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Jon Snow

165. House Sittin' for Sandy / Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom


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Terribad episode pair, perhaps the worst of the entire show. I'll get into why I hate this pair so much here:


House Sittin' for Sandy: Oh my fucking god, there are almost no other episodes out there that come close to being as dull, lifeless, uninspired and as much of a waste of time as this one ("almost" due to a few others spread around later post-movie). There is nothing to like here. This episode is full of bad visuals (dried-up Spongebob is this episode's biggest visual sin but there's also half-assed animation and general stiffness), lame dialogue and it boasts an uninteresting plot to boot. This episode ranks among the most frustrating and utterly awful episodes of the entire show, and it is only rivalled by a select few other awful episodes.

1/10 / F (TERRIBLE episode)


Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom: Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse... Where to start here... Oh, right. This episode's biggest issue is not even the fact that when it's not being awful, it's boring; the main issue is with Patrick's characterization, or should I say lack thereof. His existence is unneeded in this episode and his only reason for appearing is to eat Squidward's concert tickets or backstage passes. I daresay he's even worse here than in the much-reviled Ink Lemonade, as while his character there was basically nonexistent and also made for an uncomfortable and aggravating viewing experience, he's arguably even more awfully portrayed in this episode. And the worst part is, he's getting LAUDED by the crowd at the concert for interrupting the concert and fucking with Squidward even more. I don't even think the plain concept of a "Squidward torture" is inherently bad, as I believe it all comes down to execution, which is why here, this sort of action is utterly terrible. Past Patrick, as mentioned above, literally nothing here is noteworthy or memorable, and that makes an already horrid episode even worse. Overall, there is absolutely nothing to enjoy here, and it, too, ranks among the most frustratingly shitty episodes of the entire show.

1/10 / F (TERRIBLE episode]

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