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  1. 1. What grade are you in?

    • Elementary School
    • Middle School 6th Grade
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    • HS Freshman
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    • HS Junior
    • HS Senior
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    • Post-Grad / Not in School at the moment

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as i live in quebec which has a different education system from the rest of canadian provinces, i just finished college at 19 years old because high school finishes at 11th grade and college lasts 2-3 years depending on how much you fail your courses. this august i will start going to a local university.

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I'm gonna approach "College" as "University" because I know Americans use the former quite broadly for reasons I honestly have none for, and also I swear American high school ends when students are 18 regularly and I'm definitely past that stage soooo...yah.

It's been a good month since I finished my first year of University (or Freshman year, as y'all know it as), so I went with that.

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Supposed to be a senior graduating this year, but I haven’t been in school in 2 whole years due to worsening health with all the struggles I deal with (Tourette’s, OCD anxiety, depression), it’s been hard for me to focus getting into the routine again. My insomnia doesn’t help either.

...and even though I’m in a higher grade, I’m still doing 9th grade level credits 



I am fucked

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