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Davy Jones

248b. Squid's on a Bus

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Saturday, September 28th @ 11:00am ET/PT


Saturday, September 28th @ 3:30pm ET/PT

Sunday, September 29th @ 9:00pm ET/PT

Plot: Squidward gleefully switches jobs with a bus driver for an easy ride… until SpongeBob and Patrick climb aboard.

Guest Star: Maurice LaMarche



Note: This episode was already leaked online from countries such as Russia and the UK.

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On 9/25/2019 at 1:33 PM, Mr. Kite said:

This episode's going to be bad. I know it. Just another run-of-the-mill "SpongeBob and Patrick annoy the bejeezus out of Squidward" episode.

Not to mention Squidward acts out of character or some shit and either gets punished or hurt in some way.

...we really need to give this guy some love and respect he deserves.

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This episode had some sort of potential to be pretty cool. Two people switching their jobs to see who handles each other's well is a concept that is done but it's not often, at least in this show's state. So the whole Squidward doing something else to prove how he's a better driver than the actual bus driver had all the possibilities of being an entertaining piece. And of course it was hijacked by SpongeBob and Patrick because there wouldn't be an episode without it. Sadly the execution of it was pretty flawed. I actually found more flaws in the story than the overall comedy of this episode but firstly, I'm done with SpongeBob and Patrick being plot devices to ruin Squidward's day. Especially Patrick considering Squidward's attempts to get away from him (I wonder If this is some sort of comment on how Patrick's existence is pain for Squidward in this show, especially the year old Ink Lemonade hehe). If they actually had some purpose to the story other than ruining Squidward's life, I'd enjoy more because this episode did have some jokes I laughed. Pillow fight joke, dead skeleton lady waiting for her bus forever, "wow, that's deep" sign and Grim Reaper appearance. I also enjoyed the pressurized place or whatever the episode called it. Unfortunately this episode needed more jokes like those and less SpongeBob and Patrick getting on my nerves. As for flaws in the story, It was odd to me that Squidward was actually not so bad bus driver until SB and Pat arrives. They did put seeds in him being bad bus driver at the beginning like taking the old lady's umbrella and throwing the kid's Krabby Patty outside but when SpongeBob and Patrick arrived, it was out of his control, so that was kind of a let down and Squidward realizing he is better at being a cashier than a bus driver didn't feel earned when Squidward experienced same deal as a cashier. Maybe i'm thinking too much but that was what I got from the story. One more issue I have was that how come you expect the bus driver to be a cashier when fry cook wasn't even there. SpongeBob was on the bus throughout, Unless there was a temporary fry cook but yeah, that was just weird. Overall, I didn't "hate" this, it did have some material I enjoyed but when this was same old "SpongeBob and Patrick ruin everything" episode we have seen billion times. It's time to come up with new executions in these good ideas.

Grade: C+

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I thought this was a pretty okay episode. I liked the set up that was two people switching roles to see who could do it better, even though it was just Squidward switching places with a nobody that didn't even get focused upon. While it did try to set Squidward up as someone who can't handle a bus driving job such as him not being able to work the controls and taking away some of the passengers' stuff, he didn't seem all that incompetent.  Some of the jokes with SpongeBob annoying Squidward while he was driving weren't as funny as it could've been. But I thought the highlight of the episode was them falling below the depths of the ocean where the pressure was heavy, along with the death fish waiting for the bus. I liked the ending where Squidward comes to appreciate how good he is as a cashier, though I couldn't help but wonder who would've been frycooking if SpongeBob was planning to ride a bus all day.

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2 hours ago, NegiSpongie said:

though I couldn't help but wonder who would've been frycooking if SpongeBob was planning to ride a bus all day.

Krabs himself, maybe?

Anyway, I'd almost put this in the same tier as "Professor Squidward" and others of this ilk, but there were actually a few good gags sprinkled throughout, like the skeleton fish waiting for the bus and the Grim Reaper fish, plus that "Wow! That's deep!" sign.

"Crush County": Great idea, Kaz, but it's too good for this episode IMO.

Still, could've been a lot better.


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Unpopular opinion time, I didn't find this episode HORRIBLE, just mediocre at best! Squidward: "Mediocre?" :hysterical: But in all seriousness, was this another HIGHLY overdone 'Spongebob and Patrick get on Squidward's nerves for no good reason' episode? Yes, it was. Was it as terrible as "Ink Lemonade; Boating Buddies;" and "Good Neighbors"? No, it was not. And the reason for that, probably has to do with some of the jokes used within the episode itself. The skeleton lady fish waiting at the bus stop forever, Squidward taking away a ladies' umbrella and a Krabby Patty, Squidward trying in VAIN to avoid Patrick, only for him to SOMEHOW wind up on the bus anyways, Squidward actually managing to AVOID picking up death, Spongebob SOMEHOW controlling Squidward's driving by controlling an imaginary wheel, Squidward and company ending up in the extreme depths of the ocean and getting crushed; but ultimately, what makes this episode okay in my books, is how Squidward finds out that being a cash register at the Krusty Krab, is nowhere NEAR as bad as being a bus driver! That's why I will give this episode a 7/10. Enough said, true believers! :cool:

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