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I already said this in a status, but the original Pixar content sound intriguing, especially Forky Asks a Question and the upcoming Lamp Life short. Pixar in Real Life, on the other hand... I don't know. Might be interesting to watch. Not sure if I'll get the platform, but there are plenty of stuff besides the aforementioned Pixar content that I'd be interested in, like the old Disney Saturday morning cartoons, like DuckTales and TaleSpin (apparently some episodes are missing, though), and of course, The Simpsons, but I might consider getting it someday.

If any of the content I've mentioned don't ring any bells, here are summaries for 'em:

Forky Asks a Question: Pretty self-explanatory. The spork learns about the world from asking other Toy Story toys simple questions like, say, "What's money?" or "What's imagination?"

Lamp Life: This short reveals the answer to that burning question: whatever happened to Bo Peep between the events of Toy Story 2 and 4?

Pixar in Real Life: Real actors reenact scenes from Pixar movies in the real world.

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