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136b. Summer Job

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Even though there was some flaws in it, it was still decent.

Summer Job:

* Congrats spongebob, you got summer break from boating school.

* But why must you bother Mrs.Puff even more?

* Dang Mrs.Puff, you got violent..

* Oh no!

* And now to pay off the damages, Mrs.Puff has to work for The Krusty Krab.

* She ends up working for Spongebob though. Irony..

* Squidward must be extremely happy now they he got off for the summer.

* Did anyone notice some Krusty Krab Training Video references during the episode?

* Yeah spongebob, i think Mrs. Puff knew it was you..

* Spongebob, your starting to piss me and Mrs. Puff off..

* I'm surprised nobody has mentioned this before : Mrs.Puff abuse episodes.

* Wow, it seems like everyone is getting in trouble now for littering.. ( *Cough Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful Cough*)

* Mrs. Puff goes to jail again? Deja vu.. again..

* So Spongebob is teaching Mrs.Puff? Irony again.

Grade : B

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Nice bump, Cha! :P


But seriously, I never really was a huge fan of this episode. I always felt that it had wasted potential--not for the Krabs x Puff relationship. Never really expected a continuation of that. But I felt like they were focusing too much on the "SpongeBob is annoying Mrs. Puff" dynamic rather than the idea of switching the order and having SpongeBob teach Mrs. Puff the ways of the Krusty Krab instead. Maybe then the ending wouldn't have seemed so harsh and abrupt.


Just my thoughts on it.

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MEH. This episode wasn't good actually but It is not one of the worst season 7 episode. I've seen worse season 7 episodes than this episode. It was a Mrs. Puff abuse episode and SpongeBob was annoying in this episode. Also what happened to Kruff (KrabsXPuff)? This episode definetly ruined "Krusty Love" episode, which was a hilarious episode. This episode wasn't bad because some parts were enjoyable and funny but I don't recommend this episode. It's not worth watching again. 5/10

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I thought this episode could have been executed so much better.  It had an intriguing premise with Mrs. Puff working at the same place with SpongeBob, but good god was SpongeBob an over the top nuisance to the extreme in this episode.  Makes Demolition Doofus a bit more redeeming in my eye after finally watching this episode.



What the heck happened between Krabs and Puff here? sad.png

Poor storyline continuity happened here Cha.



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