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Black Parade

A Club Update

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Well...this has already been a productive year for my spin-off career as I've originally planned, isn't it? It happens when you spend most of your summer getting your moving done and getting a certain someone off your back. While I'm finishing up with the moving, I thought I'd just let any members of this club know that I haven't forgotten that I've been really meaning to get my spin-off workload done and I'm still slowly working my way through it.

It's been almost ten years since I started this career in writing these spin-offs and literatures and I know that I have to celebrate this milestone with something. I will plan something to celebrate this occasion...but I won't be able to do it the day of the anniversary, which is this month on the 19th. There are a few things that are delaying this celebration. Right now, [my family and I] are in the process of moving stuff from our storage units and into our new house. That, and we haven't set up a wifi connection for the new home just yet, so I'll likely end up without internet for a few days or more. Once I have the time to celebrate my own milestone, I promise that I will have something interesting to do for it.

I'll try to bring out some new spin-off material this month, but my plans will very likely fall into October for the same reasons above. For now, that is my current guarantee. In the meantime, I have some updates regarding this club and my spin-offs to announce:

-First of all, I re-titled my club, simple as that. It gives more of an emphasis on my spin-offs more than my lits, but don't think it means that they won't play an important part to my club.
-My WordPress blog will be implemented more as an exclusive feature for this club in the near future. I have an entry on there that will tell you what you should expect to see from it.
-I will continue making drawings of my spin-off OCs, but I won't have the time to do it this month.
-I have added wiki pages for my spin-off works originally without one: Sub-Tropical Academy, Tiki Land, Rebirth of a Storm, and Lost in Translation.  This is something that I've already done around last month.

That is it for this announcement and I will be seeing you guys later.

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