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152b. Perfect Chemistry

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Discuss the new episode airing today. You can already watch it online though.


Perfect Chemistry

*Glad to see more Sandy episodes.

*That is a lot of nuts.

*The broccoli was voiced by Tom Kenny.

*Plankton as steam was a little strange. Probably his strangest plan yet.

*Glad to see some interaction between Sandy and Karen.

*Sandy's evil laugh was pretty bad.

*I actually laughed at the part with Mr. Krabs and Squidward. I didn't really mind the fart jokes. This and Tunnel of Glove made me laugh.

*Test 3!

*Uh oh, did Plankton win for once?

*Nope. But, I thought this was a pretty good episode nonetheless.

Grade: A/B+

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I told you that I watched the episode from nick.com so here is my review.

Outside of the fart jokes, it was actually a well constructed episode, but the fart jokes just ran over the episode. I was fine with it the first time, the second time was not too bad. Then it just became a recurring theme in the episode and that's where they lost me.

Otherwise, it was one of the better post-movvie Sandy plots and I kinda liked her and Plankton working together. They had perfect chemistry for the most part 428899.gif

But like I said earlier, the fart jokes brought down the episode a lot. Yes, SpongeBob and Plankton were in a gaseous state of form, but that doesn't mean they have to result to toilet humor.


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Perfect Chemistry

I've been waiting for this episode for a long time as I first heard the title and possible plots a few weeks back. The plot itself was brilliant as I love it when two characters who don't usually interact have there own episode together. I found that Sandy and Plankton worked well together as Sandy has always had a mean streak (IMO) Some gags weren't that funny as they were overused (The experiment and fart gags weren't funny) But Plankton was hilarious in this one, along with many other season 7 episodes. I didn't really like the ending with how Sandy knew Plankton was going to steal the formula (They haven't really interacted since now) But besides a few flaws this episode was quite good and a good way to end a fantastic season.

Score: 7.5/10.0

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