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ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1

SpongeBob and His Friends

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Hello Everyone. I have decieded to make a spin-off called SpongeBob and His Friends. It is a very suspenseful tale about SpongeBob and His Friends in a great depression due to the death of Mr. Krabs. With help from Squidward and others, SpongeBob will track down the murder of Mr. Krabs. Expect the first episode to be released soon! :)

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Hey Guys! Expect a special Valentine's Day short that doesn't have to do with the revoving plot tommorow. It should kinda give you a feel for what the series will be like. Series premerie should be on Wednesday, Feb. 15th with new episodes premering each Monday and Wednesday after that. Hope you guys "toon in!":)

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Hey Guys! Expect a special Valentine's Day short that doesn't have to do with the revoving plot tommorow. It should kinda give you a feel for what the series will be like. Series premerie should be on Wednesday, Feb. 15th with new episodes premering each Monday and Wednesday after that. Hope you guys "toon in!":)

Haha! Sure :) .

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Sorry Guys about not getting the short out yesterday. I will instead debut it today. The series premerie will also be later tonight. Allright, here it is.

SpongeBob and His Friends

Short 1: A Valentine’s Day Murderer

Billy Bob: Welcome Folks to Bikini Bottom News. It’s Valentine’s Day here in Bikini Bottom and the love is spreading everywhere. Especially on Jellyfish Fields where a Valentine’s Day Party is beginning held. Stay tooned for more reports.

(Cues to Jellyfish Fields)

SpongeBob: Isn’t this a great day, Patrick

Patrick: Heck Yeah!

SpongeBob: What do you think of this great day, Squidward?

Squidward: Whatever.


SpongeBob: What…

Squidward: The…

Patrick: (Dolphin Sound)

SpongeBob: Patrick! Learn some manners!

Patrick: What?

Squidward: We don’t have time to stand here and fight like idiots! Come on!

(Cues to where the kaboom took place)

SpongeBob: Wow.

(The gang stands in silence looking over the field where a big crater caused by the kaboom is)

Squidward: Look! Someone’s down there!

(The gang and other partiers rush to the scene.)

Patrick: Is anyone here a doctor?

Doctor Jim: I’m a doctor.

Bugs Bunny: Eh… What’s Up Doc?

SpongeBob: Since when are you in this story?

Bugs Bunny: I came to this story to make something funny out of it.

Bugs Bunny: By The Way, the murderer went that way.

Squidward: But we didn’t even check his pulse yet!

Doctor Jim: Bugs is right. I just checked the guy. He’s dead. He must have been murdered. So go get that murderer.

Patrick: Yes Sir!

(The gang go run after the murderer)

Doctor Jim: By The Way, How can you breathe under water.

Bugs Bunny: Good Question. I probably should get back to land now. Acck !

(Bugs leaves the underwater world, now suffocating.)

Bugs Bunny: Don’t worry. I’m fine!

(OK then, thanks for checking up on us Bugs, now back to SpongeBob and the gang trying to catch the murderer!)

(Cue to patch of Jellyfish Fields)

Squidward: Look! There he is!

???: Yes. Now you’ll be trapped


The Gang(SpongeBob, Squidward, Patrick): Ah oh!

???: HA HA HA! You’ve just been trapped by the famous Heart Murderer!

SpongeBob: Oh Great. How are we supposed to get out of this?

Heart Murderer: You can’t! Ha!

Patrick: Buuurrrp!

Heart Murderer: What! That is impossible!

Squidward: Let’s get him! Charge!

All(Except Heart Murderer): Yahhhhhh!!!!!

Hear Murderer: Mother!


Heart Murderer: Oh great.

Billy Bob: And thus ends a great Valentine’s Day short of SpongeBob and His Friends! The murderer was caught and put into jail. We’ll see you next time for more episodes of the continuing plot line of SpongeBob and His Friends! Have a Great Valentine’s Day Everyone!


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sorry i'm late you guys. I was playing SpongeBob Jeopardy. And Now, for the moment you've all been waiting for. The Premerie of SpongeBob and His Friends! Hope You like it! Reviews are appriciated. Enjoy!:)

SpongeBob and His Friends

Episode 1: A Suspenseful Tale

Narrator: One Beautiful Day In Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob and Squidward were at their jobs, as usual, but today, something unbelievable was about to happen.

SpongeBob: Ah, what a beautiful day, isn’t it Squidward

Squidward: Whatever

(Boys here Gun Shot)

Both: What the?

SpongeBob: I think it came from Mr. Krab’s office!

(The Boys run in to see Mr. Krabs completely knocked out on the floor)

Squidward: Oh My God. SpongeBob, call 911 NOW!

(SpongeBob runs to the phone and calls 911 )

Squidward: This has got to be the most horrible thing that has happened to me.

(Cue to Patrick’s house)

Patrick: Yawn. Ah, time to get up.

(Patrick walks outside in his robe to see 5 ambulances heading to the Krusty Krab)

Patrick: Hmm, something isn’t right here. Oh well.

(Patrick heads to store to buy food)

Cashier: That will be one dollar, sir.

Patrick: Hmm, I’ve got nothing.

(Patrick gets kicked out of store)

Patrick: I need a job

(Cues to hospital)

SpongeBob: Docter!, Docter! Will Mr. Krabs be all right?

Doctor Jim: He should be fine. Nurse, let’s get him to a room, stat!

Nurse Sandy: Right Away Sir!

SpongeBob: I didn’t know Sandy worked as a Nurse?

(Cues to Hospital Room)

Doctor Jim: Oh God, we’re losing him!

Squidward: This can’t be happening!!!!

SpongeBob: SOB!

(Beep Beep Beep Errrrrrrrr)

Doctor Jim: Oh No.

Squidward: Is he…?



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Shoot. Forgot this yesterday. Must have gottin home too late to remember. Anyway, here it is. Reviews are appriciated.

SpongeBob and His Friends

Episode 2: The Death of Mr. Krabs

Billy Bob(TV ANNOUCER): A wonderful day in Bikini Bottom has gone bad as Mr. Krabs was hospitalized due to unseen circumstances. Another report has yet to come in on the subject. Stay tooned.

(Cues to hospital room, where we left off in episode 1)

Squidward: Is he…?

Doctor Jim: I’m afraid so.

SpongeBob: Wahhhhhh!!! Why!!!!

Doctor Jim (Talking To Squidward): You better take him home. We’ll call you back soon.

(Cues to Patrick, hunting a job)

Store Manager 1: No.

Store Manager 2: No.

Store Manager 3: No.

Store Manager 500: What do you think?

Patrick: Hmm. What to do now?

???: Hey Pinkie.

Patrick: What? Who said that?

???: Me. Come Here.

(Patrick comes to the mysterious voice)

???: I heard you need a job. Come inside. I’ll give you a job.

Patrick: Really?

???: Yeah. Come on in.

(Cues to SpongeBob House)

SpongeBob: Sigh.

Gary: Meow.

SpongeBob: Oh Hi Gary. I’m sad.

Gary: Meow

SpongeBob: Because Mr. Krabs is gone.

Gary: Purrrr

SpongeBob: Thanks Gary.

(Ring, Ring!)

SpongeBob: Oh it’s the phone! I’ll get it!

SpongeBob: Hello?

Doctor Jim: Hello SpongeBob. Come On Down to the Hospital. We need to talk.



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Sorry guys. I forgot to post my 2nd short film for the series yesterday. I'll post it today. Remember to watch Episode 3 of SpongeBob and His Friends before SpongeBob Jeopardy tonight! Now, here's the short.:)

SpongeBob and His Friends

Short 2: A Visit from The Lorax

Narrator Bob: And Now, It’s Time for SpongeBob and His Friends Episode…


Lorax: Hello. I’m The Lorax. I speak for the trees. I want everyone to know that cutting down Underwater Trees is bad for you. You need them to live. Thank you for understanding.

Announcer: This has been a message from The Lorax’s Save The Trees Program.


Patrick: Bah!



Patrick: Whew. That was some hard work.

Lorax: Hey!

Patrick: What?

Lorax: Did You Chop Down This Tree?

Patrick: Yes.

Lorax: Why? You obviously haven’t seen my commercial. Otherwise, you would know better than that.


(Lorax Falls Dead To The Ground.)

Patrick: That will shut you up.

Patrick Nice Constance: Patrick! How Could You!

Patrick Mean Constance: No. Don’t Listen To Him. You did the right thing.

Patrick Nice Constance: Oh, You want to Bet on that?

Patrick Mean Constance: Ok! That’s It. (PUNCH!)

Patrick Nice Constance: Oh, You’re On!

(Both start fighting in a fist fight)

Patrick: Guys. Guys. GUYS!!!!!

Both of the Constance Patricks: Huh?

Patrick: Stop fighting. I know what I did was wrong.

Patrick Nice Constance: Success!

Patrick Mean Constance: Grrr. You always win.

(Patrick’s Mean Constance disappears and goes Poof!)

Patrick: And in The Lorax’s honor, I will continue his tradition of saving the trees.

Patrick Nice Constance: There ya go, Patrick!

Lorax: Can I get you to submit that in writing?

Patrick: What? How Are You Still Alive?

Lorax: Ha! I was wearing a built-proof vest! It always make people join me in saving the trees! How did you think I got a crew to do a PSA for me?

Patrick: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Patrick Nice Constance: Let’s Book Him!

Lorax: Ah Oh!

(Patrick and His Nice Constance start running and chasing The Lorax into the Bikini Bottom sunset)


Narrator: Now without further ado, Here’s SpongeBob and His Friends Episode 3! Coming Tommorow!


(Trivia and Notes- When I originally made this short, it was supposed to air on March 2nd, 2012 in honor of Dr. Seuss' Birthday. So, episode 3 will be coming tonight, not tommorow like the short says. Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and Have a Great Dr. Seuss Weekend!:))

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Sorry guys. I completely forgot about this and Jeopardy last night. Well, here's Episode 3.

SpongeBob and His Friends

Episode 3: The Journey Begins

Narrator Bob: LAST TIME ON SPONGEBOB AND HIS FRIENDS, the city of Bikini Bottom morns as the most famous restraunt owner, Mr. Krabs, has died, but Doctor Jim has just contacted SpongeBob to come down to the Krusty Krab for some important information.

Bullwinkle: Great, thanks for ripping us off.

Rocky: Bullwinkle, be quiet! The show is about to start!

Bullwinkle: Ok, I’ll get some popcorn. I’ll be coming back as fast I can!

Rocky: Oh Bullwinkle.

Narrator Bob: Now Here’s something we hope you’ll really like! Oh shoot! Well, while we’re getting Rocky and Bullwinkle quotes out of our heads, here’s Episode 3 of SpongeBob and His Friends.

(Cues to Krusty Krab; SpongeBob walking into the abandoned building.)

Plankton: Yes! Now with Mr. Krabs gone, I can finally get the Kraby Patty formula! Ha! Ha! Ha! Wait, No! Ahhhhhh!

(SPALT! SpongeBob steps on Plankton!)

(SpongeBob walks into the Krusty Krab)

SpongeBob: Hello?

(Door Slams)

Doctor Jim: Ah, SpongeBob! You’re Here! Come in and Sit!

(SpongeBob Sits down with Doctor Jim)

SpongeBob: So, what did you want?

Doctor Jim: SpongeBob, I have secret information that could help in solving the mystery of who murdered Mr.Krabs.

SpongeBob: Really? What?

Doctor Jim: Well, not much except we know that is was Colonel Mustard with the gun in the ballroom.

SpongeBob: Umm, that’s form the board game Clue.

Doctor Jim: What! Oops! Brought out the wrong info

Colonel Mustard: What! I didn’t do anything! I’m offended

SpongeBob: Since when can humans breathe underwater?

Colonel Mustard: Oops. Cheerio my good peoples!

(Colonel Mustard swims back up to land)

Doctor Jim: Anyway, here’s the real info

Doctor Jim: It is some guy in a dark suit. We don’t his name or where his location is. But we know that his next target is your Grandmother!

SpongeBob: Oh No! I’m coming Grandma!

Narrator Bob: Will SpongeBob get there in time? Tune in to us next week for SpongeBob V.S. The Villain or The Guy in The Shadows!


Rocky: Well that was a good movie, don’t you think, Bullwinkle?

Bullwinkle: Yep.

Rocky: Well, we’re out of time for today, kids. Care to do the honors, Bullwinkle?

Bullwinkle: Allie…

Rocky: Oop!


Porky Pig: Th Th Th That’s All Folks!


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Ok here's a new episode. Episode 4!

SpongeBob and His Friends

Episode 4-The Next Victim…

RECAP: SpongeBob meets Doctor Jim at the Krusty Krab for secret information, only to find out that the next victim is his own Grandmother!

(Cues to Grandma’s house)

SpongeBob- Grandma! Grandma! Are You Here?!

Grandma- Oh. Hello, SpongeBob. Come inside and sit.

SpongeBob- We don’t have time for that! We got to get out of here!

Grandma- But Why?


SpongeBob- Come on!

Grandma- Oh My!

(SpongeBob and His Grandma run downstairs as quickly as possible to get out of the house before it explodes! While heading downstairs, gunshots are heard. The gunshots are trying to hit Grandma!)

Grandma-Oh My, I can’t forget my precious memories! Or My Cane!

SpongeBob- Grandma!

Grandma- I’ll be okay!

SpongeBob- OK.

(SpongeBob runs out of the house and 5 secs later…)


(The house explodes with Grandma inside)


SpongeBob-Oh No.

(SpongeBob starts sobbing on the ground, sad that his grandma is gone)

Narrator: But Wait! What is that noise?!

SpongeBob: Huh?

(Vroom! Vroom!)

Grandma: Ye Haw!

SpongeBob: Grandma!

(Grandma come flying out of the destruction on a motorcycle with a car tied to the behind of the motorcycle, with everything from the house inside the car!)

SpongeBob: Grandma! You’re OK!

Grandma: I told you I would be, didn’t I?

(SpongeBob and Grandma hug)

Narrator: But Wait! Look up at the horizon!

Mystery Man: I’ll get you someday SpongeBob! I’ll rule Bikini Bottom! Someday!

SpongeBob: Want to join our team, Grandma?

Grandma: Yes.



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