this is a bad idea.

Gary: Do you have any confidence in me, Bill?

Bill Snail: Uh…

Gary: Don’t answer.

Bill Snail: Ok.

Gary: Sigh.

Gary: Anyway, let’s make some ideas.

Bill Snail: I’ve got nothing.

Snelly: Neither do I.

Gary: Come on guys! Let’s think of something.

Bill Snail: This isn’t really fun.

Gizmo Snail: Runaway Laser on the loose!

Gary: What?

Gizmo Snail: Just DUCK!


(And… All the papers are ruined)

(Gary looks in astonishment that all the paper is destroyed.)

Gary: Yah know, maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all.

(Waits for 5 seconds)

Gary: Hey guys! Do you want to play ball?

Bill Snail: Sure.

Snelly Snail: Sure.

Gary: Ok! Let’s Go!


(And the snails run off to play some ball)



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