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This idea of mine has been in the back of my mind for a few months. After the disaster that was NC's review of "The Wall," now seems like a good time to get this project started. So yeah, I'm actually going to be doing this. Why? ...So you don't have to.

This project is set to talk about the worst of the worst of Doug Walker, a.k.a. Nostalgia Critic's reviewing career. Although I had been religiously avoiding him for a while, this review will require for me to revisit some of NC's reviews as well as take a look at a good chunk of ones that I feel would benefit towards this project. After this project comes and goes, this will certainly be my swan song to the critic.

So far, I can't tell you when I will be able to get my review written. However, I have thought of a best possible release day, which would be on November 30th this year, which is the 40th anniversary of, what else, Pink Floyd's "The Wall" album. So, until then...be on a lookout for this countdown.

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