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DMAN's unofficial top 10 Boards of Canada songs

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it is my duty to complete my king neptune assignment from weeks back. happy FRICKIN birthday prez.

I want to say am very grateful. Ever since mid-2017 I have been gifted with the knowledge of the godly musical duo that is Boards of Canada. And yeah, even if it took me a couple of years to start digging deeper into their albums, I still liked what I’ve heard since the beginning. To show this, I’ve picked ten of my favorites across their four albums and ordered them from great to even greater. So, without further ado, let’s see how many controversial picks I make begin!


DMAN’s top 10 BoC [album] songs (probably subject to change)



…ok, I lied. I couldn’t just make a top ten list and call it a day; there are too many total bangers of tracks that I want to talk about! If you don’t mind, I’m settling on a top 15 so that I can keep up with the true Top15s spirit, and I won’t elaborate on these ones as much but keep in mind that I still really like all of them. LET’S GO


15 (tie). "Corsair", "Dandelion"
I couldn’t decide between these two, so I listed them both. These are my two favorite interstitial tracks in Geogaddi, if not in the entire BoC discography period. They both give off this surreal vibe that I’ll probably be bringing up a bit later on, so let’s continue. (and no, dandelion does not sound better reversed)


14. "Come to Dust"
Both The Campfire Headphase and Tomorrow’s Harvest have this unusual chill, atmospheric feel that most other BoC songs don’t have, and this right here is exhibit A. It’s a nice song for driving down the highway in the light of a sunset. Sounds like the album cover, huh?


13. "Aquarius"
70s porno beat aside, this song is a BANGER dude. I’ve only known about it for 2 days as of writing this and it’s already grown so much on me. Orange! 44! ORANGE! Y E A H T H A T S R I G H T


12. "Satellite Anthem Icarus"
This song + walking in the light rain = one heck of an experience. Like Aquarius, this one grew on me quite a bit after listening to it. It’s just so… calming. Great overcast music.



11. "An Eagle in Your Mind"
This song builds up amazingly over its duration. Kind of wish it would’ve gone further, but the point where the beat stops is already enough to warrant it being mentioned here.


10. "Nothing is Real"
This, Satellite Anthem Icarus, and Aquarius are the songs that grew on me the most during the making of this list. I already love this song as is, but the (somewhat) pessimistic title makes it all the more greater to me. Most of the music feels kind of empty, but with the tone the album went through up to this point it works wonders. I can think of no better title than “Nothing is Real”.


9. "Dayvan Cowboy"
There’s no easy way for me to say this, but this is the highest-ranking song from Campfire Headphase on the list. I don’t dislike TCH, far from it actually; I think it’s a pretty decent album. I just found most of the songs to be kind of samey, with only a few standouts (this being one). The first half is fine enough, but the second half is amazing. I can see why everyone likes this one, but I think some songs are better. 8 of them, to be exact.



8. "Turquoise Hexagon Sun"
Ah yes, the first BoC song I discovered independently (and no, it’s not here for that alone). Like the video shows, this song feels as if it takes place in fast-motion and slow-motion at the same time. I can just see the crowds of people speeding in front of me while I listen to it. Brief tangent, but fan made BoC music videos are some of the best things to ever exist. Just saying.


7. "Julie and Candy"
You know it’s gonna be great when a song starts off hellish-sounding then immediately jumps into a dank beat. It’s especially when the backbeat and… whatever the sputtering noise is join in that the song starts gets REALLY good. Also, random people from what I assume to be some 60’s sitcom talking in the background! Yaaaaaay!


Don't you love it when a bad embed erases a good chunk of your descriptions that you can't undo? Because I don't. I'm just going to put these three songs here and you can speculate on why I like them so much because I'm a bit too miffed to talk about them again at the moment. Just trust my choices.


6. "Telephasic Workshop"



5. "Cold Earth"

4. "Alpha and Omega"

Believe me, you didn't miss much in my descriptions. I apologize for how terrible I am at talking about music. On to the top 3.


3. "Music is Math"
This, in my opinion, is the darkest track in Geogaddi. And it's the second freaking song on the album no less. If I could use one word to describe it, it would be... surreal. That might be mostly thanks to the video provided in The Geogaddi Project with the uncanny animation and stuff, but by itself, still. This song is undoubtedly the best trip you can take into the lightless depths of the album.


2. "Happy Cycling"

You knew it was coming, right? This song was practically my obsession back in 2017, and those last 3 minutes are still one of the greatest things I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. It's an overall nostalgic feeling song, but it especially kicks in right then. I can see myself listening to it 5 years from now and still not getting tired of this. It's possible I would've never known about this song or BoC altogether if it weren't for the music thread I made back on SBM. Ah, what a simpler time that was...(skip to 3:34 right now)


1. "1969"

Words cannot describe the feeling that this song gives me. From beginning to end, it's just perfect. The repeating melody, the chimes that come in, the backbeat, and good lord, the voice tracks. If 1969 felt exactly the way this song sounds, get to work on those time machines pronto. I don't even care if I mess up the past and cause some paradox that kills everyone, because it would be 100% worth it. Why? Because, 1 9 6 9   i n   t h e   s u n s h i n e .



0. "Magic Window"

Haha, you got PRANKED! I’d rather listen to 106 seconds of silence than all of the songs listed above. You may be asking, “Why is that?” Because Boards of Canada FUCKING SUCKS LMAO! Don’t EVER send me songs ever again EVER prez, because I dooooooooon’t want to have bleeding ears for the seventh time this year! And while I’m at it, Plaid and that Fillo Brizillo or whatever they're called gang suck too. IDM is garbage and they can all die in hell for all I care. 




Oh and by the way here’s my honorable mentions.
84 Pontiac Dream
Chromakey Dreamcoat
Hey Saturday Sun
Jacquard Causeway
Palace Posy
Rue the Whirl
Sick Times
Smokes Quantity
The Beach at Redpoint



I hope you all enjoyed. Happy birthday again, Mr. President/Squidward.


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Lel, good list mate! Cold Earth, 1969, Julie and Candy, An Eagle in Your Mind and Nothing is Real are up there as iconic tracks. I dig a lot of the list honestly.

but for real you didn’t hear Aquarius until two days ago?? that IS on MHTRTC! I thought you heard the album all in full lmao. Happy you heard it now! Banger too

Fila Brazillia is jazzy downtempo but I won’t lie that they have a bit of an idm influence with some tracks 


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