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[4th] Weekly Surprise

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Every Tuesday during March Madness 2020, there will be a special, unique game at 7pm EDT. Tonight's game is…

Guess Who?

Whichever team wins will receive 1,000 doubloons, experience points and a point for their side on the scoreboard.

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Here we go. Below are 22 cryptic clues that have the identifies of people behind them. You may use the internet to figure these out:

1.) I am the voice of a greedy crustacean and swing around from role to role in multiple forms of media. Who am I?

2.) I created a sport with an orange ball. Who am I?

3.) I was the first man on this astronomical object orbiting the Earth. Who am I?

4.) I am a fictional hero using a nocturnal animal as my theme, and hide behind a rich persona. Who am I? 

5.) I played Walter White. Who am I?

6.) I am the creator of a cartoon about a fictional town in Oregon. Who am I?

7.) I wrote a story about true love from two separate, rivaling households in fair Verona. Who am I?

8.) I directed a movie that goes up, up, and away into the sky, along with a movie about feelings. Who am I? 

9.) I was the 10th president of the US of A. Who am I?

10.) I am a famous martial artist and actor, aged 65 as of now. Who am I? 

11.) I am the creator of a franchise where you catch many monsters. Who am I?

12.) I am actress, dancer and singer commonly going by a nickname starting with “J” and “ending in “o”. Who am I?

13.) I am the creator of a video game franchise about a red plumber. Who am I?

14.) I am the director of this crossover between Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan. Who am I?

15.) I am the creator of a series about crystal gems. Who am I?

16.) I am the author of a literature series about a song of ice and fire. Who am I?

17.) I was the creator of a hit game show hosted by Alex Trebek. Who am I?

18.) I was the 19th prime minister of a country north of America. Who am I? 

19.) I am a singer known for finding love and rude boys. Who am I?

20.) I am an actress who portrayed the mother of Freddie Benson. Who am I?

21.) I am an alien from a famous space franchise who received much mesa hatred. Who am I?

22.) I play Frank Reynolds and was The Lorax. Who am I?

DM me your answers.

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