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Majesty Yuka

The Sentient Peanut Brutally Murdered by Sandy

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Taken moments before his gory assassination, who are we as a species to decide who gets to live and who doesn’t on the food chain? These fish act so high and mighty about being vegetarians in the series and yet pray on innocents whose conscious being has just yet evolved. Sickening. This is the thing that wipes species completely out. This poor peanut described himself as blind, evolution being the sick cruel and slow bastard that it is, didn’t provide him anything but the hope of someday in his species being able to communicate with these disgusting sealife creatures and he still gets murdered in the process


i just hope thousands of years in the future that these little guys are able to evolve into a state to fend for themselves and get rights previously withheld from them because of their limited state previously. expect to see a whole civilization of human and peanut hybrids as well, once the peanuts had called off the world war between the two for a more friendly coexistence, maybe then sandy will get the idea of love and peace for marine biology.....

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