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Patty Rose

iFish - Location Months

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Following the success (we think) of last year's iFish character months, we're bringing a new flavour this year, in which each month will be themed around a location, with the return of previous items, as well as new items themed around that month's location. So where'll be going first? Well let's head on down to...

The Krusty Krab!

From now until January 31st, you can buy Krusty Krab-themed iFish items to help advertise the moutherwatering grub of Bikini Bottom's best restaurant, and score Mr. Krabs a bit more dosh. In addition, there's a new Krusty Krab Hat courtesy of Cha!

In an unrelated addition, the Sponge iFish color has also now been made a permanent item to fit with the other new SpongeBob character ifish body colors, as well as unfortunately sad to say the Clem iFish color and Clem Hat have both been discontinued after nearly 5 years of living in the iFish store, still unable to read.

Here's what's in stock!

Krusty Krab Month

  • Krusty Krab Hat (NEW!)
  • ChefBob Puppet
  • Golden Spatula
  • Pizza Box
  • Spatula
  • Speech Bubble

All items are now available for purchase in the iFish Store!

Enjoy Krusty Krab month! See you again for next month's location! :D

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