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Munichi Jasuda

134. SpongeBob's Last Stand

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Why not?

Tivo is a friend to the world.

It's because they wanted to air it on Earth Day, which happens to land on a Thursday.

Anyway, I thought the episode was a masterpiece when compared to the other heavily-criticized specials of SpongeBob. I also love the two songs they sang!

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Pretty Good special. Now onto my review :

Spongebob's Last Stand :

*Ah, we start off in JellyFish Fields.

*Congratulations Spongebob for catching another jellyfish!

* The JellyFishing song. That actually has a beat to it kinda.

* Lol singing coral. 428899.gif

* "Majestic Creatures?" Well they are neat, but i don't think they are magestic..

* Wait what is this? They are planning to build a highway through Jellyfish fields!

* Wow, Patrick said something smart again.

* And the quest to save Jellyfish Fields begins! But poor spongebob can't get any help.

* Even Mr. Krabs has joined the dark side.. until he sees the rest of the map.

* The Plan was approved by Plankton? How surprising.

* I actually got a laugh from the conviently timed flashback part.

* I like how they made a reference to how many people protest against new things in real life.

* I liked how they aired this on Earth Day and it is a perfect Earth Day themed episode.

* Did anyone notice Chum Is Fum made a cameo on that billboard?

* Spongebob has turned into a hippie!

* More Police Patrol.

* That is a nice story Patrick.

* Things seem to get worse each minute..

* Never give up spongebob!

* Did anyone notice the 2 wrestlers for The Krusty Krushers made a cameo in this episode during the parade?

* Wow for once Plankton actually threatend to kill Spongebob (Well not really, but he did run over him and poured Tar on him).

* That sure is a super highway.

* Mr. Krabs is going to give the formula to Plankton? Noo!

* But before he does, an invasion of Jellyfish swarm over them..

* It's the invasion of Jellyfish!

* Hey random fish who keeps calling random names!

* The worst thing since 97 cents stores? And a bunch of characters come by.

* That marks the end of Plankton's highway. And everything goes back to normal with a nice ending song. Not a bad special.

Grade: B+

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Can I still discuss this episode here even though it's no longer stickied and like...old? 428899.gif

Oh well, Imma post this anyway.

I've seen this airing several times in the UK now, and I'm not that disappointed.

Sure, it's not great, but it is quite a nice episode.

However, there are several things that bug me: The damn jellyfishing song. (901662.gif), Sandy SQUIRREL?! LOLwut. No. It's Cheeks. Uhh, and I think it's too rushed, and there's too much Plankton at the moment. 428899.gif

Overall, 7.9/10.

I was actually pretty impressed.

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