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Crap's Fics (Current Project: N-Force)

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I realized instead of just posting my fics on here, I'll create a separate page promoting them, or whatever project I have at the moment.

So far, my whole Nickelodeon Heroes series is on hold. Yes, I knew this was coming, but lately, I haven't feel like writing the series lately. I feel like I want to ditch the whole MCU influence (Though the A-Force series influenced this story), not to mention it feels like I'm repeating ideas. So now, I'm just doing, whatever I feel like doing.

My current story: N-Force



When all the men in the universe start mysteriously disappearing, can all the Nicktoons heroines band up and put a stop to this mysterious threat?
...yes, I'll be honest, this plot is...pretty tough dealing with it, since well, I'm a guy, and this is basically an all female story. I only wanted to write a story like this since well, everybody else is doing this trend, so why not do it with Nicktoons? Nothing to do with messages or anything, just do a story like this. Plus, these aren't original characters, these are already existing characters with personalities, plus I've already wrote nearly all of them before in previous fics. Though my rule is: NO POLITICS in the story. 
Also, again, this has nothing to do with my NH series. This is an entirely new world.
Also, remember when I said I won't do Avatar? ...The characters are in this, from BOTH series. 
Poster (Kind of a note, Korra's supposed to be in her Book 4 design..but I couldnt find any vectors of it. And FTR, these aren't ALL of the main characters).

N-Force Poster heaven.png

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