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Munichi Jasuda

134. SpongeBob's Last Stand

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This episode is so underrated. I thought this episode was a great special. It's not bad as people says but there were some problems in this episode. First of all, I didn't like that nobody didn't care about Jellyfishing Fields. Second of all I didn't like that the cops arrested SpongeBob and Patrick because SpongeBob didn't have a sitar license. Also I didn't like that SpongeBob called Sandy "Sandy the squirrel". Also the ending was rushed but this episode was actually enjoyable. The songs in this episode are very underrated. I actually liked the songs. There were some hilarious parts in this episode like Plankton saying "I've been stealing your mail for the past five years", SpongeBob saying "Will you help me?", then Bikini Bottomies saying "No", SpongeBob saying "You're kidding right?" and then Bikini Bottomies saying "Yes" and a lot of Jellyfishes stinging Plankton. It's not one of my favorite season 7 episodes but It was a good special. I rate this episode 8/10.

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