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Future Shock 2

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Future Shock 2

Chapter 1: A look At the Past

DarkEvil and SpongeBob lunged at each other and started clashing their beamswords together. SpongeBob was walking backwards and fighting off DarkEvil at the same time, and DarkEvil in turn walked towards him, not holding back in the slightest. But SpongeBob was soon boxed into a corner, and DarkEvil began pushing SpongeBob back with his beamsword as SpongeBob held it back with his own.

“I don’t understand. If you destroy me, what’s gonna happen to you?” SpongeBob asked while trying to hold DarkEvil back.

“Fool, don’t you see?” DarkEvil coldly replied to the trapped SpongeBob. “I already have a past, and you don’t yet have a future. Everything I’ve done is already set in stone, so no matter what you do, whether it’s smart or stupid, I will still exist.”

SpongeBob gritted his teeth in fright as DarkEvil’s words and actions started to get the edge over him and his right foot started to slip from underneath him as DarkEvil overpowered him.

DarkEvil then added, “The only thing I have to do now is get you outta the way, so I can take over Bikini Bottom all over again! And just to make sure nobody gets in my way, I’ll destroy your friends afterwards.”

SpongeBob looked shocked at DarkEvil’s words, but then his fear turned to anger as he shouted, “NO!” and gathered enough strength to send DarkEvil flying onto the window.

DarkEvil quickly got up and kicked SpongeBob back to where he started. “You think you have a choice?” DarkEvil asked in frustration. “You’re forgetting what I said before about stones! You’re gonna turn into me no matter what!”

“Never!” SpongeBob retorted as he slid between DarkEvil’s legs.

DarkEvil turned around angrily, but SpongeBob wasn’t behind him. He growled in frustration until he felt a tap on his shoulder. When he turned around, he saw SpongeBob jump in the air.

“Even you don’t know this one.” SpongeBob said with a bold smile as he gave a karate kick and sent DarkEvil into the wall, causing a bunch of boxes to fall on top of him. Another box fell on his head knocking him out. Then one more fell, burying him except for his feet sticking out.

SpongeBob stood there proudly and spun his beamsword around. “Don’t mess with SpongeBob SquarePast.”



Then SpongeBob gasped in shock as he awoke in his bed from the sound of his foghorn alarm. He turned off the alarm and looked down to see Gary at his bedside just waking up. “Gary!” he called.

Hearing his somewhat distressed owner, Gary’s eyes widen as he responded, “Meow.”

Getting a small smile on his face, SpongeBob stated, “Oh, Gary, you won’t believe the dream I had.”

Knowing just what sugary sweet mental images his owner was capable of creating in his subconscious, Gary dryly guessed, “Meow?”

“No,” SpongeBob replied. “It wasn’t that one this time. In fact, it was something that happened in my past, something I clearly remember doing…and someone I clearly remember.”

Gary’s eyes widen in shock, knowing just what SpongeBob was remembering. He quickly became concerned and tried to reassure his owner, “Meow,”

Appreciating the gesture, SpongeBob jumped out of bed with a cheerful smile. “Well, it was just a dream and I did manage to overcome that event.” He winked at Gary. “And we both know there’s no chance of ‘You-Know-Who’ ever coming back.”

Gary stared at SpongeBob, happy that his owner was not troubled by all at what had nearly happened to him. SpongeBob cheerfully marched away as he said, “Well, I better get ready for work.”

Soon, SpongeBob was in his bathroom and started showering as he happily hummed a song.

‘Hey there, folks! My name is SpongeBob SquarePants. I’m just your average ordinary sea sponge because I live in the world’s best pineapple with the world’s best mollusk, Gary.’ Later on, SpongeBob was dressed in his normal attire and feeding Gary, ‘And not to mention my very best friends, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs. I also can’t forget the greatest job in the world: being a fry cook at the Krusty Krab.’


Then SpongeBob was sitting at his table and having cereal for breakfast. ‘And if you thought my life couldn’t get much better than that…you thought wrong! I once took a journey to test my limits and skills to recover King Neptune’s crown so I can save my boss from utter destruction.’ Soon, SpongeBob was walking out of his house. ‘But afterwards, my dream became a reality and I became manager of the Krusty Krab 2!’


SpongeBob began skipping down the street with his eyes closed and a happy smile. ‘But to tell the truth, that wasn’t the only dangerous and life threatening journey I took. A while back, I was destined to become a bad sponge…a REALLY bad sponge. But I was able to visit that horrible future and see the evilness I had brought upon, and I was able to keep that and my horrible future self from ever existing.’


‘Other than that, everything’s as right as it should be.’ Before SpongeBob went inside the Krusty Krab, he stopped and looked next to it to see the Krusty Krab 2 with construction vehicles next to it. ‘Although, due to the events I mentioned earlier, the Krusty Krab 2 got a little wreaked. But that’s okay cuz I’m very patient.’ Then he proudly stepped inside and put on his uniform hat. ‘And with that, I’ll say I would never change it.’

“SpongeBob!” Mr. Krabs yelled as he ran up to him. “There you are! You gotta hurry and get to work.”

“Aye, aye, Mr. Krabs!” SpongeBob saluted with content.

“Also, there’s a call waitin’ for ya in the kitchen.” Mr. Krabs mentioned as he walked away.

SpongeBob eyes brighten as he smiled, knowing it was a call he was expecting. “Oh! It’s about time.” Then he quickly rushed into the kitchen and picked up the phone, “Hello there, SpongeBob SquarePants speaking.”

As the person on the other end of the phone speaks, SpongeBob gets an excited smile. “That’s great! I’ll be over to pick it up first thing after work.” Then he hung up the phone and raised his hands in the air. “Whoo! It’s about time!” then he gets a loving look. “This’ll be perfect.”

While Squidward was at the front counter, SpongeBob pops his head out from the window and shouts, “Hey, Squidward!”

Squidward gets an annoyed look and shouts, “SpongeBob! How many times have I told you not to yell out the window like that?”

SpongeBob actually thought about it and answered, “Uh…I’m not sure. Maybe five or twenty.”

“Glad you’ve been keeping count.” Squidward sarcastically said as he frowned.

Suddenly, SpongeBob became shy as he began asking, “Hey, Squidward…have you ever been friends with someone,” blushing, he tapped his fingers on the edge of the window as he continued, “…and later on you kinda started to think you can…”

Even though SpongeBob didn’t have to finish, Squidward immediately knew what he was talking about. But he just got an annoyed look as he snapped, “SpongeBob, I could care less about your little immature crushes.”

“Crushes?!” SpongeBob exclaimed and he smiled nervously while blushing. “What makes you think it’s about-”

Just then, Sandy walked into the Krusty Krab which caused SpongeBob to yelp and duck back down into the kitchen.

“Howdy, Squidward.” Sandy greeted in a friendly tone as she walked up to the counter. “Have you seen-”

Before she can ask where SpongeBob is, Squidward interrupted and pointed towards the kitchen, “If you’re looking for Casanova, he’s in his usual place.”

“Okay…” Sandy replied with an odd look.

Afterwards, SpongeBob came out of the kitchen with a smile and nervous wave. “Hi, Sandy.”

“Howdy, SpongeBob.” Sandy smiled as she walked over to him. “Listen, there’s somethin’ I gotta tell you.”

“There’s something I gotta tell you too.” SpongeBob excitedly mentioned.

“Really?” Sandy curiously asked, wondering what it was he wanted to say.

“Can I go first?” SpongeBob excitedly begged.

Sandy easily replied, “Sure.”

“Great!” SpongeBob then cleared his throat and clearly spoke, “So, Sandy, how would you like to come over here to the Krusty Krab tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow?” Sandy questioned with a confused look, wondering what it was that was so important that he couldn’t do it right now. “Why that particular day?”

“Oh, no reason,” SpongeBob quickly excused with a mischievous smile, “Just thought you might like a delicious krabby patty I have especially planned for that day.”

Sandy thought it over, and she, like everyone in Bikini Bottom, couldn’t resist SpongeBob’s delicious krabby patties. “Well, that does sound temptin’. Plus, that’s almost what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Hearing that Sandy’s news was similar to his news, SpongeBob eyes brightened up with joy. “Really?”
“Really, really.” Sandy smiled and held out a piece of paper. “I got this letter today from a chum I used to know back in Texas.”

SpongeBob looked a little nervous since he needed Sandy to come by the Krusty Krab tomorrow for a specific reason, and needed to make sure that her plans didn’t interfere with his plans. “Uh…why don’t you bring your friend here tomorrow?” he quickly suggested.

“That’s a great idea, little buddy.” Sandy agreed happily. “I’m sure we’d all like a taste of your famous krabby patty.”

“Yeah, and we can all enjoy it together!” SpongeBob enthusiastically added until he secretly whispered, “And she can even witness the big surprise I have in store.”

Luckily Sandy didn’t hear him, and she turned away. “Well, I guess we’ll both see ya here tomorrow. So long.” Sandy waved goodbye as she left.

SpongeBob waved as well and grew a longing smile as he waved, “Yeah…see ya.”

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Chapter 2: Surprise

The following day, it was a beautiful morning in Bikini Bottom. But for some odd reason, SpongeBob was still at his house and was wearing a fancy red bowtie, and his hands were clearly trembling as he held out a small purple box.

“Uh…listen…” SpongeBob nervously said as he continued trembling. “We’ve known each other for quite some time now, and I feel that…maybe we could…” he gulped as his whole body began to tremble as well while he continued saying, “I was wondering if…w-w-w…will you…m-m-m-marry me?”

SpongeBob bit his lower lip anxiously as he still trembled, waiting for an answer. Suddenly, Patrick blatantly answered, “No!” and slapped SpongeBob across the face.

Once SpongeBob got out of his dazed, the unamused sponge angrily snapped, “Patrick!”

“But, I don’t wanna marry you.” Patrick replied as he shrugged before defiantly crossing his arms. “I’m just not ready for that type of commitment.”

SpongeBob had to remind him, “I’m not marrying you, Patrick, I’m marrying Sandy.” Suddenly, he smiled and opened the box to see a small shiny pearl inside. “Or…at least not yet.”

“Oh, so does that mean she said ‘no’ when you asked?” Patrick wondered.

“No, I didn’t even ask her yet.” SpongeBob mentioned as he closed the box. “I hadn’t even thought that she might say ‘no’.” though he dreaded the thought of Sandy rejecting his proposal, he ultimately shrugged and smiled, “But, who am I kidding? I planned for her to meet me at the Krusty Krab today, and there’s no way she can say ‘no’ while we’re eating delicious krabby patties.” Then his watch beeps. “Oh, my gosh! It’s time for me to go to work, and time for me to pop the big question.” He started walking out the door, and he waved to Patrick. “Wish me luck, buddy!”

“Good luck, SpongeBob!” Patrick waved to his best friend, and thought to himself, “I guess he didn’t ask her yet.”

SpongeBob left his pineapple home and hummed a little tune as he walked down the road with his eyes closed and a happy smile. But he failed to notice a glow behind the rocks across the street from his house as three mysterious figures appear.


Soon, SpongeBob arrived at the Krusty Krab and entered the restaurant, walking over to Squidward. “Hey, Squidward!” SpongeBob cheerfully greeted. “Today’s the big day!”

“Is it the day you finally move?” Squidward guessed in a dour tone.

“Nope,” SpongeBob enthusiastically replied, “It’s the day I finally pop the big question to Sandy Cheeks.”

Hearing this, Squidward snorted a bit. “You? Pop the big question?” he asked as he laughed in amusement. “The only big question you’ve ever popped is ‘what color underwear should I wear today?’ Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

SpongeBob, however, just smiled and replied, “Oh, you’d be surprised how many big questions I’ve popped over the years, so today I went with my lucky whites.” Then he showed the pearl box to Squidward. “Since I’ll need it for when I pop the biggest question I’ll ever…pop. Ha ah ah ah ah!” then he put the box back in his pocket as he walked to the kitchen. “Well, better start on those krabby patties before Sandy arrives with her friend, and then we can eat while I give Sandy the surprise of her life.”

Squidward just frowned in annoyance until the front doors open and he got a surprised look at who entered the Krusty Krab. Squidward then smirked as he said, “Oh, I think YOU’RE the one who’s gonna get the surprise of his life, SpongeBob.”

SpongeBob poked his head out the window and asked, “What makes you say that?” but then his smile immediately dropped with a shocked expression when he saw Sandy…along with someone else.

With Sandy was a large squirrel with big muscles, slick back brown hair, a beige shirt, green pants, and an air helmet.

SpongeBob still looked stunned in shock and was unable to say anything except, “duh, duh, duh, duh, duh…” then he just fell back into the kitchen.

Squidward just laughed in enjoyment.

“Come on this way.” Sandy told the squirrel as she led him to the front counter. “There’s one very special friend of mine I want you to meet.” Sandy greeted the cashier, “Howdy, Squidward, this here’s my friend Rocky. Has SpongeBob come in yet?”

“Oh, he’s in there.” Squidward contently answered, pointing in the kitchen. “He’s just dying to meet Rocky.”

Before Sandy could call out to him, SpongeBob had already come out of the kitchen, but now had an emotionless face on.

Sandy failed to notice this, and she just walked over to him, cheerfully greeting, “Hey there, SpongeBob. This is the friend I wanted you to meet: Rocky.”

With a friendly smile, Rocky shook SpongeBob’s hand. “Darn glad to meet you, SpongeBob. Sandy’s told me so much about you.”

“Nice to meet you too, Rocky.” SpongeBob greeted with no emotion, but gritted his teeth right before Rocky let go of his hand to see it was nearly crushed by his firm grip. “Sandy’s told me nothing about you.” He snidely added, faking a smile.

Rocky just laughed in amusement as he walked away, and an impressed Sandy asked SpongeBob, “Ain’t he great?”

“Yeah…” SpongeBob sarcastically agreed with a glare, “Just great.”

Both Sandy and SpongeBob walked over to Rocky, who was talking to all the customers, “I’ve been everywhere in the world, but nowhere like Bikini Bottom.” He told them. “I can tell just by looking at its wonderful people that this place is fantastic.”

All the customers and even Sandy seemed enamored by the large squirrel; all but SpongeBob, who just grew angry when he saw Sandy smiling at Rocky.

“Yeah, wonderful…” SpongeBob muttered cynically as he stomped over to Rocky. “Tell me, Rocky, do you know how wonderful jellyfishing is?” he asked, taking out his own net. “Are you as good as I am?”

Rocky just laughed as he gave a playful yet hard punch to SpongeBob, knocking him across the room. “SpongeBob, is it? From what I’ve heard, jellyfishing just looks like a childish sport that only wimps do in their spare time.”

SpongeBob wobbled over to Sandy as she laughed in amusement. “Ain’t he a hoot or what?” she asked SpongeBob, playfully elbowing him.

When Sandy ran over to Rocky, sitting next to him, SpongeBob just growled angrily as he bit on his jellyfish net, breaking it in two.

“Don’t forget to mention how strong you are.” A grinning Sandy told Rocky, “You can even lift up a two ton anchor while standing on one foot with one paw tied behind your back.”

“Oh, can he?” an unamused SpongeBob asked as Sandy turned to him. “Well, is he a fry cook also?!”

“Wow, I’m impressed, SpongeBob.” Rocky replied, looking amazed. “That’s the one thing I’m not. But, since you are, why don’t you go make me and Sandy one of those krabby patties I’ve heard so much about?”

“Oh…okay.” SpongeBob retorted as he angrily shook his fist. “I’ll be HAPPY to make Sandy a krabby patty. But since you’re so PERFECT, why don’t you take my job and make EVERYONE krabby patties from now on?! That way you’ll seem even more PERFECT and the whole world will be as perfect as you!” then SpongeBob started screaming as he ran into the kitchen with everyone staring in confusion.

Watching everything from the front counter, Squidward just laughed in enjoyment. “Oh, that was too good.” He said, wiping a tear from his right eye.

“Sorry, Rocky.” Sandy apologized. “I don’t know what got into that little yellow maniac. He’s usually not like this.”

Rocky just smiled and replied, “Well, I did enjoy his little outburst.”


Later that night when it was closing time at the Krusty Krab; inside the kitchen, SpongeBob was sitting in the freezer with the door wide open and was eating a tub of ice-cream with a spoon. He had already eaten three tubs of the stuff.

“Humph, Rocky…” SpongeBob groaned as he aggressively ate a spoonful of ice-cream. “…Thinks he’s so cool.”

SpongeBob continued eating ice-cream until Mr. Krabs comes and sees him. “You’re still here, boy?” he asked in concern, seeing SpongeBob. “What’re you doin’ eating all the ice-cream and lettin’ all the cold air into me restaurant?”

SpongeBob swallowed a big gulp of ice-cream as he turned to his boss. “Ohhh, Mr. Krabs, you gotta help me out here.” He begged as he cried, “I’ve been through SOOO much…I need help!”

Then Squidward came by and saw SpongeBob, getting a look of disgust. “Eww, you need help alright.”

“Squidward!” SpongeBob called with a broken smile. “You’d say ‘yes’ if you were a girl that I’d pop the question to, right? Right?”

Squidward just frowned and walked away. “I knew she’d say ‘no’.”

“What happen to you, lad?” Mr. Krabs asked SpongeBob with a concerned look.

Without answering his boss’s question, SpongeBob just turned away and angrily continued eating ice-cream as he talked with his mouth full, “She forgot ALL about me, didn’t she? Yeah, didn’t she?” then he stuffs his face with more dessert. “Was Rocky the one who saved her from danger when we met? Was Rocky the one who needed saving afterwards?”

Mr. Krabs began to get disturbed by SpongeBob’s behavior, and he quietly backs away with SpongeBob not noticing that he was now gone.

SpongeBob just bends a spoon in half with his fist and throws it aside. “Did Rocky do cheap imitations at the beach which led to the Ripped Pants incident?!” then he licks the tub of ice-cream, not caring of how messy he was getting. “Does Rocky like fudgy nut brownies with a side of ka-rah-tay?!”

He then throws the empty tub of ice-cream away and opens another one as he lies on his back. “I’m a super-hunk guy too, right?” as he licks the ice-cream out of the tub, he starts to get dazed as he drops the tub and it rolls away on the floor. “What’s he got that I don’t got besides muscles…and fur…and lungs.”

Then SpongeBob’s eyes begin to droop as he burps out an unhappy bubble, and it wasn’t long until he passed out onto the floor of the freezer, now unconscious. But, from outside, he was being watched by three mysterious figures through the window.

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Chapter 3: Three Sponges and a Bob

Everything was dark at first since SpongeBob was now asleep after eating all that ice-cream in one night while sitting in a cold freezer. While he was unconscious, he heard a couple of voices that surrounded him.

“Is he dead?” a voice that sounded similar to SpongeBob’s, only younger sounding, asked.

“He might be.” Another voice that sounded like SpongeBob’s, only with a southern accent, answered. “Did you see all that ice-cream he chugged? Man that is like totally extreme!”

Then SpongeBob began to groan sickly. “Hey, he’s waking up!” the first voice noticed with excitement as SpongeBob began to slowly open his eyes, and had a blurry vision, seeing three figures looking over him.

SpongeBob groaned more while holding his aching head, revealing he was now on the ground outside the Krusty Krab with three shadows looming over him. When his vision became clear, he noticed the figures were actually three young sponges that were staring at him.

SpongeBob screamed in shock which caused the two younger sponges to scream also while the third older one just widened his eyes and stayed silent.

SpongeBob backed away from them while he was still sitting on the ground. “What’s going on? Where am I?” he asked in panic.

“Why, you’re right here with us outside!” the sponge with a southern accent answered. He looked about ten-years-old and was wearing an orange jumpsuit with purple gloves and boots, and had a red crash helmet with a white stripe in the middle overlapped by a blue star, and a blue visor covering his blue eyes. He also had a few bandages on his yellow spongy skin. “We found ya fast asleep in the freezer, which is a completely hardcore thing to do.” He excitedly explained, pulling a confused SpongeBob close. “Last time I took the challenge of sleepin’ in the cooler, I ended up sick in bed with pneumonia for three weeks.”

SpongeBob chuckled sheepishly as he gently pushed the sponge off of him, “Sorry, to hear about that.”

Then the youngest sponge, who looked five-years-old, walked over and hugged him. He looked a bit like SpongeBob, but with darker skin, large blue eyes, one bucktooth, a white shirt, blue pants, a red bowtie, black shoes, and a sailor cap. “Hi there,” he greeted happily. “My name is Junior. Me and my brother, Crash, are just so happy to see you.”

SpongeBob nervously smiled as he tried to pry himself out of the little sponge’s tight grasp. “Well, I’d be happy to see you too…if I knew who you were.” When he finally got free, he stood up and walked backwards. “Well, I guess I should be going.”

When SpongeBob turned around to take another step, he nearly ran into the older yellow sponge who looked thirteen-years-old. He had brown eyes and some brown hair on top of his head, sticking out of a black beret. He was also wearing a gray sweatshirt, long black pants, and white shoes.

“Uh…hi.” SpongeBob nervously greeted with a smile. “What would your name be?” The sponge just frowned at him and didn’t say anything. “Uh…don’t you talk?”

When the sponge still did not respond to him, Junior walked over to SpongeBob and happily introduced, “That’s our big brother, Buster. He doesn’t talk much though. But it was his idea for us to come here and meet you.”

SpongeBob sighed yet smiled. “Oh, kids, I’m glad you find it a pleasure to meet me. But, I really feel I should be getting home.”

When the three watched SpongeBob about to leave, Buster then whispered something into Crash’s ear, which made him smile as he ran over to SpongeBob and called, “Hey, wait up!”

This made SpongeBob stop in his tracks and turn to Crash as he said, “My bother Buster was wonderin’ if ya wouldn’t mind takin’ over us to a place called the ‘Treedome’, which is where someone named ‘Sandy’ lives.”

“YAY!” Junior cheered as he jumped up and down. “Treedome and Sandy!”

SpongeBob just sighed depressively and frowned as he slumped. “Aww, kids, I’m not really in the mood to go anywhere. I just wanna go home and try to get the memories of yesterday out of my mind forever.”

Buster then turned to Junior, and he started pushing him forward until Junior finally understood what to do.

“But, wait a minute!” Junior called as he jumped into SpongeBob’s arms before he walked away. “Please, Mr. SpongeBob, sir! If you take us to the treedome place, it’ll make us ALL happy!”

Crash got next to SpongeBob and playfully elbowed SpongeBob. “I can even tell y’all about the time I jumped a giant clam while I was ridin’ my unicycle over the clam cage at the zoo.” He offered with a large grin.

“Well…” SpongeBob thought it over until he caught something unusual about the younger sponge in his arms, “Wait, how do you know my name?”

But suddenly, Junior started crying as he pulled on SpongeBob’s shirt. “Oh, please, please, please, please, please!”

Unable to take any more of the sponge kid’s whining, SpongeBob yelled, “Alright! I’ll take you all to see Sandy’s treedome!”

“YAY AGAIN!” Junior cheered as he hopped on the ground and hugged Crash while Buster walked over to them and sighed with a frown.

“Even though I don’t know why three kids would wanna go to Sandy’s treedome. But, I guess a short visit wouldn’t hurt.” SpongeBob then signaled the kids, “Come on this way.”

Crash and Junior chuckled excitedly to each other as they followed while Buster still didn’t say anything as he followed along with his hands in his pockets.


The four sponges soon reach Sandy’s treedome as they look through the glass from the outside.

“I don’t see Sandy anywhere.” SpongeBob noticed until he frowned angrily. “And I definitely don’t see Rocky anywhere.”

“Ooh!” Junior said in awe as he stared at the inside with his face pressed against the glass. “It’s so big! I wanna see what’s inside!”

“Good idea!” Crash said as he put on a water helmet, and Buster puts one on himself before he puts one on Junior.

“But guys, we aren’t allowed in Sandy’s treedome while she’s away.” SpongeBob pointed out until they tossed him his own helmet.

“Don’t be such a shrimp, SpongeBob.” Crash said as he gave a little punch to SpongeBob’s arm. “We all gotta go inside. Buster says that’s what we gotta do.”

When he and his brothers head inside the treedome, SpongeBob just groans in frustration and puts on his helmet. “I never knew kids were this hard to deal with.”

When they head inside, Crash and Junior both glance around the air filled dome with awestricken expressions. “It’s so pretty.” Junior said with big glowing eyes.

“I know what you mean.” SpongeBob agreed as he stood next to Junior.

“Hey, y’all!” Crash called while he was running on Sandy’s treadmill. “Check out this here thing!”

SpongeBob gasped in worry as he shouted, “Careful, Crash, I think you might hurt yourself!” he then grabbed Junior’s hand and pulled him away.

While Crash was still running, the wheel was spinning so fast, Crash lost balance and flew right off as he screamed. He landed right next to Buster, who was looking at Sandy’s time machine.

“Whoa…” Crash said while he was upside-down. “It looks just like the one Ma has down in the basement.”

SpongeBob ran over with Junior as he asked, “Crash, are you okay?”

Crash sprung to his feet, enthusiastically responded, “I’m better than ever!”

“What’s this thing?” Junior asked, pointing to the time machine.

Recognizing the machine all too well from his last experience with it, SpongeBob gasped horror and he blocked the two young ones away from it. “Stop! You shouldn’t touch this! It’s a time machine! It leads to the future where it holds a lot of dark and dangerous mysteries just like the ones I experienced.”

Buster just rolled his eyes and silently walked away.

“Well, I ain’t one for dark mysteries. But, I do love dangerous mysteries.” Crash pointed out as he grew excited. “Let me have a go at it!”

“Sorry, boys.” SpongeBob sternly said as he raised his hand. “But, I swore to myself that I would keep anyone from experiencing the same unfortunate incident I went through and I’ll do anything to keep that horrible future from ever happening again.” 

But unknowingly to SpongeBob, Buster picked up the remote off the ground and he pointed it to the machine as he pushed a button which made the portal on the time machine glow.

Then it started beeping as Crash got sucked in as he cheered along with Junior who screamed in terror.

“Crash! Junior!” SpongeBob called until he eventually got sucked into the portal.

Without a word, Buster dropped the remote and ran as fast as he could into the portal before it disappeared.

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Chapter 4: Back to the Future

In what looked like Bikini Bottom, a portal appeared behind the back of a building. From out of the portal came SpongeBob as he fell flat on his face followed by Buster as he landed on SpongeBob’s back. When Buster got off of him, Crash landed on top of SpongeBob.

“What a ride!” Crash shouted with his fist in the air.

Then Junior fell out of the portal and landed on top of SpongeBob also. “We made it.” Junior smiled.

The two sponges looked around, noticing the adult sponge nowhere in sight. “Where’s SpongeBob?” Junior asked.

They heard a muffled sound as they kept glancing around, hoping to find out if SpongeBob came into the time machine with them. Crash held his chin and pondered, “I do believe I hear him, but I don’t see him anywhere.”

Crash and Junior hear a cough as they look at Buster, who just dully frowns and points downward. The two sponges look down to see they’re on top of SpongeBob.

“Oh no!” Junior gasped as he and his brother quickly got off of SpongeBob and helped the dazed and battered sponge up. “We’re sorry, Mr. SpongeBob! Please forgive us!”

“It’s okay, guys.” SpongeBob weakly smiled. “I didn’t even feel anything.”

Crash took a peek from behind the building, and he smiled with joy, “Hey, everyone! We’re home!”

SpongeBob, Buster, and Junior come out to look, and SpongeBob reacted with surprise to see Bikini Bottom looked a little different. There were flying boats, some people were walking their snails that had jetpacks on their shells, and one fish was holding a laser gun as he walked over to a trashcan and zapped it, causing the whole thing to disintegrate.

“Wow…” SpongeBob said in awe. “Is this the…”

“The future!” Junior answered for him.

Still, SpongeBob was shocked to see how wonderful the future looked compared to the last time he time traveled. “But, I’ve been to the future before, and it was never like this.”

“Really?” Junior questioned. “I’ve lived here a LONG time and it’s always been like this.”

“Not unless you remember the Bikini Bottom we were just at.” Crash mentioned, “Where the danger there is just kid stuff.”

“So, you guys live here?” SpongeBob asked, not even realizing that the three young sponges came from the future.

“Uh huh,” Junior answered with a loving smile. “Daddy says it’s the best place to live ever.”

SpongeBob laughed in amusement. “I agree with him one hundred percent there.” Then he looked around to spot the Krusty Krab. He suddenly smiled widely to see the restaurant still existed and looked like it was still in business. “Hey, it’s the Krusty Krab! And it’s still standing!”

Buster frowned in annoyance as he whispered something into Crash’s ear. Crash gets a disappointed look as he asks, “Do we have to?” Buster eyed him sternly until Crash sighed in defeat, “Alright.”

Crash went over to SpongeBob, and informed him, “Buster thinks we should head to our house.”

“Aww...I just want one look at the Krusty Krab.” SpongeBob got on his knees and begged, “Please, please, please, please, please, please!”

“Please!” Junior also begged on his knees in the exact same way SpongeBob did.

Unable to take the whining from both sponges, Buster just rolled his eyes and silently shrugged in response.

Taking this as a ‘yes’, SpongeBob and Junior both jumped in the air for joy as they cheer, “Whoo-hoo!”


When the sponges go inside the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob was amazed that it looked a lot better than it did during his last visit to the future. There were many customers sitting at tables, eating krabby patties like they did in the present day Bikini Bottom.

“Wow,” SpongeBob said with a heartfelt smile as he looked around the restaurant. “The Krusty Krab hasn’t changed a bit.”

“I always bring my own spatula.” Junior mentioned to SpongeBob as he held up his own plastic toy spatula.

SpongeBob chuckled in amusement, “Maybe someday you can be a great fry cook like me.”

Junior smiled until he spotted someone familiar and started running away as he leapt through the air onto someone and gave him a bug hug. It was the Future Squidward, who still wore his regular shirt and had a long white beard.

“Uncle Squidward!” Junior cried happily. “I’m so happy to see you!”

Future Squidward just had an annoyed look. “Do you have to say that every time I see you?” he snapped as he pulled Junior off of him. “And haven’t I told your father that Bring Your Kid to Work Day is a dumb-” but then he gasped in horror when he saw SpongeBob walk up with Buster and Crash. “You…” he sneered with his face scrunching in anger.

“Hi Squidward from the future!” SpongeBob cheerfully greeted with a wave. “Long time no see.”

“What are you doing here?” Future Squidward asked SpongeBob in a furious tone, and then pointed at the three young sponges, “What did you three do now?”

“Don’t yell at them, Squidward.” SpongeBob intervened. “I’m glad they brought me to this wondrous future. It takes my mind off…of…” then he suddenly got a heartbroken look and started crying loudly, “WHAAAA!!! What’s he got that I don’t got?!”

“Gee, he cries a lot.” Junior noticed until his eyes started to water. “It kinda makes me wanna cry too.”

Future Squidward’s anger turns into a look of annoyance at hearing the past sponge cry like a baby. “Just like old times.” He muttered.

Buster handed SpongeBob a tissue to blow his nose with while he calmed down. Then SpongeBob asked, “Squidward…is the Mr. Krabs of the Future around? Maybe he can give some advice on how to handle my situation.”

“Unfortunately, you’re a little late.” Future Squidward answered. “Mr. Krabs is no longer here.”

“‘No longer here’?” SpongeBob asked as he covered his mouth in shock.

But Squidward proceeded to explain, “Of course not, he’s retired. So unfortunately, we have a new manager in charge here.”

“We do?” SpongeBob asked with an excited smile, believing that if the Krusty Krab was as fully functional as it is now, the new manager must be as great as Mr. Krabs. “Where is he? Can I meet him?”

“He’s not here right now. He never even showed up for work today.” Future Squidward answered until he smiled with an idea forming in his mind. “But…he specifically told me to keep anyone from the past out.”

“Really?” a disappointed SpongeBob asked, obviously buying the lie, “I don’t think I like that rule the new manager made up.”

Future Squidward shrugged with a fake smile. “Well, who am I to argue? I’ve never even liked that manager for years myself.”

SpongeBob sadly sighed as he continued to believe Future Squidward’s story. “Well, if those are his rules.”

“And like he said, rules are meant to be followed…”


SpongeBob, Buster, Crash, and Junior are suddenly kicked out of the restaurant and flung across the street.

“That wasn’t very nice.” Crash groaned as he got up. “If only our pa were here. He always lets us in.”

When the other three sponges got up, SpongeBob assured, “Don’t worry, kids. There’s still other places in Future Bikini Bottom to see, is there?”

Buster then whispered something into Crash’s ear, and Crash suggested, “We can all go over to our house now!”

“Hooray!” Junior cheered as he jumped in the air. “You’ll love our house!” then he started pulling on SpongeBob’s arm. “Come on! Come on!”

SpongeBob giggled and responded, “Okay, I wouldn’t mind seeing where you live.”

“Well, come on already!” Junior shouted as he pulled SpongeBob away.

“Don’t y’all leave without me!” Crash shouted as he ran off to follow them along with Buster.

While the four sponges ran down the street, they were unaware that there was a small strange camera with mechanical spider legs that was walking alongside the Krusty Krab wall and was spying on them.

The image was being broadcast to a mysterious place and where someone was sitting in a futuristic chair as he tapped his black gloved hand on the arm rest. He saw the image of SpongeBob, Buster, Crash, and Junior.

“Well, well, well,” a cold voice stated, “Looks like he’s back for another visit.”


Meanwhile, back in the present day Bikini Bottom, Sandy was in her treedome with Rocky as they stared at the time machine that was turned on.

“Hmm…I wonder how my time machine got started up.” Sandy wondered as she rubbed her chin.

“This is quite a mystery.” Rocky also said as he stared at the time machine also, “And an amazing discovery that you were able to build a working time machine.”

Then Sandy’s eyes widen as she looks down to notice that she stepped in a small puddle of water. “Huh?” she wondered as scooped it up with her paw and took a sniff of it. “Salt water. It could only mean one thing.”

“What would that be?” Rocky asked curiously.

“It has to be SpongeBob. He’s the only one who knows about my time machine.” Sandy answered until she grits her teeth in anger. “First he makes a fool of himself in public, and then he sneaks into my treedome and runs away into the future.”

“That sponge is definitely one troublemaker like you said.” Rocky agreed. “But there is only one thing to do.”

“What might that be?”

Rocky pulled Sandy close and answered, “We have to go through that time machine and get him back.”

“’We’?” Sandy questioned. “You mean us go into the future after SpongeBob.”

“That’s right. He could be in huge trouble where ever he is, and it is up to us two strong squirrels to bring him home.”

After taking it into consideration, Sandy stepped back and got a look of determination, “You’re absolutely right, Rocky! We have to get SpongeBob back before he does anything troublesome!”

“Right!” Rocky smiled as he turned to the time machine. “Let’s go!”

“Wait a minute, partner.” Sandy signaled him to stop. “We’ll be goin’ alright, but I think it’d be best if we got some other help as well.”

Rocky stopped as he got a surprised look by her suggestion. “Other help?”

“Of course.” Sandy nodded as she walked away. “I know the perfect team I can call for assistance.”

When Sandy left to call her friends for help, Rocky secretly frowned in annoyance since he was secretly hoping for a mission where he and Sandy could be alone in rescuing her friend. But not wanting to disappoint Sandy, he decided to go along with it.

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Chapter 5: Squirrel Attack

In the future of Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob, Buster, Crash, and Junior were walking down the street to direction of the home where the three sponge children lived.

“Wow…” an amazed SpongeBob said as he continued to walk with the others and take in the sights of the futuristic Bikini Bottom. “Last time I came here to the future, I never wanted to come back. But now that I see the future is a wonderful place after all, I can’t wait for it.”

“Ya don’t have to.” Crash said as he cart-wheeled over to SpongeBob. “Later on, Junior and I can show ya around. I can even perform a stunt to your likin’.”

SpongeBob got a confused smile as he asked, “You really like to live on the dangerous side, do you?”

“Sure do.” Crash contently answered, “Mama and Daddy think I should take it easy with it all, but I LOVE it!”

“He LOVES it!” Junior shouted as he jumped next to Crash.

SpongeBob couldn’t help but laugh. “Well…I guess I can’t-” but he was suddenly interrupted when a fast blur sped by him, nearly knocking him off his feet. “Whoa, what was that?”

However, none of the sponge children looked surprised like SpongeBob. Junior simply smiled with excitement as he announced, “He’s here!”

Crash got a determined look as he stood in place with a widened stance until the same fast blur crashed into him, tumbling on the ground on top of Crash until they both come to a complete stop. It was actually a young eleven-year-old squirrel that wore a red long-sleeved shirt, blue overalls, had some brown fur sticking up on his head, red freckles, and was wearing an air helmet.

Crash smiled as he hugged the squirrel. “Twitchy!” he shouted with joy, “You came!”

“I knew you would!” Junior cried as he joined in the hug.

“OfcourseIcame! Iwaswatin’foryouallthistime!” the squirrel, Twitchy said at incredible speed. “Waitin’, waitin’, waitin’!”

Not understanding a word that the squirrel said, SpongeBob scratched his head in confusion. “Uh…I didn’t get that the first time. Can you repeat it please?”

Then Twitchy spotted SpongeBob, and he sped all around him as he stared at all his corners. “Whoisthisguy? I’veneverseenhimbefore! Whoishe?” Twitchy rapidly asked.

However, SpongeBob still could not understand his fast speech pattern. “Uh…Can you run that by me again?”

But then, Crash got in front of Twitchy and explained, “This here’s SpongeBob, us three found him in the past.”

“The past, the past, the past?!” Twitchy asked as he jumped up and down in excitement while twitching his right eye. “Thatcanonlymeanonething! One thing!”

But before anyone could respond to whatever it was Twitchy asked, a laser suddenly shot above their heads as they yelped and quickly ducked down. SpongeBob looked up and spotted a bulky robot holding a trident.

“I know that robot.” SpongeBob whispered to himself; recognized the attacking droid as he stood up in shock.

Behind the robot that shot at them were six other robots just like it. Junior’s eyes started to water as if about to cry. “They’re gonna eat us!”

“I knew robots would invade the world!” a panicking Twitchy shouted as his right eyes twitches. “I knew it!”

“I knew it too!” an equally panicked Crash shouted at Twitchy.

But then, SpongeBob intervened and started pushing the two boys in the opposite direction. “Come on, guys! We gotta get out of here!”

Buster grabbed Junior’s hand, and started running away with the others. When Twitchy and the sponges were running away from the robots while they fired at them, SpongeBob accidentally tripped on a rock and fell on his face while the robots advance towards him. Buster gasped in fright, and Crash, Junior, and Twitchy all shouted, “SpongeBob!”

SpongeBob trembled with his eyes closed as the robot was about to fire a beam at him. Suddenly, a voiced shouted, “Hi-Ya!” and a fist sliced the robot in half.

“Huh?” SpongeBob wondered as he opened his eyes to see who saved him. It was the Future Sandy, who now wore a sliver top and skirt, and air helmet, and still retained her ironic future hairstyle of two buns on the sides of her head. “Future Sandy…” he said with big glowing eyes, remembering her from his last visit to the future.

Seeing the adult female squirrel as well made Junior, Crash, and Twitchy all smile happily as if they knew her personally.

Future Sandy then karate kicked another robot, and punched two other robots with her fists. SpongeBob then got an idea and took out his bubble soap as blew a bubble at a robot, which caused it to short-circuit. Then Future Sandy karate sliced through the last robot and broke it into pieces.

As SpongeBob watched the robot go down, he couldn’t help but wonder, “What are those PlankEvil bots doing here in the good future?”

He knew that in an apocalyptic future version of Bikini Bottom, Plankton used those robots to overrun the city and conquer it for himself. But this future looked free and lively, so evil robots wouldn’t have any reason to exist.

Future Sandy wiped her hands clean as she stated, “That’ll teach ya varmints to attack innocent children.”

“Wow, Future Sandy!” SpongeBob greeted as he walked over to her. “You really saved us.”

“SpongeBob!” Future Sandy joyfully shouted with a smile as she turned to him, “I was wonderin’ where you-” but before she could embrace him, she stopped and got a perplexed expression when she noticed something about the sponge from the past.

Future Sandy continued staring at him until she noticed the kids standing in the back. Her expression turns to anger as she marched past SpongeBob and went towards the kids.

“Uh…Sandy?” SpongeBob tried calling, but she ignored him.

When Future Sandy reached the kids, she put her hands on her hips and stood in front of them, sternly asking, “Do y’all have an explanation for this?”

Junior got on his knees and cried, “It wasn’t my fault!”

“Yeah,” Crash agreed before pointing at the older sponge, “Buster was the one who dun talked us into goin’ to the past. Junior and I just agreed cuz it sounded like fun.”

Future Sandy glared at Buster while asking, “Is that true?”

Buster just shifted his brown eyes in one direction, looking guilty and not saying anything.

Then, Future Sandy turned angrily towards Twitchy, “And how long have YOU known about this?”

Gulping nervously, Twitchy answered, “Ijustfigureditout! I mean…I just figured out they came back.”

SpongeBob watched the whole confrontation, viewing it as a scene of a mother scold her children for doing something naughty. “Hmm…I wonder why Sandy’s so mad at them.”

Future Sandy looked at the three sponges in disappointment, still scolding them, “Buster! Crash! SpongeBob Jr.! Y’all are gonna have a word with your father when he gets back!”

“‘Father’?” SpongeBob questioned out loud. He had heard the boys mention their father a couple times, but has yet to see the man. What confused him even more was hearing that the Junior shared the same name as him.

“And you, Twitchy,” Sandy scolded, turning to the young squirrel. “I’ll deal with you later.”

Hanging his head in shame, Twitchy responds, “Yes, Ma.”

“‘MA’?!” SpongeBob questioned even louder upon hearing this. “You mean Sandy is Twitchy’s mother?!”

Afterwards, Future Sandy turned to SpongeBob with a friendly smile. “Sorry, SpongeBob, I know you’re from the past, but don’t worry. I’ll have you back soon ‘nuff.”

Suddenly, SpongeBob had a heartbroken expression and turned around, slumping over as he responded, “No thanks, Sandy.”

“’No thanks’?” Future Sandy questioned. “But ya gotta go back.”

“I can’t, Sandy.” SpongeBob sadly explained, still not facing her. “The past holds nothing but pain and misery. It’d be better for me…and everyone else…if I were to stay here.”

Not pleased with the past SpongeBob’s decision, Sandy demanded to know, “What do you mean?”

All of a sudden, SpongeBob faces forward and screams at the top of his voice in anger, “GO ASK ROCKY!!!” without another word, SpongeBob runs off in tears.

“SpongeBob, wait!” Future Sandy called, but to no avail.

The kids looked at each other in bafflement as they watched SpongeBob run away until Future Sandy turned to them with a look of disappointment. Despite this, Crash, Junior, and Twitchy just give her sheepish grins.

“Y’all are grounded for three months.” She dully says.

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Chapter 6: Father/Sponge Bonding

In the town of Future Bikini Bottom, a large portal appeared and out of it came Sandy, Rocky, Patrick, and Squidward.

Patrick laughed in enjoyment. “That was fun. Let’s do it again.”

“Nit-wit. I still can’t believe I was talked into doing this.” Squidward complained as he frowned. He looked around in wonder, “Where are we anyway?”

Sandy answered, “We’ve landed twenty years into the future. This has to be where SpongeBob is.”

“The future, eh?” Squidward said with sudden interest as he looked around at all the high-tech stuff. “Well, since we’re here, I wouldn’t mind having a look around to see what awaits me.”

“I wonder what future pizza tastes like.” Patrick wondered.

“We don’t have time to look around.” Sandy stated with seriousness. “We have to find SpongeBob before he gets into trouble and messes up somethin’ around here.”

“She’s right, boys.” Rocky said as he put his hand on Sandy’s shoulder. “After all, you two were recruited specially for this mission. So, it’s best to stick with the assignment you were both given.”

“Yes, sir!” Patrick said as he saluted while Squidward just groaned in response.

“Now come on!” Sandy signaled as she began to run off. “He could be anywhere.”

When Sandy and the others ran off in one direction, they went past an alley with a dumpster in it. Unbeknownst to them, crying was heard next to it.

Sitting next to the dumpster was SpongeBob as he wiped a tear out of his eyes after having run away from Future Sandy and the kids from the future, having just learned that his future with the Sandy from his timeline may not be the one he hoped for, and he just couldn’t take it.

“Mr. SpongeBob?” a small voice asked as SpongeBob gasped to see Junior standing next to him.

“Oh, Junior, it’s you.” SpongeBob realized until he lowered his head. “If that is your real name.”

“Uh…is it?” Junior wondered as he sat down next SpongeBob.

“Well, I heard Sandy call you something else like…‘SpongeBob Jr.’.” SpongeBob mentioned. “You have the same name as me.”

“I know! Isn’t that great?!” Junior enthusiastically asked as he hugged SpongeBob. “My mommy and daddy named me that. My daddy said it was mostly his idea, but they only call me that when they’re mad at me. Also, they usually just call me ‘Junior’ like the way my brothers and sisters call me that.”

SpongeBob couldn’t help but giggle. “Sounds fascinating, Junior, or should I say…SpongeBob Jr. Ha ah ah ah ah!”

“Ha ah ah ah ah!” Junior giggled also, which was a lot like SpongeBob’s own laugh. “Buster wonders why you cry so much. So…why DO you cry so much?”

SpongeBob sighed sadly and explained, “Well…I don’t normally cry so much, but…I’ve known Sandy for a long time and she’s always been my best friend. But, there are times when I secretly think she could be the love of my life.”

“I know exactly what you mean.” Junior suddenly said.

“You do?”

“Yeah, Crash and Twitchy are kinda like my best friends and I love them.” Junior said as he smiled. “So, I guess that makes them the love of MY life.”

SpongeBob chuckled a bit. “Well…this is a bit different.” But then, he sighed sadly again as he pulled the small box out of his pocket. “I just never realized how impossible it was to win that love of my life, especially with Rocky standing in my way.”

“Ooh…” Junior said, amazed by his story. “That Rocky guy doesn’t sound very nice.”

“You’d be surprised.” SpongeBob said as he opened the box to let Junior see the pearl. “If only Sandy could see that.”

“Wow…” Junior stared at the pearl with big glowing eyes. “It’s so pretty.”

“You really think so?”

Junior nodded. “Uh huh, Mommy has one just like that. She said Daddy gave it to her a long time ago.”

SpongeBob stared at the pearl, a bit puzzled by what Junior said, until he closed the box and put it back in his pocket. “I guess your dad and I think a lot alike.”

But then, a small metal ball suddenly dropped in front of them.

“Hey, someone dropped something!” Junior smiled as he was about to pick it up until SpongeBob grabbed his arm and stopped him.

“I don’t know, Junior.” SpongeBob said in uncertainty. “There’s something suspicious about it.”

Suddenly, the ball opened up and let out a holographic screen. “Wow, you’re right!” Junior agreed as he stared.

Then the screen turned on to show a picture of none other than DarkEvil LaserPants, who still looked the same as he did last time with his black outfit and Darth Vader mask. SpongeBob gasped in horror at seeing the thing he very nearly became in the future.

“Oh no…” SpongeBob uttered in terror as he trembled against the wall. “It can’t be…it just can’t be!”

“It is.” DarkEvil coldly responded to his past self. “You feeling scared?”

“N-N-No.” SpongeBob answered in a trembling voice, showing that he was indeed frightened by the very sight of his evil future self. “But…how is it that you’re back? What do you want?!”

In a careless tone, DarkEvil casually responded, “Oh, I already have what I want.” With a pause he stared closely at the screen, “You.”

“Me?” SpongeBob questioned, feeling confused. “But…you don’t have me.”

“Don’t I?” then the screen changes to show an image that makes SpongeBob and Junior gasp in shock.

SpongeBob couldn’t believe what he saw on the hologram screen. “He looks kinda like…”

“No!” Junior cried as his eyes started to water and he bit on his fingers after seeing the image as well and instantly recognizing what he saw. “He’s got my…he’s got my…he’s got my daddy! WHAAA!!!”

“‘Daddy’?” SpongeBob asked in a surprised tone, never guessing that the person he saw was Junior’s father- which to him could only mean one thing.

The screen switched back to DarkEvil LaserPants. “That’s right, SpongeBob.” He gloated in an icy tone, “I already have your future.”

As SpongeBob saw Junior still crying, he suddenly stood up with a determined frown and he stared DarkEvil in the face. “Let Junior’s daddy go, DarkEvil! It’s me you want!” but then he got a confused look and retracted, “Wait, that didn’t come out right.”

DarkEvil just laughed in mockery and retorted, “Oh, don’t you worry, SpongeBob. You’re the one I really want to destroy. So, I’ll be coming for you soon. I’ll be in touch.”

The screen shut off, and SpongeBob saw the ball close up and gave a small self-destruct. He then turned to Junior, who was still crying over finding out that his father is being held hostage by a madman.

“Hey, don’t cry, Junior.” SpongeBob gently said as he kneeled down to him. “It’ll all be alright.”

“But, SpongeBob, he has my daddy.” Junior mentioned as he continued crying.

“But, Junior, I think I’m starting to understand that I’m your daddy also.” SpongeBob pointed out, “Just…from another time.”

Junior gasped in shock at this revelation as he smiled. “Really?” he asked, jumping to his feet.

“Oh yeah,” SpongeBob said as he then raised his hand. “And I promise as your dad, I’ll save your other dad from DarkEvil LaserPants, and fix everything the way it’s supposed to be.”

Hearing this, Junior smiled with joy and hugged SpongeBob. “Oh, thank you, Daddy!”

“Sure thing, Junior.” SpongeBob replied as he returned his embrace. “But where can we start?”

“We can go to my house.” Junior suggested as he let go of SpongeBob. “Maybe my mommy or my brothers will know what to do.”

While not sure how Junior’s brothers or Junior’s mother, whoever she may be, would be able to help, SpongeBob scratched his head when he realized he didn’t have a lot of options at the moment. “Well, I guess it’s worth a shot.” He ultimately replied, “Let’s do it!”

“YEAH!!!” SpongeBob Jr. shouted as he jumped in the air.

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Chapter 7: No Help Necessary

SpongeBob held Junior’s hand as they walked out of the alley in order to find help in rescuing Junior’s father from DarkEvil LaserPants. “Which way to your house from here?” SpongeBob asked Junior.

Junior tried to think. “Uh…um…uh…” he stammered, obviously not knowing the answer.

“You…don’t know where to go, do you?” SpongeBob assumed.

Shrugging, Junior responded, “Usually Crash and Twitchy lead the way home and I follow them.”

SpongeBob sighed sadly as he said, “I guess my future is as doomed here as it was before.”

But then, something landed in front of them, nearly hitting them. It was Crash, who was riding a hoverboard.

“Well, there y’all are.” Crash cheerfully said as he stepped on the ground. “Ma went out lookin’ for ya.”

“Crash,” SpongeBob said in relief to see his other future son was still safe from DarkEvil. “I need you take us to your house. Your dad’s in huge trouble- your other dad anyway.”

“Holy krabby patties!” Crash shouted as held his head. “We better head on home and come up with a strategy.”

“Hooray! A strategy!” Junior cheered until he turned to SpongeBob. “What’s a strategy?”

SpongeBob then asked Crash, “You think you can show us the way to your house?”

“Ya darn tootin’ I can!” Crash replied as he pulled SpongeBob and Junior onto his hoverboard.

“Wait a minute!” SpongeBob shouted. “Couldn’t we just walk there?”

“Walk?!” Crash questioned as he laughed. “Walkin’ is for safe people!”

He pushed a button on the hoverboard with his foot, and the board began to fly in the air. SpongeBob shrieked a bit as he held onto Junior and Crash.

“Extreme!” Crash called out as he pushed another button with his foot and the hoverboard took off at fast speed with SpongeBob and Junior screaming and holding on to Crash for dear life.

Meanwhile, Sandy, Rocky, Squidward, and Patrick were still walking down the sidewalk, looking for SpongeBob.

“We’re wasting time.” Squidward groaned. “We haven’t seen sight of that yellow nit-wit anywhere.”

“We just need to keep searchin’.” Sandy encouraged. “He’s bound to show up anywhere.”

Just then, the hoverboard with Crash, Junior, and SpongeBob zoomed right passed them with SpongeBob screaming in fear, and Crash cheering.

“What the barnacle was that?” Squidward wondered.

Patrick squinted his eyes as he pondered, “It looked like a futuristic skateboard.”

“Hmm…” Sandy pondered as well. “I coulda sworn I saw SpongeBob on that thing.”

“We better follow it, Sandy.” Rocky suggested. “There’s a chance it might lead to him.”

“Great idea, partner.” Sandy said as she began to run ahead. “Let’s hurry and catch up to it.”

As Sandy, Rocky, and Patrick run ahead, Squidward comments, “Makes sense he would ruin everyone’s lives in this timeline.” He then runs off to join the others.

Crash drove the hoverboard through Bikini Bottom over the street with SpongeBob screaming, “Do you know how to ride this thing?!”

“Sure do!” Crash excitedly shouts back. “I do this every Monday!”

“Look!” Junior pointed as the two look to see they were about to crash into a hovertruck.

The three screamed loudly as Crash pulls up the hoverboard, having them safely fly over the truck. While SpongeBob and Junior looked horrified, Crash just smiles and cheers, “Whoo! We were almost road scrap back there!”

SpongeBob just gulped and muttered, “This sponge is trying to kill me.”

As they flew high in the air, they were over Conch Street and spotted what normally would look like SpongeBob’s pineapple house, only it now look expanded with extra rooms attached to it.

“I see our house from up here!” Junior gleefully pointed out.

SpongeBob stared at it as well, taking a few seconds to actually recognize it as such. “Hey, that is my house! Although…there’s something different about it that I just can’t put my finger on.”

“Come on, y’all!” Crash yelled as he lifted up his foot. “Let’s head in!”

“No wait, Crash!” SpongeBob tried to warn. “I don’t think that’s such a good-”

But Crash had already pressed down on a button with his foot and the hoverboard went flying toward the house with SpongeBob screaming in panic. While Junior just buried his face in Crash’s back so he won’t have to look, Crash just grin, not realizing how terrified his passengers are.

“I’m havin’ fun too!” Crash shouted over SpongeBob’s screaming.

They then crash through the top floor of the house and both land through the ceiling of a room. SpongeBob coughed from all the dust while he was stuck in the wall with Junior and the hoverboard.

“Uh oh,” Junior said with the bottom half of his body sticking out from the wall, “We broke the house.”

Crash had his head stuck in the pink wall as he tried pulling himself out. When he did, he landed on a small round white table where a bunch of tea stuff was placed.

Crash looked up to see three seven-year-old squirrels that were sitting around the table. The first squirrel had brown fur, wore a light blue shirt and dark blue dress with blue shoes, and her hair tied in a blue flower. The second squirrel had blonde fur, wore a pink shirt with a red plaid dress and red shoes, and had her hair tied in a pink heart clip. The third squirrel had brown fur with her hair and tail blonde, a light purple shirt and dark purple dress and shoes, and a purple bow tied in her hair.

The first squirrel stood up and yelled, “Crash!”

“We’re tellin’ Mom…” the second squirrel shouted in a southern accent.

“You crashed through the ceiling again!” the third squirrel finished.

Crash stood up on the table and enthusiastically replied, “I know! Wasn’t it awesome, Sally? I know you’re thinkin’ that, Dolly! Don’t pretend you don’t think so, Ally!”
Then, SpongeBob managed to get himself out of the wall and he landed in a small pink chair in front of the table. Seeing the older sponge surprised the three young squirrels, but they smile and surround him with curiosity.

“Hey there,” the brown squirrel, Sally, greeted.

“Who are you?” the blonde squirrel, Dolly, asked.

The mixed squirrel, Ally, observes SpongeBob as she asks, “And why do you look so familiar?”

SpongeBob looked a little uncomfortable as he rose from the small chair, but politely answered their questions, “Well…In order: my name is SpongeBob, and I’m here to save Junior and Crash’s dad from a terrible fate. As for why I look familiar, well…I’m not entirely sure. I don’t think we’ve ever met.”

However, Ally just glared. “Well, whoever you are…”

Crossing her arms, Dolly added, “You, Crash, and Junior just ruined…”

Sally concludes, “Our tea party!”

“Gee, we sure are sorry, girls.” SpongeBob apologized.

Junior finally pushes himself out of the wall and lands safely in SpongeBob’s arm. He smiles and apologizes to the girls like SpongeBob did. “Uh huh.” He added with a smile

Crash just hopped off the table and carelessly shrugged while saying, “Nah…”

“Come on, Crash,” SpongeBob urged as he pushed him forward. “Be nice and apologize.”

Crash gave a relenting sigh and apologized, “I’m sorry.” Then he scowled while shifting his eyes away and whispered to SpongeBob, “You’re just like Pa.”

Smiling at the sponge’s apologizing, Sally states, “That’s okay.”

“At least you didn’t wreck this.” Ally mentioned as she held a small bottle with glowing blue liquid inside.

“Hmm…” SpongeBob said as he stared at it. “That’s some strange futuristic tea.”

Dolly giggled in amusement and pointed out, “That ain’t the tea, silly.”

“Yeah, it’s our latest invention.” Sally explained.

“The High Inducing Energy Potion.” Ally finished.

“We all just call it the Energy Potion for short.” Dolly added.

Junior smiled in interest. “Ooh, what does it do? Can I try it first?”

Sally held it out of his reach and explained, “If anyone were to drink this, it would give them the energy to do anything.”

“Even if that person don’t have any energy at all.” Dolly added.

SpongeBob stared at the drink in just as much excitement as Junior. “Sounds like my kind of energy drink of the future. Mind if I have a bottle? Maybe I can use it while working out.”

“Sure. We need a test subject anyway.” Sally replied as she gave SpongeBob the bottle. “If it works on you, we can make a whole bunch.”

“Thank you.” SpongeBob smiled, stuffing the potion into his pocket.

As he walked out of the room with the two sponge kids, the three squirrels watched the sponges leave as Sally mentions, “You know…”

Dolly holds her chin as he ponders, “He does kinda look like…”

“Dad…” Ally finished with a confused look.


As SpongeBob walks down the hall with the kids, he asks, “Who were those three adorable girls anyway?”

Walking away, Crash nonchalantly answered, “Oh, they’re just our sisters.”

“Your sisters?” SpongeBob asked with his eyes widened, wondering how in the heck the two sponges could be related to three squirrels.

“Uh huh!” Junior agreed as he gleefully skipped away to where Crash went.

SpongeBob just stood there with a confused look on his face by everything he just learned. “Hmm…there are some things in this future that are just so confusing.” The he noticed Crash and Junior no longer with him. “Whoops, better go find Crash and Junior, and maybe even see what future improvements have come upon SquarePants Manor.”

But when SpongeBob took a step forward, a door slammed open in his face and knocked him down to the ground. SpongeBob groaned in pain as he saw Buster poke his head from behind the door.

“Oh, hey, Buster.” SpongeBob weakly greeted as he sat up. “Didn’t see ya there.”

Buster just narrowed his eyes and stood there silently. As SpongeBob stared at the teenage sponge, he realizes that he hasn’t heard Buster say a word since he met him.

SpongeBob just stood there awkwardly until he tries to make conversation with him, “So…I guess since I’m Junior and Crash’s dad in this future and you’re their brother, I guess that makes me your dad too. Ha ah ah ah!” he laughed until Buster slammed the door closed in his face.

SpongeBob had a concerned look on his face, having not expected Buster to be unexcited by meeting a past version of his father. SpongeBob knocked on the door and called, “Okay! But, I think I should tell you that your dad has been captured by DarkEvil LaserPants! He’s my…evil future self, you know. But not to worry; I’m not anything like him!”

Buster then opens his door and continues to stand there, still not saying anything.

“You don’t have to be afraid, Buster.” SpongeBob gently assured him. “I promised Junior that I’d fix everything, and I promise I’ll help you too.”

Buster then glared at SpongeBob, and finally SAYS in a quiet voice, “I don’t need your help.”

SpongeBob had a look of surprise at hearing Buster finally speak until he chuckled, “Ha, ah ah ah! So that’s what you sound like.”
But, Buster slammed the door in SpongeBob’s face again, only this time SpongeBob held it open.

“Wait, Buster!” SpongeBob called to him as he struggled to keep the door open. “I really wanna help you too!”

Buster just continued to try and close the door as he replied, “I told you…I’ll handle this myself.”

“But, if you really can handle this by yourself, then why did you bring me here?” SpongeBob asked until Buster opened the door, causing SpongeBob to fall to the ground in Buster’s room, yelping until he lied at Buster’s feet.

“I just need you to watch Crash, Junior, and the others.” Buster answered as he crossed his arms while scowling. “I’ll defeat DarkEvil on my own.”

“But, I’ve beaten DarkEvil before.” SpongeBob pointed out. “And I can do it again.”

“Yeah, right.” Buster dismissed as he walked out of his room. “You don’t even understand what’s going on.”

SpongeBob stood up with a confused and saddened expression on his face as he watched his oldest future son disappear and reject his offer of help. “Gee…he’s nothing like Crash and Junior.”

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Chapter 8: Reunited For a While

Later on, SpongeBob was sitting in his future living room on his future chair with his future kids playing in front of him. Crash was jumping on a small trampoline while Junior was playing with a Krusty Krab playset with Twitchy

“Monsterattack!” Twitchy playfully yelled as he growled and kicked the playset across the room while Junior just giggled in excitement.

SpongeBob didn’t pay attention to the kids since he just sighed and slumped in his chair, trying to ponder how exactly he was gonna stop DarkEvil LaserPants and save the kids’ father. “Gee, it was one thing defeating him once…but again?”

“Relax, relax, relax!” Twitchy rapidly said as he sped over to SpongeBob’s side. “Justgetyourselfsomehelp!”

“’Help’?” SpongeBob questioned since that was the only word he can make out from Twitchy speech. “I don’t know. Where can I get help around here?”

Suddenly, banging was heard on the front door which startled everyone.

“What in tarnation is that?” Crash wondered as he hopped off his trampoline.

SpongeBob gasped in shock since he knew there would only be one person who would try to force their way into his home. “Oh no…” he muttered in horror, “He’s here.”

The banging got louder as the hinges started to come off the door. Junior shrieked in fright as he hopped onto SpongeBob’s lap and held onto him, asking in a frightened tone, “What do we do?”

SpongeBob held onto Junior as an equally frightened Crash and Twitchy come close to them as well. “We can…try and think of something.” He answered in a scared tone as he closed his eyes.

As the sponges and squirrel tremble in fear, the door finally broke down and Sandy stood there with her held foot out as Patrick, Squidward, and Rocky came inside.

Sandy quickly spots SpongeBob huddled with the kids. “SpongeBob!” she called.

SpongeBob opened his eyes and got a surprised look to see who it was. “Sandy?”

“SpongeBob!” Patrick called happily.

“Patrick?” SpongeBob asked, even more surprised to see his two best friends. “Squidward?”

Squidward just shrugged, uninterested. “Whatever.”

Rocky gave a friendly smile and wave, greeting the sponge, “SpongeBob.”

Just seeing the tall buff squirrel made SpongeBob grow angry, “Rocky?!”

“SpongeBob Jr.!” Junior suddenly shouted as he jumped in the air cheerfully. Everyone just stared at him until he giggled and shrugged innocently. “What? Shouting out names sounded like fun.”

Sandy went up to SpongeBob, and smiled. “We’ve been lookin’ everywhere for you, SpongeBob.”

“You have?” SpongeBob asked with widened eyes since he didn’t anticipate Sandy coming all the way to the future with everyone just to find him.

“Oh, yeah we did.” Patrick agreed happily. “Sandy and Rocky got me and Squidward to go to the future and find you so we can bring you back.”

“They did?”

“Uh huh,” Patrick said with a nod. “Rocky was the one who tracked you down. We were all impressed, especially Sandy.”

Suddenly, SpongeBob felt all his anger returning. “Oh, really?” he asked in tranquil fury.

“That’s what he said.” Junior added, smiling at SpongeBob. “But, didn’t you say that Rocky wasn’t a nice guy?”

“Junior.” SpongeBob whispered loudly, not wanting his hatred of Rocky to be publicly known.

Sandy approached him and stated, “Well, SpongeBob, it’s great that we found ya safe and sound, but it’s time that we get ya back home.”

“No can do, Sandy.” SpongeBob denied. “I made a promise to Junior and his siblings, and I intend to keep it.”

Unimpressed that SpongeBob was refusing to return to his own timeline after they came all this way, Sandy informed him, “Well, ya have no business struttin’ around the future. We have to leave now before you cause any damage.”

However, SpongeBob retorted, “There is already someone causing damage around here and its not me! Well…technically it is me…but, I’m the only one here who can stop him!” he then crossed his arms and turned away from Sandy. “Besides, why don’t you take Rocky back? I’m sure you two have a future that’s waiting for you.”

“What does any of this have to do with Rocky?” Sandy shouted angrily.

“Because you think he’s so great!” SpongeBob turned back around and yelled at Sandy’s face.

Squidward, Patrick, and Rocky stared in surprise to see SpongeBob blowing up at Sandy. Junior began to quietly whimper at seeing the confrontation while Crash hid behind Twitchy as both boys felt the awkward tension.

Still arguing with SpongeBob, Sandy yelled, “I don’t know what any of that has to do with anything!”

“I DON’T EITHER!!!” SpongeBob screamed at the top of his voice before he started stomping away, but then turned back to Sandy, “And I am never going back! Not now, not ever!”

When SpongeBob stormed out the front door with everyone watching, Squidward scoffed, “What’s up with him?”

Twitchy held the sides of his head as he panicked, “Thatwashorrible! Horrible, horrible!”

“Miss. Sandy,” Crash calmly asked as he turned to the older squirrel, “Can ya go and bring him back for us?”

“Yeah,” Junior agreed as he started shivering in fright. “What if that mean scary guy in the mask gets him?”

Sandy groaned in frustration as she smacked her helmet. “Alright, I’ll go get him. And we’re draggin’ his square behind back home even if I have to kick it there myself.”

When she was about to walk away, Rocky grabbed her shoulder and said, “Actually, Sandy, why don’t I go and get him?”

“You wanna do it? Gee, I don’t know. He acts sorta nutty when he’s around you.”

Rocky just continued to have a confident look. “Oh, don’t worry about me, Sandy. I’m sure once SpongeBob and I have a nice chat, everything will be alright between us.”

Sandy smiled and nodded. “Alright, if you think it’ll work.”

“Swell.” Rocky said with a sly smile as he walked away to find SpongeBob.

Squidward just scoffed and said, “Well, while he tries to get that over-dramatic yellow freak under control, I’m gonna go see the clarinets of the future.”

When he tried to walk away, Junior suddenly popped up in front of him. “Oh, can I come too? It’ll be fun! After that, we can play tag, blow bubbles, eat ice-cream, play Duck, Duck, Hermit Crab, watch TV, make a sandman, buy some candy, go to the petting zoo, throw the…” but before he could go on, Squidward suddenly covered Junior’s mouth.

“Please don’t tell me you’re the SpongeBob of the future.” Squidward groaned hopefully.

However, Junior was muttering some unintelligible words with Squidward’s tentacle over his mouth.

“Hmm…” Sandy thought as she stared at Junior, Crash, and Twitchy as she felt some sort of strange familiar connection with them. “‘SpongeBob of the future’…”


Meanwhile, SpongeBob was walking down the street of his neighborhood as he slumped over and sniffled like he had been crying after his terrible confrontation with Sandy.

“I can’t believe it.” SpongeBob cried as a tear fell out of his eye. “This future is just as miserable as it was before.”

But unbeknownst to him, something was stomping up behind him and eyed him through a high-tech screen, moving a snipe target on SpongeBob’s body.

“I can’t even believe myself for saying all that stuff to Sandy. Oh, what am I gonna do now?”

However, SpongeBob stopped and looked up to see his oldest future son walking towards the distance ahead.

“That’s odd,” SpongeBob said, confused to see Buster outside when he knows how dangerous it could be at the moment. “I wonder what Buster could be doing out here all by himself…especially with DarkEvil lurking somewhere around.”

Then a large metal foot stomped behind him. “SpongeBob…” it said with a deep voice.

“Did somebody call me?” SpongeBob wondered as he turned around, but a large metal hand suddenly sprung out and grabbed him, knocking him out before he even had time to gasp.

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Chapter 9: Truth Revealed

“And that’s what happened so far.” Crash explained to Sandy, Squidward, and Patrick about how he and his brothers came to the future after they lost their father, bringing SpongeBob to their time period, and DarkEvil LaserPants being the one responsible for their father’s disappearance. “It was totally rad when we crashed through the ceilin’ of Sally, Dolly, and Ally’s room!”

Then Junior started explaining, “And then you came in and it started all that yelling, causing Daddy to leave, and then that big Rocky guy went after him, and then you asked who we were and Crash started talking about how we went into the past to find our dad, and-”

“You’re telling the story all over again!” Sally, Dolly, and Ally all shouted, who were there listening from the top of the stairs.

“Oopsie,” Junior smiled with an embarrassed chuckle.

Sandy started to ponder over all the information she just received, “Well, that explains as much as an ox with no horns.”

“Or a robot with gears sticking out of his nose!” Crash added with a laugh as Sandy stared at him.

“Well, the only thing that caught my attention is that these two are SpongeBob’s spawn.” Squidward said as he pointed at Junior and Crash.

“What’s a spawn?” Junior asked with a confused look.

Patrick easily answered, “It’s that little piece you move on a board when you play chess.”

“Really?” Junior asked with a smile, believing him. “I knew it was something like that.”

“We got no time for games, you two.” Sandy snapped at Patrick and Junior. “We gotta work on gettin’ SpongeBob back home. If this future is really in danger by some whackjob alternate version of him, he could be in serious danger. But first we gotta find that critter.”

“Sandy!” a voice called out and Sandy turned to see Rocky come inside, and was running toward her, out of breath. “It’s horrible!”

Concerned by her friend looking so distressed, Sandy asked, “Rocky, what’s goin’ on?”

Rocky answered while panting in exhaustion, “It’s SpongeBob…he’s in trouble.” Everyone seemed to gasp in shock while Rocky continued to explain what happened, “Something knocked him unconscious and dragged him away somewhere. I tried to stop them, but they were too fast.”

“Oh no,” Sandy gasped in worry.

Sally, Dolly, and Ally all looked at each, feeling just as shocked as everyone else.

“It couldn’t be that masked varmint, could it?” Crash asked in shock while Twitchy trembled in fright.

Junior started tearing up in sadness. “Daddy…”

Patrick seemed to be tearing up too over the loss of his best friend. “Daddy?”


Meanwhile, in a dark area, a pair of blue eyes opened up that belonged to SpongeBob, who was starting to wake up.

SpongeBob groaned in pain and held his head while he sat up. “Where am I?” he wondered as he looked around and noticed he was in some type of dimly lit futuristic dungeon with red laser bars. “What am I doing here?”

“I had you brought here.” A cold familiar voice answered.

SpongeBob gasped and turned to see through the bars was none other than the villainous, DarkEvil LaserPants, walking toward him. SpongeBob gasped and shivered in fright. “DarkEvil LaserPants…” he muttered.

“SpongeBob…long time no see.” DarkEvil coldly greeted as he pushed a button on the wall that made the laser bars of the cell turn to regular metal bars. This allowed him to reach through the bars and grab SpongeBob by his tie and pull him against the bars as he stared him in the eyes.

SpongeBob yelped in fright as his body was pulled against the bars just inches from his evil future self.

DarkEvil just stared him in the eyes and asked “Have fun while I was stuck floating in a universe of nothing after you defeated me back in the past?”

Feeling stunned and frightened as he was held at the mercy of his evil self, SpongeBob struggled to even form a sentence, “Uh…well, I…”

But DarkEvil just let go of SpongeBob’s tie, dropping him on the floor. “What does it matter? I’m gonna destroy you anyway.”

SpongeBob stood up and gulped before asking, “But…But how DID you come back? I thought you weren’t supposed to exist anymore after I changed the future.”

DarkEvil gave an evil chuckle and lifted up his mask to show an evil smirk on his identical yellow face. “It’s quite an interesting story actually.” He answered with a calm smirk as he puts his fists on his square hips. “It all begins yesterday afternoon down in your basement…”


Just like DarkEvil said, a flashback goes down to SpongeBob’s future house, down in his basement where a bunch of boxes and old junk were stored.

“Buster!” a female voice called from upstairs. “Go take my old tools down to the basement!”

The door opened and Buster walked down the steps to the basement while carrying a large box full of tools. When he got to the bottom, he set the box down on the ground and wiped his forehead. He quickly glanced around at all the stuff that was in the room, but then he spotted something suspicious behind two towers of boxes.

Curious, Buster walked over and pushed the boxes aside until he spots Sandy’s old time machine. He curiously stared at it and touched the metal to see what it does. He took his hand off the machine and noticed some dust he caught on his hand. Then Buster looked on the ground and saw an old remote lying there.

He picked it up and pushed a large red button, causing the remote to spark with electricity, and even the machine to spark as the center of the arch got a strange glow when a portal started to form.

Buster got a nervous look on his face and slowly backed away as the machine continued to spark even more as a black boot emerged from inside the portal. Buster’s eyes widen and jaw lowers as he saw it was DarkEvil LaserPants who had emerged from the portal.

DarkEvil was hunched over and he held his head, looking weak. “Tartar sauce…Where am I?” he lifts up his mask, showing an exhausted look on his face. He glanced around with his vision blurred, and when it became clear, he saw Buster sitting on the ground with a stunned look on his face.

DarkEvil suddenly began to glare with a look of hatred. “You…” he lowered his mask back down and started to walk toward Buster.

‘At first I thought that kid was you when I first spotted him.’ DarkEvil’s voice explained to SpongeBob.

Still sitting on the floor, Buster backed away as far as he could against the box behind him with a frightened look on his face while DarkEvil walked over to him, tightening his fist.

But Buster just sat there with a terrified expression as he put his arms over his face in fright. “Dad…” he whispered.

DarkEvil lifted up his mask as he stared at Buster. ‘With closer observation, I was able to realize that he wasn’t you, but your very own son.’ Then he smirked and lowers his mask back down before he walked away.

When Buster opened his eyes, he saw DarkEvil standing a few feet away from him as he laughed evilly. “Soon you’ll regret ever bringing my out of time. You and your father.” Then he once again laughed evilly and shot his laser up at the ceiling.


Back in the present (or future) time, DarkEvil finished his story, “So, if it weren’t for that pathetic kid of yours, I wouldn’t have been brought out of time to wreak my revenge.”

SpongeBob was in shock over the story. “Gee…So, it was Buster who caused all this.”

“Of course it was.” DarkEvil replied as he put down the mask over his face. “It seems to run in the family. Especially when he chose to make the stupid mistake of bringing you here to me even when I had already sent a weapon into the past to destroy you.”

“You’ll never get away with this!” SpongeBob yelled as he gripped the bars. “Ow!” he shouted in pain when the lasers around the bars turn on, burning his hands.

“Think again.” DarkEvil retorted with his hand on the switch. “I won’t just ruin your future…I’ll destroy it.”

DarkEvil walked away while SpongeBob just gave a defeated sigh as he sat on the ground with his elbows on his knees and his palms on his cheeks. “This is hopeless.” He complained with defeat.

“You’re not gonna give up like that, are you?” asked a voice that sounded similar to SpongeBob’s but a bit deeper.

“Huh?” SpongeBob wondered as he listened, but couldn’t see where the voice was coming from. “Who’s there? DarkEvil?”

“Almost.” The voice responded with SpongeBob’s laugh, “Ha ah ah ah! I’m actually you.”

“Me?” SpongeBob questioned, feeling more confused than ever. “I never thought I’d be talking to myself before. Where am I anyway?”

“You can’t see me now, but I’m in the cell that’s three cells away from yours on the right.”

“Oh,” SpongeBob understood with a shrug and smile. “I guess that makes sense. But, how can you be me if I’m me? How did you get here anyway?”

The voice explained, “DarkEvil LaserPants captured me while I was on my way to work. I did my best to fight him off, but he was too much. Now that he has me, there’s no telling what he’ll do to everyone else, especially my family.”

SpongeBob had a look of sympathy, feeling sorry for the stranger. “That’s terrible, Me. Even though I have no idea how you can be me. We have to get out of here so you can help your family. Plus we have to find Crash and Junior’s dad and save him from DarkEvil. Plus there’s no telling what he’ll do once he finds Buster out there.”

The voice sighed sadly. “I’m just as worried as you are. But, don’t you worry about their dad…”

In another cell that was three cells away from SpongeBob’s right, the figure speaking picked up a pair of large black glasses that were on the floor next to him. He put them on over his blue eyes as he finished his sentence, “…He’s just fine.”

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Chapter 10: Future SpongeBob

Inside the dungeon where DarkEvil LaserPants locked up SpongeBob, everything seemed peaceful at the moment despite it being a dark dungeon. SpongeBob seemed to have dozed off and was lying on the ground asleep. While he was snoring, he suddenly heard a strange noise.

SpongeBob suddenly opened his eyes and asked in a drowsy tone, “Huh? Who’s there?”

He suddenly heard what sounded like a metal door opening. SpongeBob fully woke up and held his knees as he cowered against the wall, fearing it was DarkEvil LaserPants.

“Don’t…Don’t come any closer.” SpongeBob trembled.

Then a mysterious yellow hand suddenly pulled a switch that shut off the laser bars of SpongeBob’s cell.

“Huh?” SpongeBob wondered as he opened his right eye and did not see DarkEvil threatening his life. “What’s going on?”

The figure pushed a red button that made the metal bars go up, allowing SpongeBob to go free.

SpongeBob had a puzzled look as he stood up and slowly walked out of his cell with no repercussions. “Okay…” he wondered. “What’s going on here?”

He turned around to see his savior, and it happened to be…Buster.

“Buster!” SpongeBob shouted in happiness. “You’re here!”

Buster just cocked his left eyebrow and said nothing until SpongeBob just continued to ask him, “How did you get here anyway?”

Buster just gave a little shrug as he replied in a shy tone, “I just…followed that robot who captured you. I…thought you could use a little help.”

“Oh, boy did I need help.” SpongeBob said with a thankful smile as he grabbed Buster and hugged him. “I thought I was a goner as DarkEvil’s prisoner.”

But, Buster just pushed himself out of his past dad’s grip and said in an awkward tone, “All I came here for was to just get you out of here so you can go back to the past. You don’t understand what I have to do.”

“Well…actually…” SpongeBob tried explaining. “I really do.”

Buster seemed surprised that he knew what was going on, and he turned back around with SpongeBob continuing, “You were the one who brought back DarkEvil LaserPants.” Buster frowned in guilt as he crossed his arms and turned away from SpongeBob. “I guess I can see why you wanted to try and fix this by yourself.”

Before Buster can explain himself, they suddenly heard a voice call out, “Hey, fellas!”

SpongeBob and Buster look around until the older sponge recognized it. “It’s the voice who said he was me.” SpongeBob pointed out. “Where are you?”

“Over here!” the voice called as a yellow hand waves out from one of the cells.

Buster gasps in shock, recognizing who it was, as he runs over to another control panel on the wall. He pulls a lever and pushes a red button that disarms the laser bars and opens the cell.

They run over to see the cell unlocking like SpongeBob’s and they see the figure stepping out. “Glad I’m finally out of there.” He said as he came into view.

The figure looked like an older version of SpongeBob. He was an inch taller, wearing brown pants with suspenders, a white shirt, red tie, and a pair of large black glasses.

“Hey!” SpongeBob said with an amazed smile. “You’re the one DarkEvil said he was holding prisoner before! That would mean…”

The sponge chuckled in flattery. “That’s right. I did say I was you before…just from the future.”

“That makes a lot more sense.” SpongeBob said as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly. “How did you end up here anyway?”

“Well…” Future SpongeBob replied when his expression turns to one of seriousness. “I do love a good flashback…”


As the Future SpongeBob explains his story, as flashback goes to the early morning with Future SpongeBob happily walking down the street.

‘I was on my way to work the other day when I suddenly came across something odd.’

He stopped with a confused look on his face as he turned his head towards an alley, and spots something against the wall. Future SpongeBob walked in and picked it up to see it was a beamsword hilt.

“That’s strange.” Future SpongeBob said as he straightened his glasses. “Why does this look so familiar?”

“Maybe because it’s mine.” A cold voice stated as Future SpongeBob turns around and gasps as something punched him further into the alley.

Future SpongeBob opened his eyes as he lied in a pile of garbage bags. But he gasps in shock and gets an angered look in his eyes when he sees who it is. “You!”

DarkEvil LaserPants started walking toward Future SpongeBob. “That’s right, SquarePants.” He said to him with mockery in his voice, “Thought you’d seen the last of me, huh?”

Future SpongeBob easily pushed the garbage bags off of him, and stood there with a serious expression. “What are you doing here?” he demanded to know before suddenly jumping in the air, landing behind his foe, and karate chopping DarkEvil in the back, knocking him forward. “How did you come back?”

“You really wanna know?” DarkEvil asked as he sat up, slide across the ground, and then swept his feet at Future SpongeBob, knocking him onto the ground. He then picked Future SpongeBob up by his tie and answered, “You should thank that son of yours.”

Hearing that DarkEvil interacted with one of his children, Future SpongeBob’s eyes widen in shock. “What?!”

“Yes.” DarkEvil flipped Future SpongeBob onto the ground and aimed his wrist ray at him as he lied there defenseless. He lifts up his mask and showed an evil smirk. “But this time, things are gonna end differently.”

‘As hard as I tried to defeat him…alas, I was defeated.’ Future SpongeBob explained. ‘He fired a paralyzing beam at me and I was unconscious for hours.’


Back in the present (or still the future), Future SpongeBob continued explaining, “After that, he brought me here and held me prisoner so he can complete the rest of his plan. He wanted to destroy my past self, which is you, with a new weapon he has. I just haven’t figured out what it is yet. But what I do know is that with you here, he’s gonna try and destroy all of us at once.”

After he finished, SpongeBob and Buster just stood there silently in awe over the story they just heard.

“Whoa…” SpongeBob uttered in shock until he suddenly smiled and raised his fists in the air. “I KICK BUTT IN THE FUTURE!!! WHOOO!!!”

When he opened his eyes and stopped cheering, he noticed a disappointed look on his future self’s face. SpongeBob giggled sheepishly, “Heh, eh eh eh…I suppose what you just said is bad too.”

The Future SpongeBob then turned to Buster and crossed his arms. “And as for you…I can’t believe you didn’t tell anyone about the fact that you released an evil alternate version of me into our time period.” He scolded in a serious tone. “I’m also utterly shocked that you brought my past self here when you know how dangerous this could affect our timeline.”

Without a word, Buster just put his hands in his pockets and looked away with guilt. But Future SpongeBob just sighed and calmly stated, “Well…I suppose we’ll just have to discuss this with your mother later. Right now we have to get out of here and stop DarkEvil before he does anymore damage. Buster, you have to show us the way out of here.”

Buster nodded and started running off to the exit while the two SpongeBobs follow him.

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Chapter 11: Family Reunion

Outside, where the sun seemed to be setting, the cover of a manhole on the street started opening up. Future SpongeBob poked his eyes out and looked around as if seeing if there was anyone nearby.

“The coast is clear.” He called as he stepped out, followed by his past self and Buster.

“Glad to finally be out of there.” SpongeBob smiled as he stretched out his arms.

“Come on, gentlemen.” Future SpongeBob signaled. “We have to hurry and get back to my house before DarkEvil tries anything dirty that we’ll need to clean up.”

He ran up ahead with SpongeBob and Buster following him. On the way, SpongeBob walked next to Buster and asked, “Hey, Buster, I was wondering… If you were the one who released DarkEvil LaserPants, why didn’t you tell anyone?”

Buster looked away from him and replied, “Because this was my fault, SpongeBob. I knew everyone would hate me for causing this and putting my dad in trouble. I thought if I went into the past and brought you here, my dad would be saved. But…it just made things worse.”

“I don’t hate you, Buster.” SpongeBob assured him. “In fact, it’s actually my fault for becoming the guy in the first place. But, everyone knows you didn’t do it on purpose.” Buster stared at SpongeBob in surprise by his understanding. “But you know…I’m sure we can-“

Before he can continue reassuring his future son, a female voice called out, “SpongeBob!”

SpongeBob stopped when he saw Sandy running up to him. “Sandy!” he called out.

Sandy ran over and hugged him in joy and relief. “Oh, SpongeBob, I was so worried! After Rocky told us you were snatched, I thought I’d never see ya again!”

SpongeBob looked surprised that she was worried for him after he disappeared given that the last thing he said to her was unpleasant. But he smiled and asked, “Really?”

“You bet.” Sandy replied until she noticed Future SpongeBob. “Who’s this?”

SpongeBob giggled in amusement, “Ha ah ah ah!” and answered, “This is me. Well, me from the future that is.”

“Sandy, if you’re here, where’s everyone else?” Future SpongeBob asked. “Where are the kids?”

“They’re with my future self.” Sandy explained. “Sometime after you went and disappeared, these miscreant robots dun showed up and attacked us.” The sponges gasped at this, realizing that DarkEvil was already attempting to harm their friends and family. “Then my future self came and helped us. Afterwards, I left to try and find you.”

“Oh, barnacles!” Future SpongeBob shouted as he held his head. “I hope they’re alright.”

Afterwards, he ran as fast as he could to Conch Street with SpongeBob, Sandy, and Buster following him.


When they finally reached the neighborhood, Future SpongeBob gasped in horror to see his house nearly destroyed by the mayhem that Sandy said had occurred.

“Oh, barnacles,” Future SpongeBob cursed as he quickly went inside through the hole in the wall. He saw the living room was completely destroyed with no one around. “Where is everyone?”

SpongeBob, Sandy, and Buster come in through the wall to see what’s going on, and was just as disturbed by the damage as Future SpongeBob was. “Future Me?” SpongeBob asked in concern.

But unbeknownst to Future SpongeBob, a large PlankEvil bot was coming at him from behind and was about to attack him.

SpongeBob saw this and quickly warned, “Future Me, look out!”

“DADDY, NO!!!” Junior cried out as he came out from his hiding place, and then to everyone’s surprise, he picked up the heavy couch in panic and used it to smash the PlankEvil bot into pieces before it can attack Future SpongeBob.

Future SpongeBob gasped in surprise, but smiled in relief to see that his child was safe. “SpongeBob Jr., you’re here.”

“Daddy, you’re here!” Junior smiled also as he hugged his father in joy.

Then Crash came out through the hole in the ceiling with Twitchy. “Pa!” Crash shouted with joy as he ran over to hug Future SpongeBob.

“Youescapedtheevilvarmint’sclutches!” Twitchy rapidly shouted as he followed Crash to hug his dad.

“Daddy!” Sally shouted with joy as she and her sisters came out from another room.

“You’re back!” Dolly also shouted in the same manner.

“Finally!” Ally shouted lastly.

Future SpongeBob smiled happily as he hugged his group of children while SpongeBob, Sandy, and Buster watched.

“It’s great to see you kids are safe and sound.” Future SpongeBob said happily, but then got a concerned look as he asked. “But, where’s your mother?”

“SpongeBob!” Sandy’s voice called out with Future SpongeBob, along with SpongeBob and Sandy, turn to see Future Sandy standing by the other hole in the wall.

Future SpongeBob stood up and shouted happily, “Sandy!”

Future Sandy ran over to him happily with Squidward and Patrick peeking out from behind the large hole in the wall.

Soon, both the Future SpongeBob and Sandy embrace happily as the present SpongeBob and Sandy watch in shock by their future selves loving affection towards one another.

“Oh, SpongeBob, I was so worried when I found out you went missin’.” Future Sandy cried as she held Future SpongeBob.

“I felt the same way.” Future SpongeBob smiled also, “About you and our kids.”

As the others continued staring at the couple along with the young sponges and squirrels surrounding them, Sandy still has a shocked look as she began to realize something, “Wait a minute…are all those youngins supposed to be…mine?”

“And if Sandy’s supposed to be the mother of my future kids…and I’m the father of her future kids…” SpongeBob also began to realize.

“Then that would mean…”

Before Sandy could finish, both SpongeBob and Sandy glance each other in shock, not saying a word to each other, and both started blushing.

Squidward became baffled as he commented, “Just when I thought things in this future couldn’t be any weirder.”

But when the two look away from each other, SpongeBob got a happy grin and laced his fingers together in joy.

‘It’s true!’ SpongeBob gleefully said in his inner-thoughts. ‘Sandy and I ARE married in the future and we have seven adorable kids. Oh, it’s just too good to be true. And the best part… no Ro-’

Before he could finish, they suddenly hear the sound of a pair of hands clapping, and they turn their heads to see DarkEvil LaserPants coming in while applauding in sarcasm. “What a happy family reunion.” He coldly states.

‘DarkEvil!’ SpongeBob shouted in his thoughts while frightened. But then, he shook his head and got a determined look. ‘I have to face him like a man. I can’t let him ruin this wonderful future I have.’

Future SpongeBob walked away from his wife and children, and stood before DarkEvil with a brave face. “What are you doing here, LaserPants?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” DarkEvil asked before explaining, “I’m here to finish what I started.” Then he looked at SpongeBob. “And that means finally getting rid of you.”

But SpongeBob just stood there next to Sandy with a serious frown as he shouted, “I will not be defeated by you! Especially when it comes to protecting my friends!”

DarkEvil just stood there as he looked around seeing Buster standing there next to SpongeBob, Junior trembling with fear, Crash trying to look tough with Twitchy, and Sally, Dolly, and Ally huddled together in fright.

“Well, well, well,” DarkEvil said as he looked at SpongeBob and Sandy after seeing all their kids. “It looks like you two got busy.”

While Sandy looked embarrassed by this comment, SpongeBob, however, just boldly shouted, “Of course we got busy! We totally got busy! With all this going to the future, keeping those kids safe, saving the future me, and trying to stop you, we haven’t had time for anything else!”

Awkward silence fell when SpongeBob noticed Sandy sigh in annoyance, Buster stare at him, his future self push his glasses up awkwardly, Future Sandy shake her head in frustration, Squidward slap his forehead, and the rest of the kids just looking confused by all this.

“What?” a clueless SpongeBob asked with a shrug.

“Wow.” Patrick said in surprise. “You really have been busy.”

DarkEvil just laughed in enjoyment as he said, “I love messing with your pathetic mind. But, now I think it’s time to get down to business.”

“And just what do you plan on doing?” Future SpongeBob demanded to know.

DarkEvil lifted his mask up to show an evil smirk while replying, “Oh, I’m not doing anything.”

He snapped his fingers and suddenly, Rocky walked up next to him. “Rocky?” Sandy asked in shock at seeing her good friend next to DarkEvil LaserPants.

“Rocky!” SpongeBob shouted in concern. “Even though I never really liked you, watch out! DarkEvil’s next to you!”

Rocky just growled as his eyes turn completely red. Sandy became even more shocked as she asked, “Rocky? What’s goin’ on?”

“Sorry, Sandy.” Rocky responded with his eyes still red and his expression vicious. “I do like you, but I must destroy!”

Rocky’s body suddenly split apart like armor and revealed his true form. He was a silver, brown, and green muscular armored robot with large bulky arms, giant fist-like hands, and a large tail with sharp spikes on it.

“Behold…” DarkEvil introduced with his mask once again down. “My latest creation…the Rocky-Bot 3000, a powerful robotic weapon I designed to send into the past and destroy you. Even though things didn’t go according to plan, it’s still intelligent enough to serve its purpose well.”

SpongeBob stared in shock by this revelation. “Rocky’s actually an evil robot?” he continued to stand there in shock until he started cheering again, “YES!!! HE ISN’T A SUPER-HUNK GUY AFTER ALL!!!” he stopped when he noticed his future self, Sandy, Buster, Squidward, and Future Sandy all glaring at him. “Heh eh eh eh…Of course that is a bad thing also.”

“Now that you’re all acquainted…” DarkEvil said as he snapped his fingers which made the Rocky-Bot growl and stomp toward the group. “Let’s get down to destroying you all.”


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Chapter 12: Revenge of the Sponge

“AAAHHHH!!!” Junior cried out as he jumped onto Squidward and hugged him tightly. Squidward would’ve said something, but he was scared himself by the large robotic squirrel that was going to kill all of them.

Future SpongeBob got a determined look and turned to his wife. “Sandy, you take the pasties and the kids somewhere safe.”

“You can count on me.” Future Sandy said as she blew Future SpongeBob a kiss and ran off, signaling everybody to follow her. “Come on, y’all!”

Squidward, Patrick, Sally, Dolly, Ally, Buster, Twitchy, Crash, Junior, and Sandy all began to follow her.

“I’m coming, Sandy of the Future!” SpongeBob hollered. But before he could follow her and the others, a large metal fist grabbed him.

Sandy, Crash, Twitchy, Junior, and Buster turn around when they noticed what happened. “SpongeBob!” Sandy called out in worry.

The Rocky-Bot pulled SpongeBob in and held him tightly against the wall. “Destroy SpongeBob!” he said in a deep robotic voice.

SpongeBob grunted in fear as he shut his eyes. But, the Rocky-Bot was suddenly kicked back which caused him to drop SpongeBob.

“Sandy!” SpongeBob shouted happily when he opened his eyes, seeing that she saved him.

“No time to be chattin’ now, SpongeBob.” Sandy interrupted as she helped him back on his feet. “You have to go with my future self. You’ll be safe there.”

SpongeBob got an uncertain look upon realizing that she wouldn’t be going with him. “But what about you?” he asked with concern.

“I gotta teach this no good double-crossin’ robot not to mess with this Texas-tough squirrel.”

After Sandy turned to the Rocky-Bot with a karate pose, SpongeBob just stood there and stared, not knowing what to do.

Sandy jumped in the air as she screamed and karate kicked the Rocky-Bot in the head, causing it to beep and grunt. Then when Sandy was about to give it a karate chop, he suddenly grabbed her and picked her up by her legs.

“Put me down, ya big mechanical varmint!” Sandy yelled as the Rock-Bot’s hand turned into a ray gun and was about to fire it at her.

Junior watched the whole thing and yelled, “Mommy!” he shifted his blue eyes back and forth until he spots the large table. He ran over and picked it up as he cried, “No! Don’t hurt her!”

Then he amazingly jumped up and whacked the large table over the Rocky-Bot’s head, causing the table to break in pieces and the bot to drop Sandy. When the Rocky-Bot fell to the ground disabled, Junior was panting heavily with his hands still grasped to a piece of the table.

Crash walked next to him while staring at what Junior just did. “Wow…” Crash uttered as he kept staring until he excitedly shouted, “That was the most awesome thing I’ve ever dun see you do!”

When Junior took his last gasp of breath, he suddenly got a big smile as he looked at his brother. “You really think so?”

Twitchy picked up Junior and twirled him around. “Yeahyeahyeahyeah!” he rapidly said with a grin.

“I think so too.” SpongeBob mentioned as he walked over to him.

“So do I.” Sandy agreed as well. “Looks like ya got a little bit of me in there too, Junior.”

Junior giggled as he clapped his hands and jumped. “Thank you, Mommy and Daddy.”

While Buster was standing from afar and watching them, he turned his eyes to see something else. “Dad.” He whispered.

The others turn to see Future SpongeBob facing against DarkEvil LaserPants. “It’ll all be over soon, DarkEvil.” Future SpongeBob threatened in seriousness.

“You bet it will, SpongeBob.” DarkEvil retorted as he took out his pink-colored beamsword. “I’ll be the one destroying you and the future you hold, and no matter what you do…I’ll still be here.”

Future SpongeBob glared angrily as he took a device out of his pocket and pushed a button to reveal his own pink-colored beamsword, which is the one he had found earlier. DarkEvil shouts as he jumps forward to slice Future SpongeBob with his beamsword.

“HIIII!!!” Future SpongeBob hollered as he jumped forward also.

“Get him, Future Me!” SpongeBob shouted as he watched his future self beamsword fight with his evil future self.

“Kick his butt, Pa!” Crash shouted in excitement, kicking his foot in the air.

Junior giggled as he jumped up and down, and Twitchy snarled while swiping his paws through the air.

As the two sponges’ beamswords clash, DarkEvil stopped momentarily and lifted his mask and glared at Future SpongeBob.

“What’s the matter, DarkEvil.” Future SpongeBob asked with a sly smile. “Has floating in a universe of nothing made you lose your touch?”

“Oh, I have not lost anything yet.” DarkEvil replied with a smirk, and then shifts his eyes away from Future SpongeBob, and spots Junior, Crash, and Twitchy standing together. He narrows his eyes and quickly lowers his mask before suddenly firing a shot from his wrist ray at them.

Future SpongeBob gasps in shock as he sees the blast heading toward his three sons. “Junior! Crash! Twitchy!” he cried out.

The two younger sponges and squirrel huddle together in fear as the blast heads toward them.

“NOOO!!” SpongeBob hollered as he started running toward them. Then he jumped as far as he could, flying toward his future sons as he flew straight in front of them, and the three watch as the blast that would’ve hit them hit SpongeBob and pushed him into a hard wall. The force of the impact caused the wall to crumble into pieces and fall all over SpongeBob, burying him in debris.

“SpongeBob!” Sandy cried while Buster gasped in shock.

“Daddy?” Junior asked with tears filling his eyes.

“No.” Future SpongeBob whispered in horror until he was punched away by DarkEvil.

As Future SpongeBob fell to the ground, DarkEvil walked over to him and coldly states, “Thought I’d make one last strike before ‘it’ happens.”

“What’s ‘it’?” Junior wondered until Crash looked down and his eyes widen.

“Hey, Junior, you’re see-through.” Crash pointed when he sees Junior’s hand turning transparent.

Junior notices this and his whole body suddenly blinks with a bright flash. Junior got a scared look as he wonders, “Wha…wha…what’s happening?”

When Junior’s body blinked once again, his body suddenly fades away in sparkles which seemed to disappear into nothing. “Junior?” Crash asked in wonder as Twitchy holds his hand out to where Junior once was.

Sandy saw this and asked in concern, “Junior? If he’s gone, then that must mean…” when Sandy realized what was happening, she gasped in shock and horror. “No, it can’t be!”

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Chapter 13: Disturbance in Time

Sandy quickly ran over to the area where SpongeBob was thrown after being blasted by DarkEvil LaserPants. Buster joined her as the two quickly move the rocks and debris out of the way.

“SpongeBob!” Sandy called out as she moved the heavy boulders. “SpongeBob, are you okay? Say somethin’!”

While Buster was brushing the small pebbles out of the way, he soon spots a yellow hand with its fingers slowly fidgeting, and faint moaning was heard from beneath a large stone.

“SpongeBob!” Buster shouted in relief to see he was still moving.

He tried to lift up the rock, but it was much too heavy for him until Sandy gave him a hand. When they moved the rock away, they gasped to see SpongeBob lying in the debris unconscious and looking in terrible shape.

“SpongeBob!” Sandy cried as she picked him up.

SpongeBob slowly began to open his eyes half-way and saw Buster and Sandy staring at him with heavy concern. “Sandy…Buster…”


Meanwhile, Patrick, Squidward, Future Sandy, Sally, Dolly, and Ally were in the backyard of the house, safely hidden away from DarkEvil LaserPants.

“I’m telling you, Squidward and Other Sandy.” Patrick gleefully said as he pointed at them. “SpongeBob is gonna whip the pants off that evil SpongeBob.”

“Ya really think so, Uncle Patrick?” Dolly asked hopefully.

“You bet, Sally.”

“I’m Sally.” The young brown squirrel pointed out.

“Oh, okay, Dolly.” Patrick corrected as he nodded.

“I’M Dolly.” The blonde squirrel mentioned with annoyance.

Feeling pressured, Patrick stammered as he glanced back and forth between the two squirrels. “Uh…uh…uh, Becky?”

“Who’s Becky?” Ally wondered in confusion.


But then, Sally’s body began to blink and flash just like SpongeBob Jr. did. “Huh?” Sally wondered as she looked at her transparent hands.

“What’s going on?” Squidward wondered.

“Sally?” Future Sandy asked in concern for her daughter.

When Dolly and Ally began to blink and flash also, Sally had vanished and Ally gasped, “Hey, we’re…”

Ally had disappeared as Dolly began to finish her sentence as usual, “…disappearin’!”

“Oh…you’re Dolly.” Patrick pointed out in realization.

When the last triplet vanished, Future Sandy ran over to their spots, frantic over what happened to her children. “Dolly! Ally!” she called in distress, “Where did y’all go?”


Back with Sandy, Buster, and the injured SpongeBob, Sandy cradled SpongeBob in her arms while she sat on her knees. “SpongeBob, are you okay?” she asked him.

“I…” SpongeBob weakly answered. “I can’t feel my legs.”

Sandy got a sad look as Buster leaned over to him and explained, “SpongeBob…Junior’s gone. He disappeared. If he’s gone, then that means the rest of us will be gone also.”

SpongeBob still continued to lie there, but had a sad look, knowing what was happening.


“MA!” Crash screamed as he was carried by Twitchy, who ran over to Squidward, Patrick, and Future Sandy, who was sitting on her knees in despair after the triplets disappeared.

When the sponge jumped into his mother’s arms, Future Sandy asked, “Crash, what’s wrong?” but then she gasped in horror to see Crash disappearing as well.

“Ma, something’s happenin’!” Crash cried with tears in his eyes. “DarkEvil blasted our past dad away, then Junior disappeared, and now I’m disappearin’!”

When Crash suddenly vanished in Future Sandy’s arms, Twitchy ran over in panic at the loss of his brother. “Crash!” he cried until he too began to vanish.

Squidward got a shocked look while Patrick just stared. “I’ve seen this before.” Patrick suddenly said. “There seems to be a disruption in the time space continuum.”

“YOU know this?” Squidward asked in disbelief.

“Yeah,” Patrick admitted. “It happens on T.V. all the time.”

“Wait… ‘Blasted’?” Future Sandy questioned from what Crash had told her. “If what you said is true, Patrick, and the past SpongeBob is hurt, then that would mean…” she gasped in realization.


“SpongeBob,” Sandy pleaded as she continued to hold him. “You’re gonna make it! I know you will!”

While Buster watched them, his body suddenly blinked and his eyes widen to see he was disappearing as well. “SpongeBob!” he called as he crawled over to them.

SpongeBob slowly turned his head over to him. “Buster?”

“SpongeBob, it’s my fault.” Buster frantically said as he continued to disappear. “If I hadn’t caused all this, none of this would be happening.”

“No, Buster, it’s not your fault.” SpongeBob assured as he weakly smiled. “If it hadn’t been for you, I never would’ve met you and everyone else, and seen the great future that awaited me.”

Buster tears up until his body blinked once again and held his hand out to his past dad. “SpongeBob!” he cried out

“Buster.” SpongeBob slowly reached his hand out and held Buster’s hand before he finally vanished away.

SpongeBob gave a weak sorrowful sigh as he dropped his arm down.

“SpongeBob, don’t worry! I’ll get you help and everyone will come back!” Sandy assured as she began to stand up with SpongeBob still in her arms.

“Sandy, wait!” SpongeBob weakly called, making Sandy sit back down. “I…just wanna say… I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said those things I said before.”

“No, SpongeBob, there’s no need to say you’re sorry.” Sandy replied. “If there’s anyone who needs to be apologizin’ it’s me. You were right about Rocky. I should’ve listened to whatever it is you were tryin’ to tell me.”

When SpongeBob started to groan in pain, he started to slowly lift his arm up until Sandy put it down. “Don’t strain yourself, partner.” Sandy advised. “I’m gonna-”

“No!” SpongeBob interrupted as he continued to slowly reach into his pocket. “I…must…do this.” He pulled out the small box, causing the potion he got from the triplets earlier to fall out of his pocket and drop onto the ground unnoticed.

SpongeBob then held the box up to Sandy with both his hands. “Sandy…” he said weakly as he started to breathe heavily. “If…I…had done this sooner…would you have…married me?”

He opened the box to show her the shiny pearl inside, causing Sandy to gasp in surprise. Tears started to appear in Sandy’s eyes. “Oh, SpongeBob…” she said with a heartfelt smile. “Of course I would.”

SpongeBob gave a weak smile and muttered. “That’s…good to know.” He closed his eyes as his arms suddenly dropped to his sides as the box and pearl fall to the ground.

“SpongeBob!” Sandy yelled as she held him up. “SpongeBob, wake up! You can’t go like this!”

But no matter how many times she shook him, SpongeBob still lied in her arms unresponsive.

“No!” Sandy cried as tears filled up her helmet. “This can’t be it!”


Meanwhile, Future SpongeBob dropped his beamsword and fell backwards to the ground as he held his chest and groaned in pain. “What’s…happening?” he asked as he began to vanish last.

DarkEvil walked up to him as he coldly spoke. “It’s just like what I knew would happen. SpongeBob SquarePants is finally gone. You’re disappearing into oblivion, and I’m still here.”

“No…” Future SpongeBob moaned as he lied on the ground and closed his eyes. “It can’t…end like this.” He said before he vanished away.

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Chapter 14: Smoothie of Life

Sandy still cradled SpongeBob, who lied lifelessly in her arms after being blasted by DarkEvil LaserPants. Sandy continued to sob with her helmet lying on SpongeBob’s chest.

“Oh, SpongeBob, I can’t help feelin’ it’s my fault this happened.” Sandy sobbed to him. “You wouldn’t be here like this if it weren’t for me.”

“Sandy! SpongeBob!” a southern female voice called out, and Sandy looked up to see her future self, Patrick, Squidward. “Guys, we-” she stopped when she spotted Sandy holding SpongeBob’s lifeless body.

“What happened?” Future Sandy asked as she rushed over to them and placed her paw on SpongeBob’s forehead.

“SpongeBob!” Patrick shouted as he rushed over to SpongeBob and grabbed him by his shoulders. “You can’t sleep now! You gotta wake up and help us!”

“Patrick!” Sandy snapped as tears fly out of her eyes. “Can’t ya see?! SpongeBob ain’t sleepin’…! He’s dead.”

“Dead?” Patrick questioned in shock as he looked at his best friend. “I’ve never seen a dead person before.” Then he put his arms out and got a determined look. “I shall restore him!”

When Patrick began to inhale deeply, Squidward suddenly put his tentacle over his mouth and stopped him.

“Don’t even try it!” Squidward snapped as he let him go. Then he looked at SpongeBob with a worried look. “He’s gonna be okay, right?”

Future Sandy gave a deep sigh as she put her hands on her helmet. “It’s no use. SpongeBob’s gone…and the kids are gone.”

While the friends were sobbing over the loss of SpongeBob, a black boot suddenly stomped behind him. “Am I too late for the mourning party?” a cold voice asked.

They all turn and gasp to see DarkEvil LaserPants alive and well. “What are you still doing here?” Sandy angrily asked.

“Yeah!” Patrick shouted and pointed. “You killed SpongeBob, so you should be gone because of the Time Paradocter thingy!”

“Poor fools,” DarkEvil said with false sympathy as he shook his head and lifted up his mask. “You still don’t get it, do you? I killed SpongeBob, so his good future self and his children have disappeared, and I still exist. It proves that I’m no longer tied to SpongeBob’s history.”

“HOW CAN YA BE SO CRUEL?!?” Sandy furiously yelled at DarkEvil with tears pouring down her face and flooding her helmet.

“Simple,” DarkEvil nonchalantly said with a smirk. “I’m evil.” Then he put his mask down and continued; “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a world to take over. And if you promise not to interfere…let’s just say you won’t be joining SpongeBob.”

When DarkEvil started walking away, something suddenly blasted him from behind and knocked him far away. The blast had come from Future Sandy, who was holding a blaster ray.

“I will NOT just let you leave and get away with destroyin’ my family!” Future Sandy angrily said as he cocked her gun and ran off after him, leaving the past members.

“Oh great,” Squidward groaned. “Now a deranged lunatic is about to take over this future, we’re stuck here with a lifeless shell of my neighbor, and his wife just left us to go stop him.”

“And we have to go stop him too.” Sandy pointed out.

“What?!” Squidward asked in shock. “I was dragged here by you and some muscle-bound squirrel, who was really an evil robot, to go drag SpongeBob back to the past before he…” then he pauses as he takes a look at SpongeBob’s lifeless body which causes his lips to quiver.

“We can’t just let DarkEvil run wild in the future and destroy what awaits us.” Sandy told him. “Even if SpongeBob’s gone now, he would want us to stop him.”

“Want US to stop him? This is all his fault, he…” Squidward paused again, looking at SpongeBob, and then he suddenly got a depressed look as he put his tentacle over his face. “Oh, who am I kidding?” he cried. “He’s gone forever now…He had a great future ahead of him and he just lost it in ten minutes.”

“You’re right, Squidward.” Sandy cried as she held SpongeBob’s hand tightly. “We lost him, and I lost him forever.”

“No!” Patrick sobbed, falling to his knees. “My best friend can’t be dead!” while he was crouched the ground, he sees the triplets’ energy potion on the ground and picks it up. “What’s this?”

Sandy opened her eyes to see Patrick holding the potion. “I don’t know, Pat. I’ve never seen that before.”

“Well, seeing my best friend die makes me thirsty.” Patrick said as he opened the bottle while still crying. “This Barnacle Berry Smoothie should hit the spot.”

But when Patrick was about to drink the potion, he ended up missing his mouth and the potion flung over his shoulder and splashed all over SpongeBob’s body.

Sandy gasped at seeing SpongeBob covered in the blue liquid, and she angrily snapped at him, “Patrick!”

“Aww,” Patrick groaned after seeing what happened. “I was really thirsty too.”

“Give me that!” Squidward snapped as he snatched the bottle away from him and tossed it over his shoulder.

But what they didn’t notice is that the potion began seep into SpongeBob’s absorbent body.

“SpongeBob…” Sandy began to say. “I know ya can’t hear me, but all this time…I really did lo…”

“Look!” Patrick shouted as he pointed at SpongeBob.

“Patrick, don’t interrupt.” Squidward quietly scolded.

“But look!”

Sandy the looked down at SpongeBob and saw his eyelids twitching and his fingers curling. “SpongeBob?” she asked hopefully.

Then sponge suddenly opened his eyes and took a gasp of breath with his tongue sticking out like he was gagging in disgust.

“Blah,” SpongeBob said as he sat up. “That was the worst thing I’ve ever tasted.” Then he got a smile as he licked his lips in delight. “But, it does have a wonderful Barnacle Berry aftertaste.”

Sandy gasped in shock, but smiled with joy. “SpongeBob! You’re okay.” Squidward and Patrick smiled as well to see SpongeBob back to life.

“Sandy?” SpongeBob asked until he noticed Sandy was still cradling him in her arms. “What’s…going on?”

“Oh, I’m just relived to see you’re alright?” Sandy smiled as she stood up and hugged SpongeBob tightly.

SpongeBob seemed surprised as he blushed, but then smiled as he replied, “Yeah…I’m glad to be alright.”

“SpongeBob!” Patrick shouted happily as he pulled SpongeBob away and hugged him tightly. “I’m glad you’re alright too. What was it like being dead?”

“Hmm…I don’t know.” SpongeBob answered with an unsure look. “One minute I was there and the next I couldn’t see or feel anything.”


When SpongeBob stepped onto the ground, Squidward walked up to him. “Well, SpongeBob, I’m actually glad to see you’re still up and moving.”

“Did you miss me when I was dead?” SpongeBob asked with a hopeful smile.

Squidward frowned, but then got a small smile as he answered, “I can’t believe I’m saying this; but yes, SpongeBob, I think I actually did.” When SpongeBob hugged him, Squidward shoved him away and said, “But don’t push it.”

While SpongeBob was smiling at Squidward, a white gloved-hand suddenly grabbed SpongeBob’s hand, and he turned to see Sandy. “No one’s more glad to see you than I am.” She said with a tender smile.

SpongeBob suddenly got a large grin as he moaned excitedly. Suddenly, there was a sparkle of light that appeared and a small flash shone as Buster suddenly reappeared. Buster just stood there silently in shock until more flashes of light appeared with Twitchy reappearing followed by Crash, Sally, Dolly, Ally, and SpongeBob Jr.

“Daddy! Mommy!” Junior shouted happily as he ran over and hugged SpongeBob and Sandy.

Then another sparkle of light appeared and Future SpongeBob reappeared, looking dazed by the whole thing. “Ohhh…what just happened?” he groaned as he held his head.

“Dad/Daddy/Pa!” all the kids each shouted as they ran over and hugged Future SpongeBob.

“Oh, kids!” Future SpongeBob smiled as he hugged his children, relieved to see they were safe.
“Dad!” Patrick shouted happily as he ran over and picked Future SpongeBob up, hugging him.

Future SpongeBob just had a confused look, but remained positive as he asked, “Did I miss something?”

“Future Me!” SpongeBob called as he ran over to him. “You won’t believe what happened! DarkEvil killed me, and then you and all the kids disappeared due to a Time Paradox thing, and then I felt the taste of that High Inducing Energy Potion that Sally, Dolly, and Ally gave me, and I suddenly woke up in the arms of an angelfish, which actually turned out to be Sandy- which in my opinion was even better- but to get back on topic, I might’ve missed a few things when I was in my death state since I don’t know where DarkEvil is at the moment.”

“Hmm…” Future SpongeBob thought as he stood in a thinking pose. “You may be right, Past Me. I need someone to fill me in on what I missed.”

Sandy answered, “DarkEvil left to go do some no good deeds while my future self left to stop him.”

Future SpongeBob still retained his thinking pose until he growled in frustration. “This is bad. We have to leave immediately to find DarkEvil.”

“You’re right, Future Me!” SpongeBob shouted, throwing his fist in the air. “I will head forth and stop him once and for all!”

“SpongeBob,” Sandy warned as she stood in his path. “Ya totally got yourself killed when you last faced him.”

“I know, Sandy.” SpongeBob replied, speaking in a solemn voice. “But this is what I have to do. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I’m pretty sure this has something to do with a destiny-related thing. Something is telling me I have to defeat DarkEvil again or else my future will never be the way I’ve always dreamt of it being.”

While still unsure about letting SpongeBob go and face DarkEvil LaserPants again, Sandy seemed to be understanding of SpongeBob’s choice while Squidward stated, “Wow…I am mildly impressed right now.”

Everyone stood there silent until Buster approached SpongeBob, and spoke up, “Hey, SpongeBob, if you’re going to stop DarkEvil, I’m with you.”

SpongeBob seemed alarmed by his future son wanting to face such a dangerous foe. “But, Buster, I-”

However, Buster interrupted him, “I promised I would try and stop him.” He held out his hand as he declared, “But, now…I’m going to stop him with you.”

SpongeBob grinned with pleasure. “Well, I accept your help, son of the future.” He said, shaking Buster’s hand.

“Mind if I tag along?” Crash asked as he popped in-between them.

“I’mgoin’too! I’mgoin’too!” Twitchy rapidly shouted with a huge grin and his right eye twitching.

“If Crash and Twitchy wanna go, I wanna go too.” SpongeBob Jr. declared, standing in-between Crash and Twitchy.

“We’re coming too!” Sally, Dolly, and Ally shouted in unison.

“Hold on a second, kiddos.” Future SpongeBob intervened with his arms crossed. “None of you are allowed to go…” they all deflate with disappointment when their father refused to allow them to help, but Future SpongeBob eagerly concludes, “…without parental supervision.”

While the kids and SpongeBob cheered, Sandy’s voice shouted, “Hold up, y’all! You fellers ain’t leavin’!” she then stood next to SpongeBob. “Not without me you ain’t!”

“And not without your best friend.” Patrick smiled and winked as he put his arm around SpongeBob.

The only one left was Squidward who just stood there until he shrugged and stated, “Well, I got nothing better to do at the moment.”

Once the group was all together, Future SpongeBob shouted, “Alright, children and pasties! Let’s head out!”

When Future SpongeBob ran off ahead, SpongeBob, Twitchy, Crash, Junior, Sally, Dolly, Ally, Patrick, and Sandy all cheered as the group followed him. But when they were far off, the deactivated Rocky-Bot’s eyes suddenly began to glow red.

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Chapter 15: Rematch of the Century

Outside in future Bikini Bottom near Conch Street, Future Sandy jumped in the air and screamed as she flew at DarkEvil LaserPants with a karate kick. But DarkEvil stood there and swiftly dodged and karate chopped Future Sandy into a coral tree.

“You can’t defeat me, Sandy.” DarkEvil taunted, standing a few feet away from her. “You NEVER could.”

Future Sandy stood up and retorted, “You can destroy everythin’ I hold dear, but nothin’ is gonna stop me from kickin’ your behind all the way from Bikini Bottom to the state of Texas!”

DarkEvil just laughed maniacally and retorted, “Oh, and if you can’t stop me, who will?”

While Future Sandy stared DarkEvil down, a familiar voice called out, “How about me?”

Future Sandy and DarkEvil turn to see SpongeBob standing up ahead of them with his hands on his square hips and a bold smirk on his face.

“Or me?” another voice said as Future SpongeBob steps out from behind SpongeBob and stands next to him in the same position.

“You’re alive?” DarkEvil asked as he lifted up his mask in shock while Future Sandy smiled happily to see her husband alive.

“Alive and kicking!” SpongeBob added with a satisfied smile as he did a karate kick. “Wah-ha!”

“Ha!” DarkEvil laughed as he put his mask down. “Since you two are still alive I’ll just have to be the one to KICK you back to Davy Jones’s locker.”

“Sorry, I have or never had plans of going there.” SpongeBob said in a bold tone. “But while I speak, I should mention that you will be through with trying to destroy my future.”

“Really?” an uncaring DarkEvil asked. “Says who?

Suddenly, Crash came flying in straight like a bullet as he barreled into DarkEvil LaserPants, knocking him away. Crash smiled in triumph as SpongeBob answered, “Says my son of the future.”

Future SpongeBob dug deep in his pocket and gave SpongeBob the beamsword. “Here. You need this more than I do.” he quickly ran over to Future Sandy and held her hand. “I hope you’re alright, sweetums.”

“I’m just glad to see you’re alright along with the youngins.” Future Sandy replied with a smile. “Shall we finish this evil varmint off?”

“I’m ready when you are, Goober-Pie.” Future SpongeBob answered with a smirk, and then the two kiss despite a glass helmet preventing any lip contact.

While SpongeBob watched the couple with interest, Sandy came over to him and gave a nervous grin, “Hey, SpongeBob,”

“Yes, Sandy?” SpongeBob replied with a smile.

Sandy nervously shifted her feet and began, “Listen, SpongeBob, I was thinkin’ maybe we could-” But she was interrupted when a large metal fist grabbed SpongeBob and retracted away. “No!” she screamed.

SpongeBob turned his eyes to see the Rocky-Bot staring him in the face with a growl.

“Rocky the Robot!” SpongeBob realized in a bit of a choked voice while in the Rocky-Bot’s tight grasp. “Heh eh eh eh…I see you’ve woken up from your nap. Do robots take naps?”

But the Rocky-Bot tightened his grip on SpongeBob, making it hard for the sponge to breathe.

“Let him go!” Sandy demanded as she jumped at the Rocky-Bot.

But the Rocky-Bot used his large metal tail to swing at Sandy and knock her away. When he turned his attention back to SpongeBob, who was turning blue from lack of oxygen, someone suddenly tapped on the Rocky-Bot’s right shoulder. He turns around and spots SpongeBob Jr. standing in front of him.

Suddenly, the little sponge picked up the robot and smashed it onto the ground. “Don’t hurt my mommy!” he cried out.

Then Crash jumped out and gave a karate chop at the arm holding SpongeBob, and dented it allowing SpongeBob to fall free. “And don’t hurt my pa!” Crash also yelled out.

While SpongeBob lied on the ground in a dazed state, Twitchy ran over to him and started shaking SpongeBob by his shoulders as he rapidly said, “Breathe, breathe, breathe!”

Finally, SpongeBob inhaled deeply and exhaled as he regained consciousness. “What happened?”

“Daddy!” Junior cried as he hugged SpongeBob. “The big mean robot squirrel didn’t hurt you, right?”

“Not too bad.” SpongeBob replied with a weak smile. “If it hadn’t been for you guys, I would’ve been dead again, ha ah ah!”

But unbeknownst to the three, the Rocky-Bot’s eyes started to glow red again.

SpongeBob stood up and said, “I better go see if Sandy’s alright, and then find your other folks before-” he was interrupted when the Rocky-Bot swung his tail at him and knocked him far away. His three kids gasp in fright.

“The big mean robot squirrel’s awake!” Junior cried out in panic.

SpongeBob landed onto a pile of rubble. He groaned in pain, “Oh…it can’t get any worse than this.”

But right after that, a black glove bursts out of the rubble and grabbed SpongeBob by his necktie. SpongeBob screamed as he saw DarkEvil emerge from out of the rubble he landed in after Crash attacked him.

SpongeBob had a terrified look as DarkEvil LaserPants stared him in the face and coldly declared, “You’re mine.”


The Rocky-Bot stomped towards the three kids with Junior and Twitchy cowering in fear and Crash taking a karate stance with a determined look on his face.

When the Rocky-Bot was about to smash them with his fist, Sandy suddenly arrived and karate kicked the bot away. “Ma!” Crash shouted in surprise.

Sandy walked over to them and asked, “You fellers okay?” they nodded in response. “Where’s SpongeBob?”

The three looked at each in an uncertainty over how to answer since they don’t know what happened to SpongeBob after he was attacked by the Rocky-Bot. “Uhhhh…” the three stammered

Figuring out that he might be in the clutches of DarkEvil LaserPants, Sandy got a look of panic and turned away. “I gotta go find him. You youngins stay there and don’t move!”

The three watch Sandy run off as she runs pass Squidward, Patrick, Buster, Sally, Dolly, and Ally.

Buster narrows his eyes and turns to Sally, Dolly, and Ally and huddles the three together as he starts whispering something to them. When he finishes, he suddenly turns and runs off without a word.

“Is he crazy?” Dolly asked her sisters. “Do ya really think we can do somethin’ like that?”

“We have to try.” Sally responded. “If we can, we’ll be able to help Dad.”

“Mm hmm.” Ally nodded in agreement.


In SpongeBob’s house, SpongeBob was thrown against the wall and he slid onto the floor, groaning in pain as he suffered a beating from his evil future self. He opened his eyes to see DarkEvil standing right in front of him.

“You’re even more irritating than I remember.” DarkEvil coldly said while taking out his beamsword. “It’ll make destroying you all the more sweet.”

SpongeBob trembled in fear as he warned, “You can’t do that! If you destroy me, my future self won’t-” he stops and his eyes widen in realization when he remembers the last thing his future self said to him.

DarkEvil just laughs in mockery and draws out his beamsword. “You think I don’t know that? I said I wanted to destroy your future and that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.” he raised his beamsword above SpongeBob. “Only this time I’m gonna make sure it stays destroyed.”

When DarkEvil swung his beamsword down towards SpongeBob, it was suddenly blocked by another beamsword that was held by SpongeBob, who had taken it out at the last minute to protect himself.

SpongeBob gave a satisfied smirk as he held his evil self at bay. “I guess this is what the future me meant when he said I needed this.”

DarkEvil backed away away and growled angrily. He then swung his beamsword again, but SpongeBob rolled out of the way to avoid it. When SpongeBob was back on his feet, DarkEvil turned and swung his beamsword at SpongeBob who blocked it with his own. As he fought against the evil sponge, he was reminded of the previous fight he had with him in order to prevent himself from living in a future where he would turn into him. He didn’t know what would happen after this fight since he now knows there is no way he can turn into DarkEvil LaserPants. But, whatever happens after this fight, he hoped that it would lead to the wonderful future he experienced.

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Chapter 16: Nothing Set in Stone

Outside near the neighborhood of Conch Street, SpongeBob Jr. screamed as the Rocky-Bot stood up in an attempt to attack them again. “What do we do?!” Junior cried out. “That big mean robot squirrel is gonna be mean to us, and Mommy and Daddy aren’t here! What do we do?!”

“I’ll save you, little SpongeBob!” Patrick called out, running to him.

“Uncle Patrick!” Junior shouted in surprise as he got behind him.

“Just stay behind me and you shall be safe.” Patrick assured Junior with a smile with the latter hiding behind him. But then, the Rocky-Bot suddenly roared, causing Patrick to scream in fright and hold Junior up like a shield, much to the little sponge’s confusion.

“Hold it right there, you big bucket of nuts and bolts!” Crash shouted as he got in-between them. “You pick the wrong stunt sponge to mess with!”

But, the Rocky-Bot suddenly grabbed Crash by his helmet. “Destroy SpongeBob’s future!” it shouted in a deep robotic voice.

Then his red eyes began to glow and charge up with Crash struggling to get loose. “Let me go!” he shouted as he punched and kicked.

“Crash!” Twitchy shouted as he began speeding around the Rocky-Bot, rapidly punching the metal, though it seemed ineffective.

“No, no!” Don’t hurt Crash!” SpongeBob Jr. cried while franticly flailing his arms and legs as Patrick held him up. “Crash!”

“Crash!” Patrick cried out as well while waving his arms with Junior apparently still in his grasp crying.

Squidward just stood from afar, watching everything that was going on. Patrick and SpongeBob Jr. were crying out loud, Crash was punching and kicking in the air while the Rocky-Bot held him and charged his eye blast, and Twitchy was rapidly banging on the Rocky-Bot.

Squidward just continued to stare, unsure of what to do now until he spots a ‘DO NOT FLIP’ switch on his back. At this point, he realized that while DarkEvil LasperPants is an evil alternate version of SpongeBob, he is STILL SpongeBob. So, Squidward just frowned, simply walked over behind the Rocky-Bot, and easily flipped the switch.

When the Rocky-Bot’s eye beams were fully charged, it began to fire them at Crash. But once Squidward flipped the switch, the eye beams froze when they were a mere inches away from Crash. His red eyes disappear and the robot makes a powering down noise.

Crash and Twitchy just stare at the deactivated robot squirrel until Crash pulls himself out of his grip and kicks the robot down causing it to suddenly explode.

“Uncle Squidward!” SpongeBob Jr. shouted happily as he jumped into Squidward’s arms. “You beat the big mean robot squirrel!”

“Yeah, yeah, sure.” Squidward just said as placed Junior to the ground. “But, don’t forget it was Mr. Dangerous over there who blew him up.”

Crash giggled in flattery and blushed. “Aw, shucks, Uncle Squiddy. You’re the real hero here!”

Squidward seemed a bit surprised by the kids’ admiration towards him. “A hero?”

“Aheroofthefuture!” Twitchy rapidly said as he jumped up and down.

“Yeah!” Crash agreed and translated Twitchy’s speech, “A hero of the future!”

“Wow,” Patrick said amazed. “I wish I was one of those.”

Squidward smiled and chuckled embarrassingly, “Well…I don’t know about that.” But then he looked around and noticed something. “Hey, where’s SpongeBob and that mopey kid of his?”


Meanwhile in the SquarePants house, SpongeBob and DarkEvil were still beamsword fighting. SpongeBob put up a good fight, but was not able to get through DarkEvil’s defense.

When DarkEvil threw a mighty swing at SpongeBob, the sponge quickly used his own beamsword to block it, and he struggled to hold back his swing as hard as he could. But then, DarkEvil suddenly kicked him in the face and he flew backwards onto a couch that softened his impact.

SpongeBob immediately opened his eyes and saw DarkEvil running toward him with his own beamsword held out, intending to impale him. SpongeBob flinched in fright, thinking it was the end for him, and knowing his future daughters didn’t have anymore of their energy drinks.

But, when DarkEvil was about to stab SpongeBob with his beamsword, Buster suddenly leapt from behind the couch and gave a karate kick at DarkEvil, knocked him away from SpongeBob and making him slide across the room. When Buster landed on the ground, SpongeBob widened his eyes in shock, seeing what his quiet older son can do.

“Leave…him…alone.” Buster quietly said while glaring at DarkEvil.

DarkEvil easily stood up on his feet and lifted up his mask, showing a smirk to Buster. “Well, well, well, if it isn’t SpongeBob’s son.” He cruelly mocked, “Or would that be…my son?”

Buster just stood there silently, glaring heavily as he tightened his fists.

DarkEvil brushes the dust off his uniform and states, “I suppose I should let you live since I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.” He carelessly shrugs his arms and remarks, “Though once I destroy your goody-goody father, you won’t even live anyway.”

He lowered his mask and aimed his wrist laser at SpongeBob, who was still sitting against the couch. Buster’s eyes widen as SpongeBob shrieks and covers his eyes in fear.

But once DarkEvil fired his laser, Buster suddenly jumped forward and pulled SpongeBob by his shirt collar out of the path of the laser, missing them both. DarkEvil growled in annoyance and griped, “Barnacles! They’re more irritating in twos.”

SpongeBob and Buster hid from DarkEvil in another room with SpongeBob sighing in relief, “Thanks Buster,” he hugs him in gratitude. “You’re a lifesaver!”

The frowning Buster just pushed him away again. “There’s no time for that.” He said in a serious tone. “If we wanna get rid of DarkEvil LaserPants for good, you have to go along with my plan.”

“You have a plan?” SpongeBob asked with a hopeful smile.

“Yes, and it involves you.”

“Me?” SpongeBob questioned until Buster pulled him close and whispered into his ear.

Soon, DarkEvil crashed into the room with his beamsword in his hand. “I know you’re in here, SquarePants.” He called out, “You can’t hide from me forever. You already know that.”

He heard someone suddenly come from behind. “Looking for me?”

DarkEvil turned around and lifted his mask with a smirk upon seeing SpongeBob confronting him. “Coming straight at me is a very foolish thing to do.”

SpongeBob, however, just got a sly grin and replied, “Well, I never said I was smart.”

“I know that better than anyone.” DarkEvil dully commented before he jumped forward with his beamsword and tried to slice SpongeBob in half. But SpongeBob just jumped to the side, having his beamsword impale the floor.

“If you wanna destroy me, then you’ll have to catch me first.” SpongeBob playfully shouted before he ran away, laughing madly.

DarkEvil just growled in annoyance and put down his mask before running after him down the stairs. When he reached the basement of the house, he looked around to see SpongeBob nowhere in sight.

“Come out!” DarkEvil angrily ordered until he was suddenly punched by someone, knocking him into the floor. A furious DarkEvil stood up to see Buster standing near him. “Big mistake, kid.”

He quickly stood back up and charged at Buster with his beamsword. But, Buster quickly ducked and used a karate kick to knock the weapon out of DarkEvil’s hand and far out of reach. While the villain was distracted, Buster punched him in the face, knocking his mask off.

SpongeBob, who hid behind a large box, watched the battle going on between his future son and evil future self. He saw Buster showing no emotion while DarkEvil got a deadly furious glare and grabbed Buster by the front of his sweater.

“You’re gonna regret ever doing that.” DarkEvil coldly threatened as he lifted Buster off his feet and begun to repeatedly slam him into a self with a bunch of various items on it that began to fall off, nearly landing on top of Buster as he suffered physical pain.

SpongeBob quietly gasped at seeing his son being tortured by DarkEvil LaserPants, and then closed his eyes and quivered unable to watch anymore. He wanted to rush in, but something seemed to be holding him back.

DarkEvil smirked in satisfaction as he continued to slam Buster into the wall, until a voice suddenly shouted, “STOP!!!”

Ceasing his torture on Buster, DarkEvil turned and saw SpongeBob coming down at him from the air and karate chopping him with both his fist, knocking him away and dropping Buster to the ground.

While SpongeBob panted with rage on his face, he began saying to DarkEvil, “Maybe you can capture my good future self, and maybe you can send an evil robot to deceive my friend, but no one, I mean NO ONE…not even you, can hurt my boy.”

Buster’s eyes widen in shock to see SpongeBob like this, but SpongeBob continued to pant as he turned to his son and calmly spoke, “Buster…let’s finish that plan you came up with.”

Buster nodded with a determination, and then turned around, “Now!” he shouted across the room.

In the back of the basement, Future Sandy’s time machine was sitting there with Dolly plugging it in to another plug. “Power’s back and chargin’ up!” she noted.

“The date’s inputted!” Ally also noted.

“We’re ready when you are!” Sally shouted to her brother.

DarkEvil roughly shoved away a box that was on top of him when he landed from SpongeBob’s punch. “You think you can still win?!” he yelled in anger and fury. “I’m still stronger than you!” he stood up and walked over SpongeBob, grabbing him by his shirt collar and hoisting him into the air. “You still fear me!”

SpongeBob closed his eyes and gritted his eyes, looking frightened as he was held at the mercy of his evil future self. But suddenly, SpongeBob narrowed his eyes and a frown dropped onto his face, which shocked DarkEvil and caused him to freeze up. “No…I’m NOT.” SpongeBob fiercely spoke, “…Not anymore.”

He used both hands to grab a hold of DarkEvil’s fist that was holding onto him, and with all his strength, he swung DarkEvil to the side and dropped onto his feet. Buster then turned to the triplets and gave Sally a signal, which she nodded in response and pushed a button on a remote that made the portal glow.

While DarkEvil kneeled over in pain and growled angrily at his past self. SpongeBob just stood there with a determined look and reached into one of the boxes next to him, pulling out his two red karate gloves.

“What is this?” DarkEvil asked with a confused look.

SpongeBob didn’t respond and once the gloves were on, he just bent his knees and held up his fists at DarkEvil. Then he started charging at him with his legs going in fast running motion while screaming. DarkEvil gasped as SpongeBob collided with him and he was pounded away toward the time machine.

Buster ducked out of the way while DarkEvil LaserPants flew backwards into the time machine while screaming, “NOOOOOO!!!”

Dolly grinned while unplugging the machine and allowing it to power down for no chance of DarkEvil coming back through.

“We did it!” Ally cheered.

“Yay!” Sally and Dolly both cheered and hugged.

Suddenly, Sandy came downstairs and looked franticly around. She spotted Buster and ran over to him. “Buster!” she called out. “Where’s SpongeBob?”

He pointed over to SpongeBob, who just standing there with his back turned and was hunched over.

The squirrel and sponge ran over to him in concern as Buster tried putting his hand on his back. “SpongeBob?” he meekly called.

“You okay?” Sandy asked.

Without responding, SpongeBob turned around and wiped the sweat off his forehead with his gloved-hand. “Phew!” he said with the same giddy smile and cheery tone, “That got kinda messy.” He removed his gloves and added, “Well, at least we won. Ha ah ah ah ah!”

Buster got a confused look, wondering how SpongeBob was suddenly so happy after all that rage he felt during the climactic battle against his evil alternate self.

However, Sandy was just happy to see him again that she couldn’t help but smile. “Oh, SpongeBob, I’m so glad I found you.” she warmly said as she hugged him, which surprised SpongeBob and made his cheeks go red. “DarkEvil didn’t hurt ya, did he?”

SpongeBob got a look of realization as he looked towards Buster. “Uh…can you excuse me for a second?” he pulled out of Sandy’s embrace and walked over to Buster, saying in a sheepish tone, “Listen, Buster, I’m sorry that plan didn’t go quite the way you wanted. Especially since you got pummeled, I beat DarkEvil, and knocked him back into the time stream.”

Buster got an awkward expression and struggled to say, “Well…”

“Guys!” Future SpongeBob’s voice called out as he came from upstairs with Future Sandy. “We’ve been looking everywhere for you.”

“Oh, Buster,” Future Sandy cried in joy and she hugged her son. “I’m so glad you’re safe.”

The triplets ran over to her as Ally excitedly said, “You should’ve seen what happened, Mom.”

“Yeah, it was amazing!” Sally added.

Future SpongeBob looked around and asked, “Where’s DarkEvil?”

“That’s what we’re sayin’!” an excited Dolly explained, “You shoulda seen what Buster and your past self did!”

“What’s goin’ on?” Future Sandy asked with a suspicious look.

“It is true, guys.” SpongeBob answered with smile. “You don’t have to worry about that DarkEvil LaserPants anymore.”

Future SpongeBob got a smile and suggested, “Why don’t we find the others and you can all explain what happened down here?”

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Chapter 17: Beginning of the Future

Later on, SpongeBob, his future self, Buster, the triplets, Sandy, and her future self had met up with Squidward, Patrick, Crash, Junior, and Twitchy, and were now in the SquarePants living room. SpongeBob had excitedly told everyone about his battle with DarkEvil LaserPants and, with the help of Buster and the triplets, sent him out of the time period and trapped him in a void where he can never escape from.

“I can’t believe y’all beat DarkEvil LaserPants, Pa!” Crash said to SpongeBob in admiration. “I wish I coulda saw that.”

“Yeah, you’re a hero!” an amazed Junior shouted.

“Wait, I thought I was the hero here!” Squidward pointed out.

“You are a hero, Squidward.” SpongeBob mentioned. “If you hadn’t defeated that Rocky-Bot, we’d all be doomed.”

“You’reheronumbertwo!” Twitchy rapidly said even though it was unintelligible to everyone except Crash who just grinned and held up two fingers.

“We’re all heroes.” Future SpongeBob stated.

“Future Me is right.” SpongeBob agreed with a smile. “I couldn’t have beaten DarkEvil without all of you guys.” He turned to Buster and smiled warmly, “Especially you,” then he turned to Sandy, “And you, Sandy.”

“It was a pleasure, SpongeBob.” Sandy smiled. “But, there’s somethin’ I’ve been meanin’ to tell you.”

SpongeBob looked perplexed, wondering what it could be. Sandy reached into her diving suit and took out the small purple box SpongeBob had before. She opened it up to show the pearl back inside.

A shocked SpongeBob immediately recognized it and realized he had completely forgotten all about it. “Hey, that’s my- I mean…” he scratched the back of his head and became a nervous wreck. “Heh eh eh eh…back there, I remember you saying…”

But Sandy put her hand on his shoulder and he stopped to stare at her as she stated, “I said ‘yes’, remember?”

“Yeah…back when…” SpongeBob paused and shifted his eyes to the left to see Patrick giving him an encouraging wink and thumb up, and Squidward urging him to continue. Then he looks back at Sandy, and smiles as he states, “You see, Sandy…all this time I thought I’d never get the courage to ask you. But, after all this wackiness that’s happened, I now know of the wonderful future I have waiting. And best of all…it’s with you.” When he hugged Sandy, this made most of the group go ‘aww’.

“SpongeBob’s growing up.” Patrick smiled as he wiped away a tear.

“Yeah…” Squidward agreed while smiling as well, until he suddenly frowned and began walking away. “It’s about time.”

Future SpongeBob announces, “Alright, fellas, we better get you all back to the past so all the events that lead up to this future can occur!”

“You’re right,” Sandy agreed and nodded. “Let’s go!”

They went downstairs to the basement, which was still pretty messy from the fight that had occurred.

“I’ll go set it to the correct time period.” Future Sandy notified as she ran over to her time machine.

Squidward approached Future SpongeBob and curiously asked, “So, SquarePants, what are you and the Mrs. gonna do since your place is totally trashed?”

“Don’t worry. We can fix it.” Future SpongeBob answered in a confident tone. “Squidward would be glad to help, along with Patrick once he gets back from his trip.”

“I’ll remember to say ‘no’ when the time comes.” Squidward mentioned with a sly smile.

Suddenly the time machine turned on and Future Sandy stepped out from behind it. “It’s all ready.” Future Sandy announced.

“Well done, Goober-Pie.” Future SpongeBob congratulated his wife.

“Thank Neptune, I am outta here.” Squidward smiled in relief as he was about to run toward the portal.

“Wait, Uncle Squidward, don’t go yet!” Junior shouted as he clung around Squidward’s legs. “I wanna tell you I’ll miss you so much.” Squidward just stared at SpongeBob Jr. as the little sponge rubbed his head against him. “I’ll miss you, Uncle Squidward from the past.” He warmly said.

Squidward finally shook Junior off and stepped away from him. “Yeah, yeah…it gives me great pleasure knowing I’ll be seeing you in twenty years.”

“I’m so glad!” Junior just smiled, obviously not understanding the sarcasm. “I feel that way too!”

Then Patrick said to Crash and Twitchy, “Thanks for the future pizza, guys.”

“Surething,UnclePatrick!” Twitchy cheerfully said as he jumped up and down.

“A little thanks for helpin’ us.” Crash smiled with a wink.

Sally, Dolly, and Ally hug SpongeBob and Sandy.

“Good luck in the past.” Sally said, hugging the past version of her mother.

“It was nice meetin’ our parents from the past.” Dolly smiled, hugging SpongeBob.

“We’ll miss you guys.” Ally said, hugging them both.

Hugging the triplets, SpongeBob smiled, saying, “I’ll miss you girls also.”

“Y’all take care of yourselves now.” Sandy warmly advised them. “Listen to your parents and work hard on those inventions of yours.”

“Make some more of that High Inducing Energy Potion too.” SpongeBob suggested. “It really does work.”

“Uh huh!” the three nodded before they ran away, giggling.

Then Crash, Twitchy, Junior came up to them. Junior jumped on SpongeBob and hugged him. “Goodbye, Daddy and Mommy, thanks for beating that mean DarkEvil.”

SpongeBob giggled in delight as he embraced his youngest son. “It was our pleasure.”

“You’reawesome!” Twitchy rapidly shouted while jumping in delight. “You’refromthepastandyou’reawesome!”

Crash giggle and repeated, “You ARE awesome, Ma and Pa.”

“A little word of advice from your future dad though, Crash.” SpongeBob calmly said, turning to him. “Try and lay off all those dangerous stunts you do.”

Hearing this, Crash slumped over and groaned, “Aw, come on, Pa. You know I love it.”

“He’s right, Crash.” Sandy sternly said, “You should stop before ya break somethin’ important.”

Crash gave a relenting sigh and responded, “Alright, I won’t do any more stunts…” he smiled mischievously and whispered, “…much.”

Afterwards, Sandy turned to SpongeBob and asked, “Well, you wreckin’ we outta be goin’ back now?”

“You bet, Sandy.” SpongeBob happily agreed until he looked back and noticed Buster leaning against the wall, isolated from everyone. “Although, there’s something I should do first.”

He walked towards the front of the basement where Buster was standing by himself. “Hey, Buster.” He sheepishly greeted. “Well, I guess this is goodbye…for now.”

Buster glanced away from SpongeBob and shyly replied, “Yeah…I guess.”

SpongeBob giggled nervously until he said, “Listen, Buster, I know we haven’t really seen eye-to-eye, and I know I kinda didn’t really follow that-”

“Are you kidding, SpongeBob?” Buster interrupted while facing him with a frown. But suddenly, he broke out in a thrilled smile while shouting, “You were awesome!”

“I was?” SpongeBob asked in surprise to see Buster so enthused by what he had earlier done.

However, Buster suddenly blushed and looked away with embarrassment while awkwardly explaining, “Well…I mean, yes…you beat DarkEvil, and…saved me.”

Seeing how grateful Buster was, SpongeBob smiled and laughed with joy. “You were pretty amazing yourself, Buster.” He then hugged him until he remembered how Buster usually reacted to this and quickly let him go. “Oops, forgot you didn’t like that.”

Buster lightly chuckled and responded, “Thanks…” he then got a sad frown as he recalled, “I guess this really is goodbye. And…I’m sorry about everything I said before. I just thought since I was the one who caused this, I should be the one to fix it on my own and that…I didn’t need you.”

“Oh, Buster,” SpongeBob smiled widely as he gently held Buster’s face. “There’s no need to apologize. So what if you made a mistake like bringing an evil version of me into the future? You fixed it; you and me both. We made the perfect team back there, and I couldn’t be more proud of you.”

Buster removed SpongeBob’s hands from his face and shyly smiled, “Thanks…for everything, SpongeBob.” he shifted his eyes away as he continued saying, “You’re the best…Dad.”

Upon hearing Buster call him this, SpongeBob grew a giddy smile and moaned with excitement as if he wanted something. Buster noticed this and got a somewhat annoyed look as he rolled his eyes and reluctantly spread his arms apart.

“Hooray!” SpongeBob cheered and grabbed Buster off his feet, hugging him tightly while the teenage sponge just lied stiffly in his arms, not saying a word.

“Come on already!” Squidward shouted impatiently. “Let’s leave before things get even more cheesy and disgusting.”

He walked through the time machine portal, and then Patrick ran through next while giggling.

SpongeBob approached Sandy while she said, “Well, SpongeBob, you ready to head on home and continue toward our future.”

“I’m ready.” SpongeBob replied with a grin as he and Sandy grab hands and jump into the portal.

The kids waved while Junior shouted, “Bye Past Mommy and Daddy! See ya again!”

Buster then walked over and stood next to his father. “Hey, Buster,” Future SpongeBob began saying. “Next time you accidentally bring about a horrible villain, how about warning me before you bring my past self here?”

Buster got a small smile that no one seemed to notice as he replied, “I’ll keep that in mind, Dad.”


Sometime later, back in the present, it was a nice sunny day in Bikini Bottom. On Conch Street in front of SpongeBob’s pineapple, the front door opened up as SpongeBob stood there with a big grin on his face and he inhaled the fresh water.

He then strutted out of the house and onto the street. “Hi SpongeBob!” Patrick waved to him from in front of his rock.

“Hi Patrick!” SpongeBob greeted back.

“Where’re you headed?” Patrick asked.

SpongeBob got a sheepish smile as he answered, “Oh, I’m off to a certain someone’s place where I’ll spend time with that certain someone.”

“Ohhh…” Patrick said in an understanding tone. “Maybe you should ask Sandy to hang out with you and that certain someone.”

SpongeBob giggled and started walking away, “See ya later, Patrick!” he waved.

Soon, he started walking past the Krusty Krab where Squidward was washing the outside windows.

He turns his head to see SpongeBob going by and grins while calling out to him, “Well, well, SpongeBob. Off somewhere I presume?”

SpongeBob stopped and answered with a wink. “You bet, Squidward. I bet you don’t know where.”

“Would it be your ‘Goober-Pie’?” Squidward guessed as he snorted with laughter.

SpongeBob froze and blushed with embarrassment. “Heh eh eh eh…kinda. She’s more of a girlfriend/fiancée type deal.”

“Whatever.” Squidward scoffed as he turned back to the window he was washing. “Just keep going to whatever type deal she is.”

“Can do, Squidward!” SpongeBob excitedly responded as he continued skipping on ahead.

Mr. Krabs poked his head out of the Krusty Krab door, spotting SpongeBob. “Well, I’ll be. So the lad actually did it.” He noticed. “He must’ve gone through a lot of trouble to get her to say ‘yes’.”

Squidward pointed out, “You have no idea.”

Soon, SpongeBob reached Sandy’s treedome and went inside the front door after putting on his water helmet. When he knocked on the second door and the water started to drain, he took out a small flower he brought for Sandy and took a sniff of it before the water completely drained.

The front door opened and Sandy stood there with a smile on her face. “Well, howdy, SpongeBob. Been expectin’ you.”

“Not as much as I’ve been expecting myself to show up.” SpongeBob replied as he handed Sandy the flower and she happily received it.

“Oh, SpongeBob, you’re all too sweet.” Sandy complimented while walking away as SpongeBob followed.

“You know, Sandy, I’ve been doing some thinking lately.” SpongeBob mentioned.

“What kind of thinkin’?” Sandy wondered.

SpongeBob nervously scratched the side of his helmet while answering, “Well, before all this insanity and time-travel happened, I loved my life so much that I never wanted to change it. But, when I soon realized that popping the question to you would change a lot of it, I wasn’t sure what would happen after that. But…” he gulped and started to blush. “I’ve seen…the…and- No wait! Let me start again!”

However, Sandy smiled and put her hands together. “Aww, SpongeBob, that’s the sweetest thing you almost ever dun said.”

Sandy walked over to him and put her hands on the side of his helmet. “I’m lookin’ forward to the future too.”

She stood in front of SpongeBob and placed a kiss on the front of his helmet where his lips normally would be. After she stepped away, SpongeBob stood there with a shocked look until his eyes go droopy and a silly smile spread across his face, which continued to stay there until he fell on the ground in faint.

Sandy stared in concern at the passed out love-struck sponge on the ground. “Boy, things sure are gonna be interestin’.”

The End

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