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Munichi Jasuda

Introducing: Teams 4 and Draft!

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Current team rosters:

Krusty Krew 0b8624ca11fec17e5a817b3fe26e1b4d.png

  • dman
  • RDSP
  • sbl
  • BenPaz
  • Goobz
  • Local (late addition)

Chum Buddies 34f70f3bbfd5a2e47a65da4c44240b4e.png

  • Darkness
  • Fred
  • Wintermelon
  • OBAB
  • Halibut
  • Mythix (late addition)

Thanks to Krabs and Plankton for humbly picking their teams. If you missed out on this, do not worry, you can still sign up from here on out and wait for someone else to join to balance it out like I did with Mythix/Local. Take the next few days to get used to your new teams, and see you all March 1st!

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