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133b. Squidward In Clarinetland

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While this episode was kinda creepy, it was still ok ( And again, pasting my review from earlier).

Squidward In Clarinetland:

* So Squidward doesn't care if he gets hurt at all today? Oh wait, it's because he kept his clarinet in a case because he has practice today.

* Aww, a baby drools on your clarinet, calm down squidward.

* So Mr.Krabs decides to get an old locker from the navy? Seems supicous..

* Well an old locker does need a cleaning..

* And of course, Mr.Krabs goes nuts over some loose change..

* Spongebob, i think you over decorated the safe..

* And now you create a file office of some type into a safe..

* Did anyone get some Alice in Wonderland vibes during this episode?

* So squidward opens a curtain to a place called Clarinetland. Again, Clarinetland= Wonderland.

* A Giant eagle head? Ok.. that's odd..

* And then squidward lands in a room with a chair and mirrors..

* Dang, this whole episode got creepy.

* Hey, how did Patrick get into this episode?

* Then they go through space?

* So squidward gets his clarinet back. OK, i guess it was ok that there wasn't alot of squidward abuse it in and squidward got his clarinet back, but they could have bothered to explain some more about Clarinetland. Oh well, i needed something to creep me out.

Grade : B+

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WOW. This episode was very interesting, funny and weird. It's definetly one of the best season 7 episodes. It was a great parody of Alice in Wonderland. I actually rated this episode 8/10 because I thought some parts were boring but I rewatched it again and there were no boring moments actually and there were no flaws in this episode. I wish we could see more of Clarinetland but It's okay. I really enjoyed watching this episode and there some funny moments in this episode like Mr. Krabs acting like a gorilla, one of SpongeBob's notes saying "Ooops! Did I say 1018*2-5? I meant 2019*3-E! Sorry" and the ending. It's another gem of season 7. 10/10

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