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The Red Lizard

Greetings, y'all.

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Hello everyone. If you already know or didn't know (for users who have not known me on SBMania), I am TheRedLizard/PurplePosers. Like most former SBMania users, I have decided to go on that bandwagon and join this community. I decided to take my own decision to leave those forums for many reasons. 

Also, I just wanted to tell you all something important. I'm no longer that person who takes jokes too seriously. I'm no longer that person who is a spoiled dumbass. I've regret what I've done in the past that I should of known better of, and I apologize.

Anyhow, it's my turn to make a new beginning at a new forum community. In all seriousness, greetings, y'all. 

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Apparently, Spongebob and Patrick PM’d me on Discord saying that the original account I created just 3 days ago was deleted due to a database crash, so I had to make this new one. Argh.

Once again, greetings y’all.

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