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How are you feeling? (Emotionally)

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Exasperated. I mean, I don't hate my job right now, but geez, why do some people have to be such scumbags towards retail workers? I'm just trying my best to get through the day, capeesh? Some people really need to stop being so condescending, because it only makes matters worse.

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Pretty happy after last night, which was one of the best evenings/social outings I've ever had.

There's a bit of a story to it that I was gonna share on the Discord but decided not to and just hid the draft in another server:


So [yesterday], I was first gonna meet a friend I've been talking to on the phone for a few weeks for the first time in an arcade in a place around Central London, and had been dreading it the whole time leading up to it because I'd never seen him before and I was scared of the possibility that he may not be who he said he was and potentially end up stabbing me or something, because that's a thing you have to worry about in dodgy areas of the capital. My parents took me for support but during lunch my dad basically had it in for me when he realized I've never met him before, and then he went on about how he wants me to live my life by getting a job/internship and learning to drive even though he never asked how I felt about it all.

He didn't really help me at all in calming my nerves, but I think he wants me to try and be the man he had not yet become when he was my age, but we're different people so...it's nice to know he cares about my own personal being in his own interesting way. So yeah, in regards to the friend I ended up cancelling after he didn't show up after 20-25 minutes, and I found out from my mom that dad didn't actually leave the area like they said they would because he wanted to make sure that my new friend was exactly who I thought he was, so I'm flattered that he cared that much, all things considered, and in spite of the conversation he'd had with me 10 minutes prior.

Buuuut there is some good stuff to say; [last night] I met some old secondary school friends at a shopping center that’s easy to get to for me and I had so much fun with them they literally gave me the positive energy I've been needing after some personal and emotional struggles lately. I’ve missed these people so much and I love them loads. When we were all talking it was like we’d never left our group, and it was so much fun. Gonna try and go out for drinks with one or two of them and we’re all probably gonna meet again so I’m very happy at the end of the day.

So, yeah, I hung out with some of my favorite people on this earth last night and talking to them again felt so right and heaven-sent I couldn't have asked for anything better.


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