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133a. The Curse of Bikini Bottom

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Another great season 7 episode and It was well-writen but some parts were boring actually and I think this episode could have been much funnier. It's good to see The Flying Dutchman again but It is not his best episode. Some parts in this episode were funny like Squidward's trowl being in Patrick's butt, SpongeBob and Patrick riding Squidward's lawnmover, SpongeBob and Patrick trying to scare Squidward and the ending. I recommend this episode. 8/10



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Freaking underrated. This might be the best season 7 episode out there!

Overall, the plot was worked out very well, and the jokes worked for me. It really had a classic feeling to it IMO.

Also, I like what they did with the animation. Clever written as well. Highly recommend it!



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So for those who don’t know, despite this episode being one of the more liked season 7 episodes, I actually felt that this was a bad episode. Of course, this bothered OBABY because he didn’t agree, so he kept asking me to rewatch. I honestly thought that, since it was one of the more liked season 7 episodes, and it was one of the least bad bad epsodes anyway, that it would at least go up to meh, so I rewatched it and...




...It was worse


Seriously, this episode really goes under the radar out of all bad episodes. Even Battle of Bikini Bottom was at least hated years ago. This one has always been liked more than it’s been disliked. Here’s why I dislike this episode:


The biggest thing is.....it’s BORING. Much more boring than every 9a episode for sure (on an unrelated note, why does 9a and 8 get specifically called out for being boring? At least half of the epsodes in that season aren’t boring, and 7 and 6 are overall more boring than them). The episode has an interesting concept, but they barely do anything with it. Most of the episode isn’t even about them being ghosts....... only about 2 minutes are, and 1 of those is spent with Spongebob and Patrick trying to scare Squidward in the most boring way possible. And while we’re on that, the pacing is horrendeus. It takes literally 5 minutes for them to turn into ghosts. They spend at most 2 and a half hours living their lives as ghosts. This is really bad pacing and helps make the episode as boring as it is. Another thing is that Spongebob and Patrick being forced to suffer when they did nothing wrong is kinda painful to watch. I wouldn’t mind this if it was entertaining or funny, but when it’s not amusing at all, it just makes it kinda depressing. Seriously, I’m confused why this episode of all things is one of he more liked season 7 episodes. It’s boring with absymal pacing, has very few jokes, and doesn’t have enough substance to stop Spongebob and Patrick suffering from being a bit painful and depressing in a bad way.


However, every episode of this series always has SOMETHING good in it (except Pet or Pests lmao), and this is no exception. I have to admit there is ONE good joke in it.... and this joke was actually very funny to me when I saw it.

  • SpongeBob: Please, Mr. Dutchman, we can't take it! Constantly moaning and groaning!
  • Patrick: Invisible to the world!
  • SpongeBob: [starts to cry] Living without a soul!
  • Patrick: [crying] It's miserable!
  • SpongeBob: [sobs] How could anyone live like this?! [cut to Squidward sipping tea. He looks back. He continues]

Why couldn’t the rest of the episode be like this? This was actually really funny. 

However, one joke isn’t enough to redeem the episode. This episode was still very bad outside of this.



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